Breastfeeding In Comfort: Every Mom’s Dream + Giveaway

As soon as you hold your newborn bundle of joy, it’s time to get to work. Whether you are a new or veteran mom, breastfeeding effectively, confidently and comfortably makes it easier on you and your newborn who deserves all the snuggle-me-mom time they can get. Congratulations new mom, you’ve got quite the job ahead of you – bonding, caring and raising your new baby.

A mother’s comfort during the most critical time of a newborn’s life is paramount to lasting health, connection and even happiness for you, Mom. We’ve got a few tips for you to increase your comfort throughout your breastfeeding days, even when you aren’t at home.

Proper Support & Comfort

Whether you’ve had a natural child birth experience or a cesarean birth, consider your breastfeeding options if you are not bottle-feeding. To ease the strain on your back, arms and possibly your tummy after surgery, consider a great nursing pillow to add to your baby shower gift registry. Think comfort, support and breastfeeding with ease while using the Boppy Best Latch Nursing Pillow.

Boppy’s Best Latch Breastfeeding Pillow was developed in conjunction with a lactation consultant, specially designed for nursing moms like you. The nursing pillow features two distinct feeding surfaces to meet your comfort needs. You can opt for the perfect support you need while nursing and bonding with baby. 

The firm surface features a contoured foam edge design that provides a stable platform for nursing and helps your baby turn towards the breast for an easier latch which makes for a more comfortable nursing experience. Meanwhile, the softer side with fiberfill offers a cushiony surface as your precious baby grows. Choose from two designs: Kensington Gray or Royal Navy.

The wide arm design fits most moms comfortably with the removable belt – keeping baby snuggled against your body, increasing the bond between you and baby while nursing. We love that the unique design allows any mom to find a side, position, and level of nursing comfort that is rarely found without the aid of a nursing pillow. All this and it retails for only $45!

For all those spitters out there, the Boppy Breastfeeding Pillow is completely washable by removing the foam insert and belt. Then simply toss the pillow into the wash. 

To see the Boppy Nursing Pillow in action, watch this sweet video of another mom who loves using this pillow to nurse her third child. 

Once you have the baby-latch positioning just as you like it, consider the nursing scarf – stylish, soft, fashionable and keeps baby latched on without outside distractions which make baby want to pop on and off, especially during let downs. Oh, and you get to breastfeed modestly while continuing to bond with baby. 

The Boppy Infinity Nursing Scarf is the perfect companion and a fashionable accessory for you and baby. Simply unwrap it to provide full coverage for discreet breastfeeding while looking at your baby for proper latching and bonding. This scarf is lightweight enough to wear during the summer months and neutral enough to stay fashionable and stylish for all seasons. <

Never again will you forget your nursing cover when you can simply wear it during a casual day or for an intimate get together with friends while baby is with you. How comforting is that?


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Infinity Nursing Scarf: Amazon | buybuyBaby | Boppy


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To ensure your comfort during some of the most precious moments you’ll have with your baby, the first few months and beyond, Boppy is giving away one breastfeeding pillow and infinity scarf to one lucky Daily Mom reader!

Stay Hydrated

In order to keep your milk flowing well to feed your baby, especially during the warmer months when you perspire more, consider having a bottled water or herbal tea drink at your side while nursing with a nutrient-dense snack.   The last thing you want to feel is a dry mouth and throat while your tummy is grumbling. So, keep some healthy snacks handy that you can grab on your way to getting into a good nursing position. Breastfeeding mothers expend about 500 calories per day in energy producing milk. If you are going to be keeping up your supply and physical energy, you’ll need the extra nourishment.

Consider some of these nutrient dense snacks made ahead of time, or pick them up from the grab and go section at your local store:

      • Full fat string cheese/cheese snacks
      • Boiled egg
      • A dark chocolate square or two (yes, you may!)
      • A small bowl of blueberries
      • A small bowl mix of nuts, seeds, and dried berries
      • Organic beef jerky
      • Celery with stuffed almond butter  

Nursing-Friendly Clothing

Once you’ve found the right position for you and baby, you’re hydrated and avoiding the tummy growls, what’s left? How about being comfortable in your clothes? There are times when it seems like all that will fit on your postpartum body while feeding with engorged breasts is a brown, scratchy, unattractive sac (imagine big baggy pants and an oversized shirt). Sure, you could dress it up with the nursing scarf, but how about something a bit more… pretty? Melody Lane is your answer for dressing for breastfeeding. 

Non-maternity, but pregnancy/nursing friendly clothing that is as fabulous as you are, and is designed to be worn before and after pregnancy, so you don’t have to spend money on items that will be worn over a short period of time. You’ll find nursing-friendly clothing to match your style, personality and your body type. Pair these easily with your Boppy Nursing Scarf while you run errands, with baby in tow, feeling comfortable, confident, stylish and discreet.

Get Some Space 

If you have more than one child, tell them to give you space. It’s truly adorable when your toddler or older child wants to get in on all that baby snuggly time – but it may not be ideal when you are nursing. Toddlers like to crawl; they’ll crawl on your lap and onto your shoulders; they’ll try to get under your other arm and any other available piece of skin they see to get closer and closer. If baby is a bit fussy or you’re out in public, your body temperature rises, you become a bit stressed and you realize… this isn’t comfortable. You can adore your other little one from a comfortable distance and set the boundaries that while mommy feeds the new baby, mommy needs some space. It’s okay to request your space and your time with baby while breastfeeding. If you are tandem nursing, well, it still applies! Set the stage for your quiet nursing time, comfortable physical space and allow yourself to relax with your baby. Be sure to have your partner support you and to gently move the wiggly-crawling toddler to a comfortable distance, or preoccupy them with something else (like a ‘while mommy feeds baby’ project time). 

Get help. If it is absolutely uncomfortable and maybe even painful while breastfeeding, consult with a lactation consultant to help you. Breastfeeding shouldn’t be the bane of your existence when it comes to feeding time. Many common errors can be corrected quickly and easily – especially if this is your first baby, by simply meeting with a consultant. Be sure to express everything that doesn’t seem right. You’ll never know if what you thought was an insignificant ‘complaint’ was actually a genuine concern that needed to be addressed to ensure baby is getting adequate milk during feedings. 

Get comfortable! Whether you are breastfeeding at home or in public – add these mommy-friendly tools to your arsenal. You’ve got the Boppy Pillow and Nursing Scarf, eco-friendly water bottles, grab and go healthy snacks, the Melody Lane chic clothing line for pregnancy and beyond, and a host of lactation consultants available through the hospital or at your finger tips with a quick Google search. 
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If you are still new to breastfeeding or you want to brush up on your skills, here’s your 2015 Essentials to Breastfeeding Guide. And don’t forget to Slumber In Style and Comfort.

Photo credits: AndiL.,Melody LaneU.S. Department of Agriculture This is a sponsored conversation written by us on behalf of Boppy. The opinions and text are all ours.

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