Choosing the Godparents

 Choosing the Godparents

Everyone knows having a child requires lots of decisions to be made from prenatal care to parenting styles. You and your partner are probably thinking of things like what kind of diapers to buy, where the baby is going to sleep, how you’re going to afford another person in the family, etc. The list can go on and on and be rather daunting. Perhaps one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make in your child’s life is appointing the godparents – or “guide-parents,” mentors, or guardians.

Godparents means different things to different people, so sit down with your partner and truly think about what it means to you.

  • Are you looking for religious role models or someone to provide moral guidance?
  • Do you want the godparents to be career driven and show an example of success?
  • Should they just be an emergency contact if something happens to you and your partner?
  • Are you looking for someone who will be supportive through all of life’s events and love your child with boundless love?

Maybe your ideal godparents will have one or all of the qualities mentioned. Whatever your criteria is for your decision, make sure you have thought it out to the fullest extent.

Things to Consider

Proximity – Considering where the chosen godparents live can be a deciding factor. If the godparents live across the country or in a completely different country, how active will they be in your child’s life on a day-to-day basis? 

Age – This may seem somewhat obvious, but don’t overlook the age of the godparents. Do you would want someone around your age to be able to “grow-up” with the child? Godparents from a previous generation may not be around the entire life of your child, so age is an important factor.

Similarity – Take into consideration the personality and lifestyle choices of the godparents. Do you want those traits to be similar to you or different? Perhaps different influences can make a well rounded individual. Or maybe you prefer the godparents to closely resemble you and your partner in every possible way,  from the hobbies you enjoy to worldly beliefs. This can also affect how active or present a godparent is in your child’s life.

Relation – Many people choose their siblings to provide as the godparent. However, there is no rule stating you must do so. Inevitably, someone will likely be offended they weren’t chosen as the godparents, whether it’s a friend, sister, or a brother. Try not to make a decision based on other’s feelings and familial “obligations.” After all, you want the best for your baby – friend or family member. 

Most importantly do not rush into choosing the godparents! You have 9 full months to consider all these factors (and many more) before deciding who will support your child. If you’re having trouble deciding, make a list of the top contenders and jot down the pros and cons for each on what you are looking for in a godparent.

This is such a beautiful time to share your hopes and wishes for your child, so relish in the moment and make it a fun task. Happy godparent choosing!

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