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Nesting with Flair 2

Nesting: it’s that burst of energy you get sometime during the last month of your pregnancy. For some women it comes with the desire to cook, and for others it comes as the need to clean and organize, stock up on essentials, or “bed down” in preparation for the birth of your new baby. It can sometimes be hard to know where to start or how to use this great burst of energy to your best advantage. So, here are some ideas to help make your nesting period as productive as possible.

Personal Care:

Get to the Dentist:

After your new baby is born, seemingly simple things like going to the dentist may become much more difficult. With that in mind, schedule your medical appointments early to ensure you can take care of your health well before baby arrives. An added bonus is that some types of medical and dental insurance may offer extra checkups while you’re pregnant. Find out your options and be sure to utilize them to your greatest advantage.

Make a hair appointment:

A great way to pamper yourself a little before your baby is born is to have your hair professionally done. Accentuate that naturally beautiful hair that already shines during pregnancy and bring it to its full potential! You may also want to consider a temporary, low-maintenance hairstyle just before the baby is born, too.

Hair cut


Because relaxation is so helpful during the days before labor but can be very hard to accomplish, you might want to do something special for yourself, like getting a massage or pedicure or even simply set aside some time to take a bath and to relax.


Staying in shape during pregnancy isn’t always the easiest thing to do. As you are nesting, you might like to compile a light fitness plan that you can do near the end of your pregnancy and into postpartum. Swimming and walking are both great low impact ways to get exercise in your third trimester as long as your doctor or midwife agrees. And it also may help begin labor!

Get Postpartum Personal items:

For ideas on what to purchase or make at home check out our Homemade Postpartum Essentials post.

Home Care:


Preparing a place for baby is important, whether that’s in your bedroom or in a separate room.  Either way, don’t forget to partition enough closet space for all of baby’s new things.  Setting aside a specific amount of space beforehand will also help you manage the number of things you will acquire through purchases and gifts.  Leave a little room for organizing by season and age.


Going to the store once baby arrives to pick up items you could have stocked beforehand can be frustrating—especially if you live in an area where there could be bad weather or snow storms.  So, stock up on all the essential care items you know you will use, like cleaners, detergent, baby care items, and so forth.



Coordinate with someone you know well to either hold baby while you do some cleaning or while they clean a little for you. It will feel so good to know your floor is clean, especially when baby plays around there.

Another idea is cleaning out and organizing your pantry   This is such a lifesaver, especially for those who might have friends or family come over to help do a little cooking–it will be easier for people who aren’t familiar with your kitchen to move about in an organized space.  Cleaning out and organize your refrigerator and freezer, too! This will help make extra room for preparing meals ahead of time for when baby arrives.

Postpartum Home and Infant Care:

Another possibility to ease postpartum logistics is to purchase items online or even consider a paying a little extra for a service that allows expedited delivery to your door.  Examples are Amazon Prime, a grocery delivery service, or a diaper service.  This makes it easier to accomplish things in the last month, as well as during your recovery period after labor.

Food Items:

Freezer meals:

Stock up with a good supply of freezer meals that can be easily tossed into the slow cooker or simply reheated to enjoy on the more difficult postpartum days.  You will be thankful to have one less thing to worry about during your day.

For some great ideas on making freezer meals, check out  Tips and Tricks for Preparing Freezer Meals.

Stock up on staple foods:

Food items that keep well are great to have on hand so you don’t have to worry about running out of them or carrying lots of things to and from your car after baby is born. Things like flour, sugar, canned or jarred goods, dried foods, and grains can be easily stored in a pantry until needed.  Try to plan for at least a month of not leaving the house.

If you plan on breastfeeding, you can also make and have some lactation cookies in the freezer, as well as teas pre-mixed and ready for steeping.




It is common for mothers to feel the urge to wash and fold baby clothes and to organize their baby’s sleeping and changing areas.  This can be the most fun part!

For a great list of baby care essentials, please see our Countdown to Baby post.

Older Children:

You might discover in your planning that post-birth logistics becomes more involved, as you will find yourself caring for multiple children.  Find rides for them to school if needed and have activities set up for them to do during your recovery (arts and crafts, Montessori activities, new puzzles, or a classic educational series to watch on the television, like Reading Rainbow or Wild America).

If you are planning to have the baby “give gifts” to your older children, make or buy those now. For ideas check our our post on Special Gifts to and From Baby


Ask a friend to come over take care of larger pets for a week or two after the baby is born.  This will give everyone time to adjust to their new surroundings while being free from the worry that your pet is being neglected.

Additional Notes:

Another idea is to ask a friend or two over for a “nesting party” and have a few ideas for meals or organization plans that you would like done and have your friend help you complete them and then take a break with fun relaxing lunch together.

For your convenience, here is a printable PDF of  our Nesting Checklist.

KH photo 1

This time before your baby is born may be one of the greatest times of anticipation and excitement in your life, so though there may feel like there is an overwhelming about to do, consider taking time to record your thoughts in your child’s baby book so he or she may share your excitement and anticipation of their arrival years later.

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If you’re nearing the home stretch of your pregnancy, make sure you check out Countdown to Baby: Things To Do The Month Before Baby Arrives.

Photo Credit: Dreams To Do, hair salon adapted from Jesse Wang (CC); cloth diapers adapted from Audrey(CC).

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