New Breastfeeding Mom Gift Guide

New Mom Breastfeeding Gift Guide

You’re pregnant and you’ve made the amazing decision to breastfeed your baby, but you don’t know where to start. From breast pumps to breast pads, bras, tanks and covers there are limitless options available to you and it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Well you’re in luck! We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to help take the guesswork out of the equation and leave you feeling nothing but excitement to begin your breastfeeding journey.

Pumping Ease

First Years Quiet Expressions Double Electric Breast Pump

1_20140814_Product-TheFirstYears-QuietExpressionsDoubleBreastPump1-2Perfect for a working mom, The First Years Quiet Expression Double Electric Breast Pump can assist you in nourishing your sweet new baby. Using this breast pump will feel like second nature to you with the soft breast shields and unique one-handed handle. There are 8 settings to adjust the suction level for individualized comfort. The rechargeable battery or plug-in operation gives you freedom to pump wherever you’d like. Concerned about the chemicals often found in plastics? Don’t be! This pump is BPA-free and made with non-toxic materials. 1_20140814_first years breast pump-2

Pumping on-the-go couldn’t be easier with this lightweight 2 lb breast pump. It even comes with a fashionable compact black tote bag to store all your pumping essentials. So go ahead, step out of the house for some “me time” knowing your baby is well fed.

Philips AVENT Pumping Products


Are you a stay at home Mom that doesn’t plan on pumping often, but would still like to build up your freezer stash for occasional mom’s night out or a trip to the hairdresser? Or are you planning on traveling and don’t want to lug around your huge double electric pumping system? We love the design and versatility of the Philips Avent Single Electric Comfort Breast Pump. It has a unique design that really cups your breast, and means no more leaning forward while pumping. And everyone who pumps knows that more comfort means more milk, in less time. It features a unique massage cushion to gently stimulate let down and milk flow, and is small and compact, making it ideal for travel, or anywhere!


Philips AVENT really has you in mind when designing baby products, featuring bottles that are perfect for the breastfed baby and that will transition and grow with them through life, from bottle to various forms of sippy cups. All Philips AVENT products are BPA free, and bottles are even available in glass. The Philips AVENT natural bottles are innovative because, not only do they feature a wide nipple that is breast-like, but they also have the same comfort petals that the pump features, promoting natural latch-on and flexibility.

Group it with Philips AVENT disposable breastpads that are ultra-thin and have a contoured shape that won’t be noticeable under clothing, and Philips AVENT milk storage bags that are BPA free and leak-proof with a double zipper, for the perfect package ideal for any pumping Mama.


Kiinde Twist Gift Set

Every pumping mom needs this all-in-one system! The Kiinde Twist system allows you to pump, collect, store, prepare, and then feed your breast milk to your little one without having to transfer the milk between bag and bottle.

The Kiinde Twist comes with:

  • 20 Twist Pouches
  • 10 direct-pump adapters which fit all major pump brands
  • 1 Keeper breast milk storage pouch holder
  • 1 Kozii breast milk and bottle warmer with steam-free SAFEheat technology which preserves the nutrients and proteins in your breast milk
  • 2 Squeeze natural feeding bottle
  • 1 slow flow active-latch nipple, 1 medium flow active-latch nipple, 1 fast flow active-latch nipple
  • 2 nipple cleaning brushes

The Kiinde system is unique because it is able to make transition between bottle and breast easy by requiring baby to use a deep, wide latch as well as both suction and massaging to get good milk flow. All components of the Kiinde Twist system are BPA, PVC and Phthalate-free!


Kiinde Twist Gift Set


Kiinde | Facebook | Twitter

Dr. Brown’s Nursing Products

Dr Brown’s has everything you need for breastfeeding success! Let’s be honest, early breastfeeding can be difficult and painful. Dr Brown’s products provide much needed comfort in those early days.
breastfeeding-accessories-landingDr. Brown’s Manual Breast Pump is made of a soft flexible cup and uses gentle compression technology to make your pumping experience as comfortable as possible.  Use Dr. Brown’s BPA-free Breastmilk Storage Bags to refrigerate or freeze your breastmilk and conveniently store up to 10 bags in the Breastmilk Storage Tray.

Developed by a lactation consultant, the Gia Angled Breastfeeding Pillow and Pillow Cover is designed with both mommy and baby’s comfort in mind. The Gia’s angled design is meant to help aid baby’s digestion process as well as reduce reflux and other feeding problems.  This pillow wraps comfortably around mom and helps support baby’s weight while nursing.


Nipple and breast pain are common during the early days of breastfeeding. Dr. Brown’s Lanolin-Free Nipple Cream, HydroGel Soothing Pads, Nipple Shields and Breast Shells will get you through the discomfort, promote nipple healing, and help you continue your breastfeeding journey.  The all-natural Lanolin-Free Nipple Cream is non-greasy and does not have to be wiped off before putting baby on the breast.  The HydroGel Soothing Pads also help with nipple healing and provide a cooling relief. Dr. Brown’s Nipple Shield allows moms with nipple damage to continue breastfeeding with less discomfort. Made of silicone, the close-fitting design helps with latch-on issues and flat nipples, especially when working in conjunction with a lactation consultant.  For protection of irritated nipples, Dr. Brown’s Breast Shells also allow nipples to breathe. They promote faster healing by preventing friction of clothing on the nipple and allowing air flow to the area.


Protect clothing from milk leakage!  Disposable Breast Pads and Washable Breast Pads will provide the barrier needed to avoid embarrassing leakage moments.  Dr. Brown’s Washable Breast Pads are made out of 100% cotton making them soft and comfortable, as well as discreet.


Pumping Accessories

Pump Strap



If you’re planning on exclusively pumping or will be going back to work and want your child to still receive the benefits of breast milk, you’re going to want a Pump Strap. This strap is an essential item for any woman who needs to be able to have her hands free to accomplish other tasks.  The Pump Strap is so easy to use and is small enough to fit inside most, if not all, breast pump bags.  You won’t have to dread taking time away from work or at home to pump any longer since pumping won’t require you to drop everything you’re doing.  We even like the hands free aspect for giving yourself more leisure time–you can now easily read a book or just sit back and catch up on your favorite show at night without having to carefully hold the pump in place. With Pump Strap, you CAN do it all!


Pump Strap


Pump Strap | Facebook


Nurse Purse: Stylish Breast Pump Bag

Your breast pump may just be your most valued baby item, especially if you are exclusively pumping. Unfortunately, most electric pumps come in small, boring black bags with little room for anything else. Luckily for us, one smart working mom came up with the idea to create stylish tote bags to carry any brand of breast pump with plenty of room to spare. Enter the Nurse Purse. These beautiful bags feature easy side access to your pump’s motor, plug, and tubes plus plenty of storage space for a freezer bag and personal items – it can easily double as a diaper bag, too!

The Nurse Purse is made from a water and stain resistant laminated cotton canvas with nylon lining making it perfectly protected from the occasional (and oh so sad) liquid gold spillage. Pockets on each side are convenient for carrying bottles or sunglasses, along with small zippered pockets on the inside for personal items. One sweet added touch is the photo pocket on the inside of the pump access flap – perfect for gazing at your adorable baby while you are away from them (this encourages your milk to flow, too)! Make your pumping experience just a little bit more pleasant with the Nurse Purse.


Nurse Purse


Nurse Purse | Facebook | Twitter

Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle

If you want to be able to easily go between breast and bottle feeding your baby, consider a bottle that’s just about as close to the breast as you can get: Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle. Made from 100% medical grade silicone, it’s not just the nipple of this bottle that is as soft as a breast – the actual container is soft, skin-like and a little bit squishy, too! And the 3″ wide nipple mound with anti-colic vents is designed to prevent nipple confusion, being as close to the breast as possible for baby. Many moms consider the Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottles “breastfeeding from a bottle.”

One Step Sterilizer Dryer by Baby Brezza

Whether you’re a first-time mom or a fifth-time mom, one thing remains true: you don’t have time to waste! Whether you’re formula-feeding, breast-feeding or pumping, you know how quickly your baby’s dirty bottles and pump accessories can pile up on a busy day. Who has time hand-scrub each piece and then boil water to sterilize them all? Certainly not you!

Award-winning company, Baby Brezza, has introduced the innovative One Step Sterilizer Dryer to come to your rescue. This sleek, compact sterilizer boasts all of the elements of a high-tech must-have baby essential, while working with the simplicity and ease you crave in products as a busy mom.

This sterilizer dryer universally fits up to 6 bottles with hooks on the top of its rack for smaller pump accessories, nipples and pacifiers. Once you’ve filled the rack, slide the lid into place and choose from one of three settings: sterilize only, sterilize and dry or dry only. Chemical and detergent-free, it uses only natural steam to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria during its 8-minute steam cycle. If you choose to dry, you can select a 30, 45 or 60 minute drying cycle. Your bottles and accessories will remain sterile for up to 24 hours or until you remove the lid. The rack is removable for easy bottle storage.

The perfect item to add to your registry, the One Step Sterilizer Dryer will be your go-to, can’t-live-without product during the whirlwind of your baby’s first few years.

U Konserve Insulated Totes

Breastfeeding mamas know that nursing doesn’t always mean just warm snuggles at home, sometimes it means pumping on the go. Whether you are a part or full time working mother, traveling or exclusively pumping, we know that pumping away from home can be challenging.  Pumping your milk and then making sure it safely gets transported home can be the difference between a great day and a terrible day and the key factor in this is temperature. Breast milk is perishable and, just like any diary, needs to be kept at a certain temperature in order to be safe for your baby to drink.

U-Konserve_Collection Saffron

U Konserve is the maker of quality and stylish insulated totes, lunch bags and specialty ice packs. These bags are the ultimate when it comes to recycling and reusing. These reusable insulated lunch totes are made from recycled plastic bottles and are the perfect solution to traveling with not only your lunch, but your precious pumped milk! These bags will keep your milk at the proper temperature for hours and are durable, machine washable and have a fully closing zippered top with an adjustable strap.

U Konserve Collage

They come in a variety of colors, like this gorgeous saffron yellow or this graphic black and white print. They are pretty roomy inside and can hold quite a lot! There is an inside pocket that can be used for storing smaller items and is made with a durable strap that can be worn over your shoulder, hanging on your stroller, or messenger-style so you can keep your hands free. Each bag is made from nine recycled plastic bottles too!

U Konserve ice pack collageOne of the worst things about trying to keep cold things cold when you are out and about is the sweat from a melting ice pack. This water condensations can drip onto everything else and cause a mess to be made before you reach your final destination. U Konserve had designed a way around this problem by creating a sweat-proof ice pack! Add an ice pack in the inside pouch, and these insulted fabrics will keeps baby food and baby bottles cold while on the go. Each ice pack is made from non-toxic recycled plastic bottles and will keep your lunch or pumped milk cold for 5-8 hours, depending on the outside temperature. They fit perfectly on the bottom of the Insulated Tote and come in a variety of machine washable fabric sleeves. Each bag and ice pack are made from 100% non-toxic recycled PET #1 plastic bottles and the insulation is non-toxic PE #1 plastic. These bags measure 9.75″ tall and 9.5″ wide and are 100% BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free and lead-free! They are the perfect companion for any mother that ever needs to pump away from home.

Nursing Accessories

Milkies Milk-Saver


Don’t let another drop of precious breast milk to go to waste! Instead of leaking milk during let-down in a nursing pad or through a shirt, Milk-Savers will catch that extra liquid gold for later use.  This patented product is BPA free and has tested negative for chemical leaching.


Milkies Milk-Saver


Milkies | Facebook | Twitter |Pinterest |YouTube | Instagram

Breast Pad Travel Pack by Bummis

Bummis is a line of cloth diapering accessories that believes in eco-friendly and organic products made in the USA and Canada. It only makes sense then that they’ve added reusable, organic cotton nursing pads to their lineup. Their Breast Pad Travel Pack features two pairs of nursing pads made from soft, absorbent cotton. Finding gentle pads that don’t scratch is vital during the early weeks of sensitive nipples, and these soft pads won’t chafe or stick to chapped skin. The pads also contain a waterproof layer to protect your clothes during heavy let-downs. One set of the pads features a fun, matching pattern on the back and the other features a plain white backing. The Bummis pads come in a mini-wet bag with a cute design that’s great for keeping in the diaper bag and storing used pads until you get home and do laundry.

Crane Humidifier


Let’s face it, breastfeeding can be difficult–especially in the beginning as your supply is being established and your tiny one is learning to latch correctly! The last thing you need is a stuffy baby that is having trouble nursing because of difficulty breathing. By increasing air moisture, Crane Humidifiers decrease cough, cold and flu symptoms. Crane Cool Mist Humidifiers not only help to keep baby’s nasal passages clear but they are incredibly cute as well. There are 14 adorable animal designs to choose from a train, or even Hello Kitty!


Crane Humidifier


Crane | Facebook | Twitter |Pinterest |YouTube | Instagram

My Brest Friend Pillow


The name says it all… My Brest Friend. This nursing pillow truly will become your best friend, especially during the early months of nursing. The firm and supportive cushion makes My Brest Friend stands out from many other nursing pillows. With the wrap-around style and secure fit, you and your baby can maintain the perfect position during breastfeeding without worrying about the pillow shifting. And don’t forget about the the added lumbar support that relieves your achy back –it’s priceless.

One awesome added feature is the built in pocket on the front, perfect for stowing away any personal items or nursing essentials. And for life’s little mishaps of spilled milk, the pillow has a removable and washable cover. Allow My Brest Friend to take away any nursing discomforts, and start nursing in comfort and style!

Do you have twins? My Brest Friend is fully equipped to handle two babies with the twin nursing pillow.

Mommy Necklaces – Nourish Necklace

nourish necklace 1

Have a twiddler on your hands? A pincher? A shirt puller? A face grabber? Breastfeeding can be a beautiful, bonding experience, but sometimes babies get fidgety – which either takes them away from the task at hand (eating), or they can turn to you and pinch, poke, and prod you. The Nourish Necklace from Mommy Necklaces is an awesome, non-toxic, and beautiful tool for those grabby babies.

nourish rainbow

With the Nourish Necklace, you’ll never have to worry about your baby pulling so hard that he/she will break the necklace and the beads will go flying everywhere. Mommy Necklaces are made with a special cording that can withstand 300 pounds of force! So, unless you’re the mama of baby He-Man, you can rest assured that this is a baby-unbreakable necklace. Also, as moms ourselves, we love supporting mom-based companies. Mommy Necklaces are made in the USA by real moms! These necklaces undergo testing by the company to ensure that they are free of dangerous toxins that could harm your baby.


Nourish Necklace


Mommy Necklaces | Facebook |Blog

Baby K’tan Active

guide photo

This wrap features a fabulous blend of attributes that make it a must-have item.The Baby K’tan Active is very convenient to use while breastfeeding, and many studies have proven that wearing your baby establishes a better breastfeeding bond. It keeps your baby close to your chest for easy latching while keeping your hands free for the ultimate multi-tasking! to block UVA and UVB rays while still remaining lightweight and breathable, the Baby K’tan Active is wonderful for the active parent or simply if you are looking for the perfect wrap for all seasons. The Baby K’tan truly makes baby wearing an even greater experience with the back support it provides and the ease with which you be ready to go in a matter of minutes.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter

breastfeeding bundle

This nipple butter will help soothe your cracked nipples between feedings, helping repair the skin while staying soft and supple. Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter is made with all-natural ingredients, is clinically tested, and hospital recommended.  This means you can rest easy knowing that your baby isn’t ingesting any harmful toxins and that your skin is getting the care it needs to heal.  We love this nipple butter so much that we keep an extra container in our purse for cracked lips, cuticles, dry elbows, and of course, cracked nipples!

Credible Cravings

Credible Cravings do not make your run-of-the-mill nutrition bar.  Their bar is different–it’s exceptional.  These bars are made with 100% organic ingredients that you can recognize and trust, especially when it comes to passing on the nutrients to your baby while breastfeeding.  Finding a healthy snack to beat back those cravings when you are nursing can sometimes be a challenge– especially when you’re tired. These bars are a healthy choice and a treat, so they will satisfy your cravings and not set you back.  With any of the Credible Cravings bars, you get 5g protein, a dose of healthy fats that are great for you and your breastfeeding baby, a boost of probiotics with 1 billion cultures in every bar, and all for less than 200 calories each.  We recommend you give all three flavors a try before choosing a favorite–chocolate, lemon ginger greens, and oatmeal cranberry.

Bundle Organics


If there is one thing new moms need, it’s proper nutrition.Keeping up with your folic acid, vitamin d, omega 3’s, and calcium are also important while nursing, because not only are you depleting your own body of vitamins and minerals, you’re also providing them for a whole other little person. With 100% organic ingredients, Bundle Organic juices are the perfect drink for nursing Mommies. Add it to your morning smoothie or juice for that extra oomph of nutrition that your body craves.

Nursing Wear

Melinda G Smoothly Divine Nursing Bra

Melinda G is a line of maternity and nursing bras that are comfy and supportive and feature seamless cups. The new Smoothly Divine soft-cup is the perfect go-to nursing bra for under a T-shirt on those lazy days nursing around the house. But the criss cross styling in the front adds a little lift and oomph to your cleavage when you want to wear a V-neck for a dressy outing. The Smoothly Divine also comes with removable pads for a little extra padding. You can also easily position nursing pads inside the cups for those early weeks of nursing when many mothers leak milk. This bra is also an excellent pick for those moms that find themselves a little asymmetrical–simply leave the padding in place for your smaller breast and take the other out (or even double up the padding on one side). The Simply Divine bra is available in black or nude and the material feels silky smooth and luxurious. Sizes are available for all, from extra-small to 40F!

“Mother Tucker” Compression Nursing Tank by Belly Bandit

Dressing your postpartum body while nursing isn’t always easy. You want to wear things that provide easy access for feeding your little one while also looking your best. Belly Bandit’s Mother Tucker Compression Nursing Tank is the perfect piece to add to your postpartum wardrobe. This ultra-soft and functional tank features slide-over underwire-free support cups for easy nursing – no need to wear an uncomfortable bra or mess with tedious snaps or flaps! The wide straps offer support for your heavier breasts, too. The best part about this tank, however, is the three-zone compression bottom. This “mother” will help to flatten your  postpartum belly while smoothing out that muffin top.

Another stand-out feature of Belly Bandit’s Mother Tucker Compression Nursing Tank is the three-inch anti-roll bottom that ensures that you won’t always be pulling this tank down. The breathable knit fabric will hold its shape wash after wash which is essential because you’ll want to wear this one all the time! You can easily wear it alone or layer it under your favorite tops to smooth things out and provide belly coverage while nursing. The Mother Tucker Tank comes in black, white, and nude.

NOM Nursing Tank from Belly Dance Maternity

You just had a baby and comfort is crucial… along with easy access to breastfeed your baby. The NOM Ruched Nursing Tank from Belly Dance Maternity offers the epitome or comfort, fashion, and function for breastfeeding moms. Made in the USA from an extremely soft blend of rayon and spandex, this tank is wrinkle resistant and offers a good amount of stretch to fit both growing pregnant bellies and postpartum bodies. The ruched sides add to the wearability of this tank, offering a bit of post baby-belly camouflage. The best part? Fashionable snaps down the front open up to a second layer of fabric that can be lifted to provide easy access and discreet nursing of your little bundle. Pair this tank with a colorful cardigan in cooler months, or wear it alone in warmer weather.

The NOM Ruched Nursing Tank is just one of hundreds of amazing maternity and nursing pieces that Belly Dance Maternity has to offer. Belly Dance Maternity prides itself on offering trendy designer maternity clothes for expecting (and postpartum) fashionistas. Check out their full line of nursing clothing to build a postpartum wardrobe that will make you feel good about yourself while making your life easier.

Undercover Mama Nursing Tanks


Do you love wearing a nursing tank top for modesty or convenience, yet hate the traditional shelf bra that seems to come along with them? Are you a larger breasted woman that simply cannot get away with the light coverage of a shelf bra tank top, but don’t want to wear one underneath? We adore Undercover Mama for its convenience and versatility. Simply pair the tank with any traditional nursing bra and attach it using the hook or loop to secure the strap, and quickly turn any nursing bra into a modest and convenient nursing tank top. Undercover Mama has tons of different styles and colors available from traditional tanks, to slimming tanks, to lace bottom, and also is available in size Small all the way to 2XL, making it perfect for any shaped woman, pre or post partum.


Seraphine Breastfeeding Shawl

Seraphine Nursing Shawl

If you’re looking for a tasteful, elegant nursing cover that discreetly covers your baby when he/she is breastfeeding, the Seraphine Breastfeeding Shawl is pure perfection. Made of a luxe bamboo blend, this shawl will cover you and your baby in the absolute softest, most luxurious of fabrics. This is the best nursing cover for those moms who wish to be discreetly modest while breastfeeding, and remain fashionable at the same time.  One shoulder of the shawl features snaps, so this piece is easy-on, easy-off, and an open slit up the side makes for an easy transition between simply holding baby, and breastfeeding baby (no awkward fumbling with this piece!).

Seraphine’s Breastfeeding Shawl can even be worn throughout pregnancy, and can accommodate a growing bump. This shawl is actually quite multifunctional – it can be worn in pregnancy, as a nursing cover, as an infant swaddle, and as a scarf for mom. We also love how it elegantly drapes over a postpartum body, nicely covering any post-baby belly that may make a new mom self-conscious.


Breastfeeding Shawl


Seraphine | Facebook | Twitter

Looking for Un-Nursing Wear?

If you need to add some nursing clothing to your wardrobe, but don’t want to spend money on pieces you’ll only wear for a short period of time, then head on over to Melody Lane for the best in regular clothing that is versatile enough to wear before, during, and after breastfeeding! They offer trendy, classic, and comfortable clothing that is hand-picked for all the life stages women usually experience. With nothing over $100, always free shipping, and new styles featured every season, Melody Lane makes sure your “fashion meets life”.

Melody Lane | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram


We have teamed up with some of our favorite brands, like Boob DesignJJ ColeBorn FreeArtifact Uprising and more to put together not one, but FOUR fantastic prize packs for the BIGGEST BREASTFEEDING GIVEAWAY EVER! For a chance to win these awesome breastfeeding must-haves and MORE, enter here!

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