How To: Photographing Your Pregnancy

Taking the time to capture the amazing changes that your body goes through during pregnancy can sound difficult when you’re low on energy and maybe not always feeling your best. A simple setup, a consistent timeline and commitment are your keys to success. That, and of course, your growing belly! Once you have decided on how and when you would like to take your photo, it will become a habit and also a personal little celebration of your pregnancy milestones as you grow. A little effort will go a long way when, at the end of your pregnancy, you have a beautiful timeline of your baby’s growth!


  • Find a well lit area of your home that has a simple backdrop such as a wall, door or long curtains.
  • Set up your camera on a tripod with a self-timer or enlist the help of someone who will be able to take the photo for you each week.
  • Choose a pose that is comfortable for you and shows off the curve of your growing belly. Do a similar pose each week!
  • Wear clothing that is fairly tight-fitting so it is easy to see the subtle (at first) changes. Or if you’re comfortable, lift your shirt to show your belly or even wearing just a bra-top really shows off your pregnant beauty.


{Photo Credit: Lilac Saloon}


  • Before you take your first photo, decide how often you’d like to take your photos. Every week? Every other week? Or maybe just once at the end of each month? Choose one and stick to it.
  • Choose a certain day of the week and approximate time that you’ll take your photo. This isn’t important for your growing bump but it is important in helping you stay committed to your 9 month long photo project! Making it a real commitment helps.
  • Edit your photos in a similar way (all black and white, all cropped vertically, etc.). This ties all the photos together for a clean look at the end and allows you to really focus on the subject.
  • Think about special details you might want to add, for fun. Holding a little sign or chalkboard in each photo that says how far along you are, wear pink or blue when you find out the gender, or include your significant other or even your other children in the photo with you to make it special for the whole family.

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Megan V.

Megan is a fashion industry drop-out turned stay-at-home-mom to a baby girl named Luna. Her days are filled with creative endeavors such as embroidery, calligraphy and photography in between changing diapers and nursing sessions. She has a passion for all things handmade, eco-friendly, unique and modern. You can peek more into her life and projects at her blog, Lilac Saloon, and follow her on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram!

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    would it be possible to use the pregnacy photo on this page in a presentation I am writting. it would be credited and cited appropriately.

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