Posing Guide: Pregnancy Edition

Posing Guide Pregnancy Edition
As if you didn’t feel awkward enough when trying to pose for photos, now you are pregnant and surely feel a little more self conscious than usual. If you have been following our posing guides than you know we are posing fanatics and why shouldn’t pregnancy posing be included in this? Having a little (or big) belly can sometimes get in the way and be hard to work with. Read on to find out how you can pose and work that belly in your favour!

Everyone wants to look their best in photos, but we can bet you this is even more true for pregnant women. So, let’s look at some do’s and dont’s for everyday photos:

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Things you shouldn’t do

do not collage

Do not: Be straight on to the camera. Since you have a bump, you need to show off the shape of your little growing baby belly. If you are directly facing the camera your bump will get lost and you won’t even be able to tell you are pregnant at all.

Do not: Look like you’ve made zero effort. Yes you have that natural glow that non-pregnant women may not have, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make some effort with your appearance. We know you are tried, exhausted and did we say tired? But just applying a little gloss and blush can make a huge difference.

Do not: Look awkward. You may feel even more uncomfortable than usual, but remember to stay loose and relaxed. Doing so will help your photos appear more natural.

Do not: Use a bad crop. Whether you are having a friend take your photo, a professional, or you are doing some self portraits, make sure you are cropping well below the belly.


Things you should do

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Do: Look fabulous. If you know there are going to be pictures snapped, why not throw on a cute little maternity outfit. Choose something on the more flattering side and less frumpy side. You want something a little tighter to show off that amazing bump you have. If you want to try some really fashionable brands have a look at these maternity jeans by Queen Mum.

Do: Always place a hand on or near your belly. The best place to do this is just beneath your belly. This is especially good to do when you are wearning something not so form fiting. Placing one hand below belly will give you more shape and showcase that bump.

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Do: Angle your body mostly profile or three quarters to show off the shape of your belly (as you can seem it’s all about the shape of your baby bump.)

Do: Have immaculate posture. It’s easy for pregnant moms to slouch, so remember to stand up straight when your photo is being taken .

Do: Create angles with your body. If you are profile or three quarters to the camera, put your (closest to camera) foot slightly in front of the other and raise your leg slightly so it is resting on the tip of your toes. This will create a much more attractive line.

hands on back collage

Do: Throw your hands on your lower back. If you do this along with the tip described above, you will create a beautiful S shape with you body.

Do: Cross your legs so that your body looks even more slimmer.


Lets go over a few poses that work well with the bump


Cradling the bump: Angles and space is going to work best all around. The cutest pictures are the ones where mom has one hand on the bottom of her bump and one hand on top. If mom wants to, she can look down at her belly as if she is admiring her growing baby.

Remember: When looking down you want to avoid the double chin. Push your chin out and flex the bottom of your chin to tighten everything up.

Throwing your hands back: This pose is great because it creates the perfect angle for photos. Try putting your hands on your hip, or behind you on your lower back. This will accentuate that bump, making it even larger if that is what you are going for.

Sitting with the bump: This is a hard one for expecting moms because when seated it is hard to find a comfortable position. So, if you are sitting and want a great photo you need to remember a few things:

  • Your posture: Try not to slouch because your bump might get a bit lost. Sit up straight and keep your shoulders back.
  • Your shape: Just because you are sitting down doesn’t mean you can forget about that shape. You should be aware of that bump, make sure it doesn’t get lost in your clothing as this becomes easier once you are sitting down.
  • Your chin: Since you are sitting down and everything is already compressed, you want to keep your chin up instead of looking down at your belly.


Consider Fashion to help you out

Dressing your baby bump can be a difficult task for any new mom. There are a few tips and tricks for flattering your new figure whether you are carrying high, low, big or tiny all over. Wearing the perfect outfit, along with posing, are going to give you some incredible photos.

When you’re not exactly showing:

If you are in that weird in between stage where you don’t exactly look pregnant but you are in fact expecting, try to wear something a little more form fitting. At this stage it doesn’t have to be maternity wear, but rather something flattering that shows off your bump no matter how small it is.

Xmas card_20111205_IMG_0034

Emphasize the slimmest part of your body:

The slimmest part of an expecting woman’s body is usually her legs. Use this to your advantage and show them off. Wear a a skirt (mid thigh length) or a dress and throw on a pair or heels to lengthen your legs further.

Use Accessories: 

If you are the type of woman who doesn’t want to draw a lot of attention to your baby bump, you should consider styling up as sort of a distraction from your growing belly. Try something as simple as a beautiful scarf or belt at empire height. Simple things like this can really make a look come together and take the focus off your belly.

Embrace your “lady lumps”:

It’s no secret that pregnant women gain a few extra pounds before they meet their bundle of joy. There’s no way around it, so instead of worrying about it, you should embrace it. While still keeping it classy, show off a little cleavage by wearing a plunge neckline, or v neck t-shirt.

Outfit Ideas

  • A long skirt and fitted top
  • Skinny jeans and a tank top
  • Empire waist dress
  • Long or short dress
  • A cute pair of overalls
  • Snug sleeved tops and skinnier pants
  • A colorful outfit

Check out these two fashionable maternity brands we know you will love:
Isabella Oliver and Ingrid and Isabel.

Embrace your new body, new belly and new baby. Work with what you have and take lots of photos. Your time pregnant will go by so fast and we can promise you once your baby arrives you will be so happy you took so many photos while you were pregnant. It is a precious time and something you will always want to remember.

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