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Finding Fun Activities for Mother and Child

{Photo Credit: The Art of Making a Baby}

Have you recently found that you and your child may be stuck in a rut? Are you longing to switch things up, and try something new and exciting? Don’t worry, as Moms, it happens to the best of us! Below are some ideas that may help you get out of your mid-winter funk, and have fun as well!

Find a Mom’s Club:

  • There are lots out there! You can check into meetup.com, or look into the International Mom’s Club. If you are religious, look into churches that offer MOPS. Joining a Mom’s Club is a great way to meet other adults with children the same age as yours.The great things about these clubs is that there is little effort to finding activities to do on your part; they already have tons of fun things scheduled! Creating relationships for yourself and your child is an amazing thing.

Attend a library story time:

  • Story-time at the library is nothing like how it was when we were kids. Most city libraries offer many different story times, that may be broken down into different developmental age groups. Baby story time usually has tummy time activities, and toddler story time will have fun age-appropriate toys, oftentimes. Check with your local city library; no one has to be reminded how important it is to read to your child, regardless of their age.

Check your local community center and/or YMCA for activities:

  • Did you know that you can put your child in swim lessons starting at 6 months old? Even if it’s snowing outside, the Y or your local recreation department may have an indoor pool. The bonus of participating in swim lessons during the winter, is oftentimes the class sizes are smaller. Look into your local facilities! Maybe they will have a fun developmental learning class, or a music class, or a Mommy and Me yoga class? You never know until you check! As a bonus, many of these places offer adult workout equipment or fitness classes, and may also have a fun daycare room that your child will love as well.

 {Photo credit: YMCA of the Blue Water Area}

Find a local children’s gym:

  • These are popping up way more often, these days. Most of the time, they will have fun indoor toys, indoor playgrounds, and tons of other things. Do a quick google search to see if one may be popping up in your area. Many of these children’s gyms have specific age areas designated, such as a spot for crawling kids only, all the way up. Your specific children’s gym may also offer different classes as well.

Look into classes:

  • Music Classes, like Kindermusic, are very popular these days, and a simple internet search will let you see what there may be to offer in your area. Kindermusic offers great music classes from newborn age and up.
  • Art classes for your older toddler is a fun way to have them express themselves, work on hand and eye coordination, and allows for some fun homemade wall decorations.
  • Dance classes are also tons of fun for your little one, and teach them about rhythm, and moving their bodies in a creative way.

Check local attractions for free days:

  • Many city zoos and aquariums offer specific days that are free to the public (they are typically off-peak times and days.) If you have a flexible schedule, these are a great way to get out and explore! Who doesn’t love going to the zoo?

A little google, and a lot of guts can go a long way! Now get out and explore!

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