Fun Fall Activities for the Family

Fun Fall Activities for the Family

Fall is fading fast! Now is the time to be outside, enjoying the cooler temps and comfortable “jeans weather” that only fall can provide. We thought we’d provide you with a list of activities to help you utilize the best that fall weather has to offer before the leaves meet their first winter frost. Read on for our favorite fall activities.

Pumpkin Patch

What screams “FALL!” more than going to a pumpkin patch to find the “perfect pumpkin?” Many times, however, people have an exclusive association between a pumpkin patch and pumpkin carving for Halloween. Don’t be short-sighted about the versatility both of pumpkins and this activity for fun beyond Halloween time. Baked pumpkin goods always taste better when they are made with fresh pumpkin. Pie pumpkins and gourds also make festive decorations for your mantle and dining room table. We say, stock up on pie pumpkins when you visit a local patch–you’ll still have a month’s worth of pumpkin food,  activities, and decorations! Plus–your pumpkin patch may be happy to hear from you November 1st when you call asking for more pumpkins!


Cool, crisp weather with a blanket of fall leaves to cushion a tackle is the BEST setting for a family football game, and one that only fall can provide. Burn off some post brunch calories with  a game on the lawn or at your favorite park. Be sure to keep track of the score–the losing team can wash all the dishes while the winners take a post-game snooze.

Petting Zoo



Just about any outdoor activity is perfect during the fall. You may have visited a petting zoo in the middle of the summer, only to find that your child got overheated and/or the animals weren’t up for being petted and prodded by little hands. Give the petting zoo another try before the animals are kept inside for the cold winter months ahead.

Leaf Walk/Hike

The changing of the leaves provides one of the most beautiful natural backdrops for family photos and nature pictures. Use this time for family walks in the afternoons and evenings or long weekend hikes on your favorite wooded trails. You can collect your favorite leaves to be used to make all sorts of leaf “art” (see next suggestion) or just admire the beauty around you.  The golden period for beautiful fall leaves will only last a few weeks to a month in many areas, so enjoy it while you can!

Leaf “Art”

A favorite activity for preschool and elementary aged children is to collect leaves for leaf rubbing. After taking a walk to collect a variety of leaves in different shapes and sizes, grab some construction paper and crayons, and make pretty pictures using the leaves as your template. Leaf rubbings can even look nice framed or at least decorating the refrigerator for the remainder of the season.

Window Shopping

Does your town or city have an outdoor shopping area? Take advantage of the time outdoors and get a head start on holiday shopping! Shopping is much more enjoyable when you can take your time to really find the “perfect” gift. Indoor shopping malls can feel stale and crowded. Use the weather as your cue–stay outdoors and try to spare yourself a holiday shopping headache.


For the same reason you should check out your local petting zoo, head to the city zoo for some of the best animal spotting you’ll see all year! On cooler, overcast days, you’re more likely to see some of your favorite animals. You’re feeling good being outside and so are they! It’s also a great activity to do with the kids since it may be several months before you can go back for a visit.

Apple Picking

Have you ever been able to taste the difference between an apple grown in-season locally and one shipped to you from halfway around the world?  The taste difference may blow you away! One benefit to visiting an orchard and picking your own is that you’ll get to hand-select your favorite types of apples.  Most orchards offer several varieties to choose from. If you’re lucky, they may even have heirloom varieties–rarities you won’t often see in a regular supermarket. There are loads of delicious fall apple recipes.  Try your hand at apple butter, apple sauce, apple pie, and apple cider–just to name a few.

Jumping in leaves

Perhaps the only advantage to having leaves in your yard to rake is the opportunity to also have a little fun jumping and wrestling around in them. Sure, you might ruin your perfect leaf pile, but it is totally worth it when your kids are grinning ear to ear. They may have so much fun that they’ll even volunteer to help rake the pile back up!

Product Recommendation

One key to enjoying yourself on any long day spent outdoors is dressing appropriately for the weather. Fall is a great time for expert layering, so wear light layers that you can easily shed and tuck into a back. If you have an infant or toddler, however, getting them to wear extra layers can be tough. That’s why we love JJ Cole’s Bundleme–an insulated sack that straps onto your stroller and/or carseat to keep your child toasty warm. The top zips down for climate control, allowing you to adjust the overall warmth. The Bundleme is our go-to item for chilly fall mornings–especially if your child makes a game out of kicking their blanket off every other minute!

What are some of your favorite fall activities? Is fall your favorite season? Let us know all about what you like to do when the weather starts to cool off in the comments.

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Photo Credits: Title image, pumpkin patch, petting zoo, leaf walk, window shopping, and JJ Cole images: Katherine; Leaf Art: Emma Craig (CC); Zoo: Joe Ross (CC) ; Apple Orchard: Jeff Kubina (CC); Leaf Jumping:Sue Talbert Photography (CC)

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