Do you know somebody who can never seem to get out of the kitchen? The bakers, cooks, chefs, even just the weeknight cooks are always wanting and needing some new kitchen gadgets. From gadgets to kitchen supplies that make your life easier ,to actual cookware, we have rounded up an awesome selection that is sure to please the cooks on your list. You may even consider surprising them with their gift a little early, so they can use it to whip up some holiday decadence!

The Holiday Season is in full swing! Daily Mom is your go-to for everything to spice up your season. Be sure to check out our Holiday Section for great tips, recipes and ideas. Our Holiday Guides are here! We’re bringing you the best Holiday Gifts for EVERYONE on your list and we are making sure you get through the Holiday season with your family clothed in style from head to toe, in a festively decorated house!

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VMatter Chef’s knife 

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The home chef must have a respectable set of cutting utensils.  VMatter Professional & Executive Knives are made from an amorphous alloy that is both vitreous and metallic. Some of America’s top chefs are talking about VMATTER knives because they combine the best properties of steel and ceramic.  Now you can give this fabulous gift to your favorite chef.  They will have the most advanced knife technology in 1,000 years.


Anyone will appreciate these knives for their unique qualities and ease of use.  Your gift to their kitchen will come in use day after day and year after year when you give a set of VMatter knives.  It will become the most indispensable of knives, a chef’s knife  that is essential for preparing any meal, no matter how simple.

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GreenPan: Non-Toxic Non-Stick Cookware

Mega BLocks_20141212_fats_facts

A dream gift for every chef is quality cookware. When that cookware happens to be non-stick, non-toxic and innovative, it takes the gift to a new level.  The GreenPan Lima 3D collection is the most unique set of pans that we have come across. Ceramic coated, non-toxic, it features a special surface for each type of food.  Anyone can cook with ease as it is designed with a stainless steel handle for oven and broiler safety and a dishwasher safe coating for extra added convenience.   The dimpled surface of the I Love Fish and Veggies collection allows the oil to flow in the dimples each time you stir the food in the pan while making your fish crispy and delicious.   For meats, it features raised ribbed surface for better cooking. For pancakes and eggs, you get flat non-stick surface. Perfect pans for perfect meals.
GreenPan is passionate about healthy cooking, so they created products that are healthy as well as provide great performance.  Your favorite chef will be impressed with the patented Thermolon technology that allows these pans to heat up and even overheat with no fear of toxic fumes and the pans are long lasting because the coating will not blister or peel.  Rest assured with  GreenPan you will be giving a gift that is cadmium and lead-free and is  good for the environment because they use upcycled stainless steel for the handles and upcycled aluminum for the cookware bodies.

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Baking Essentials from OXO

The holidays are all about yummy desserts and if you have a home baking connoisseur on your list, OXO has the essentials that will be what every baker wants this year. From bowls, to spoons to electronics, OXO is dedicated to providing innovative products that will make everyday living easier, and all of that holiday baking, much easier!

 The number one thing every baker needs is a fantastic set of mixing bowls. We are in love with this three-piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set. These gorgeous bowls are the center of recipe, and, coming in three sizes, will be just what they need. They have a brushed stainless steel interior that retains temperature for chilling and marinating and a white plastic exterior that shields your hands from extreme temperatures. One of the best parts is the non-skid bottom that stabilizes the bowl while mixing.

Speaking of mixing, every great bowl needs a fantastic whisk and we love this brightly colored silicone balloon whisk that features heat-resistant silicone (up to 600 F!) and a teardrop shaped handle that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The soft handle won’t slip out of your hand, even when it’s wet; you can beat eggs, stir batter, whip cream and stir sauces in comfort. These silicone spatulas are crafted in the same heat-resistant fashion and will hold up to all your tough jobs. They will stay flexible longer and will not discolor like traditional rubber styles do. They are perfect for all of your mixing, stirring, scooping, scraping and tasting needs, all in an array of brightly colored silicone!

Some recipes call for a more precise measurements and for that, this Pound Food Scale is perfect. This user-friendly scale has a pull-out display, and is perfect for accurately weighing all types of ingredients. You can weigh items directly on the easy-to-clean platform, or on a plate, or in a bowl. The pull away display makes it simple to weigh larger items. This scale makes it easy to accurately measure ingredients for cooking and baking, or can help you stick to a diet by weighing portions. The top platform can be taken off to clean it so it’s always ready for whatever you need.

Looking for a great way to store all your pasta, sugars and flours? These beautiful BPA-free POP Containers are airtight, stackable and space efficient, making it easy to keep your dry foods fresh and your kitchen super organized. These five containers easily blend into any kitchen décor and feature an airtight seal engaged by a simple press of the unique pop-up button mechanism. Another quick push of the button opens the lid and you can quickly have access to all your ingredients. We love how these clear rectangular containers make it very easy to see what you have and for pouring and cleaning in between uses. These stackable containers would look great on a counter or in a cabinet to help keep your materials more organized. All together, these kitchen essentials would be an amazing gift for any home chef or baker that loves to have an organized and colorful kitchen during the holidays and all throughout the year!

With all of the cooking and baking on your agenda this Holiday season and throughout the upcoming year, you want to make sure that you have every tool you could need right at your fingertips. OXO offers an amazing fifteen piece set that will ensure that you ALWAYS have everything you need. This tool set comes in space efficient stainless steel canister that will look fantastic, as well as organized, on any counter. Whether you are slicing, peeling, whisking, stirring, mashing, grating, baking, this set has what you need! Made of durable materials that are safe for non-stick cookware, they also offer comfortable rubber handles. Make sure the chef in your life is never without the right tools again.

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Elizabeth’s Everyday Essentials “Anything Pan” by Revol 

For a gift that gets around in the kitchen, look no further than the Anything Pan. This multipurpose black porcelain pan can be used for everything from casseroles and lasagnas to cakes and cobblers. It really knows its way around the kitchen! This would be a great gift for any at-home cook or baker. This 9 x 13 inch baking dish is crafted of stylish black porcelain and can go right from the oven to the tabletop, while still looking great!

Aside from the fact that you can make almost anything in this pan, you can also put it almost everywhere. It can go seamlessly from the freezer to the oven or microwave and then straight into the dishwasher. It is also a breeze to hand wash. The porcelain is non-porous making is unable to absorb grease, bacteria or water. Any food cooked in it will be baked evenly through. It’s “Anything” you could ever want in a pan, and the cook in your life is going to love it.


Anything Pan


BBQ Pro Shop

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Gingerbread Pan By Mastrad

For the baker that loves to celebrate the Holidays with family and friends, and loves commemorating this time of year with festive desserts, Mastrad has the perfect gift. Their gingerbread pan allows you to create perfectly proportioned and absolutely adorable gingerbread men and candy cane cookies, muffins and cakes.

The gingerbread pan is made of premium silicone which a fantastic way to reduce waste during baking and is a great food safe substance! When baking with this Mastrad pan your cakes and cookies will turn out perfectly, no sticking messes in sight. Whipping up some holiday themed cookies in the Mastrad Gingerbread Pan makes for an awesome activity to do with the kids. You can bring your freshly baked decadent goods to Grandma’s house, the neighborhood potluck, send them to school with the kids, anywhere you can think of. For a gift that will be  pulled out and enjoyed year after year, look no further than the Mastrad Gingerbread Pan.


Gingerbread Pan


Mastrad | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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Cremes Brûlées Cooking Torch Set by Mastrad 

If your favorite home chef is looking to elevate their cooking another level, the cremes brûlée cooking torch set is a great place to start. Nothing says fine cooking like homemade creme brûlée. With the cremes brûlée cooking torch gift set, you’ll have everything you need to start cooking creme brûlée and more! The cooking torch can also be used to roast vegetables, marshmallows for hot chocolate, and more.

The cremes brûlée cooking torch even features a child safety feature, so you can safely keep it with your other cooking utensils as you find more unique uses for the torch. However, if creme brûlée isn’t your favorite winter dessert, Mastrad also has a wide range of other kitchen items such as the biscuit press, the pastry bag set, and the chocolate fondue set, all wonderful holiday gift ideas.  

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Fiesta Multicolor Knife Block Set

Fiesta knives main

This gorgeously cheerful set of knives and knife block by FiestaWare is sure to put a smile on the face of any cook, so treat Mom or Grandma to a colorful splash of happy that will grace her kitchen counter for years to come. The stainless steel blade, Polyoxymethylene handle and hardwood storage block offer exceptional quality and make kitchen chores a breeze.

FiestaWare has really gone above and beyond to turn this practical knife set into a truly beautiful work of art that anyone would love to have adorn their countertops. Not only is the block design chic and modern, and made out of a stunning wood with unique woodgrain, the colored handles of the knives allow a fun conversation starter, and match virtually any kitchen color scheme.

Fiesta Knives Collage

The set includes:

  • a peeler,
  • a paring knife,
  • a serrated utility knife,
  • a boning knife,
  • a carving knife,
  • a bread knife,
  • a utility knife,
  • a chef’s knife,
  • a sharpener,
  • kitchen shears and a beautiful 11-slot knife block.

This set is so beautiful that you may just want to get one for yourself as well!


Fiesta Multicolor Knife Block Set


Fiesta | Facebook | Blog

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This Holiday season, encourage the Chefs in your life to get in the kitchen and use their AMAZING new cooking supplies to whip up something delicious

Be sure to check back to see all our Holiday Guides this season!

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