For adults, there are a plethora of apps designed to help us track our food intake, figure out how healthy certain foods are for us, and track our daily movements. Nowadays, even our youngest kids are drawn to modern technology early on. Once you have determined that they have reached a maturity level where they are actually learning from the use of apps on devices such as an iPad or iPhone and you are allowing them some screen time, consider helping them learn all about health and nutrition. There are a host of games and apps promoting fitness and educating children about their bodies, and how to nourish themselves in a healthy manner.

Have a Picky Eater On Your Hands?

Do you have a child or even a household full of picky eaters? We understand! Remember: Even if your child seems to reject all new and healthy foods, it is important to continue to encourage and teach them about all the beneficial reasons to incorporate healthy foods into their diets. You never know when they may come back from the dark side. Giving up is the worst thing you can do. Keep a positive attitude and use things like fun games to encourage them.

The Prisoner Of Carrot Castle


This is a wonderful Ebook designed to help children learn about making healthy eating choices. The engaging storyline can be read by a child, parent or by the application. Children ages 3-8 will find this very educational, amusing and engaging. the Purple Carrot Books are specifically designed to help teach children healthy life skills. The storyline follows a little boy, Adrien, who needs to use vegetables to help get through his adventures.

Healthy Hereos


Healthy Heroes is great for the child that is really into games! During this food challenge, children will need to feed hungry monsters with nutritious fruits and vegetables in order to save the city of Yogopolis. They will be presented with healthy fruits, vegetables, and proteins plus have to avoid unhealthy choices in order to advance to the next level. Healthy Hereos includes information for children on healthy eating and is so much fun that kids may not even realize how much they are learning about eating healthy.

This is My Body

Raising healthy kids isn’t solely focused around raising healthy eaters. It is important for children to grow up and understand how their own bodies work. This is My Body allows children to learn all the basic functions of the human body by engaging in hands on game play. With interactive puzzles, animated elements and brilliant art children will be met by learning and fun on every page. This app can be used by children of all ages. The younger crowd would benefit from experiencing it with a parent or adult.

Smash Your Food

Smash Your Food is an intellectually stimulating app designed for older kids. It helps to teach them about reading nutrition labels, and educate them on salt, sugar and oil levels found in common foods. During this game they will be able to smash the foods that are not good for them! The combination of destroying foods that are bad for them and the competitiveness of this app will keep them engaged and wanting to play (and in turn learn) more!

Super Stretch Yoga HD


This wonderful app gets kids up and stretching, with a collection of Yoga poses designed specifically with children in mind. The cartoons keep them interested with a quick story along with short videos for each move. They get to mimic moving around like cows or cats and watch Yoga poses modeled by children their own age. By featuring real children, super stretch Yoga truly has a unique approach to reach out to their audience. Dedicate a special Yoga spot for your little ones to practice their new moves. Any app that encourages children to get up off the couch is great in Daily Mom’s book!

Awesome Eats

Awesome Eats is a great app, but a little more advanced so it is best for the 6 plus crowd. Created by the Whole Kids Foundation, children get to sort, stack, pack, and then plate a rainbow of delicious vegetables. There are 64 total levels, including some that teach children about recycling.

Yumiloo Rainbow Power

This food adventure series is a fantastic way to introduce your preschooler to healthy eating by using fun characters, stories and games. They will be instantly engaged by this app which is packed full of bright colors and catchy tunes. Focused on children around ages three through six, Yumiloo works on assisting children in learning the names of colors, fruits and vegetables. A series of games is played where children must place the items in the correct shopping carts, and disposing of rotten foods in the recycling bin. The Yum Yums need to use these colored foods to get their carnival working again.

Learn to love apps that work with and not against your quest as a parent to encourage your children to learn about their bodies, get moving and become educated on healthy eating. It is NEVER too early to start setting up the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating. This will give a whole new meaning to “playing with their food!”

Photo Credits: Main Image by Our Three Peas, Its A Logical Life


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