Indoor Activity: Tape, Trains & Automobiles

Tape trans automobiles

When you’re trapped indoors because of the winter weather, it is sometimes so difficult to stay inventive and keep your child engaged with activities. Stop wracking your brain, because your day is about to take an imaginative twist! 

What You Need 

How To 

After clearing a space, begin building an imaginative “road city.”  Pave the way for roads about the width of two Hot Wheels cars in length (roughly 4 inches), and add turns, stops, curves, and more…

Tape roads are so fun, economical, and easy to put down and pick up. 

Let your imaginations soar! What is so great about creating a tape-town is that it is easily changeable and you can plan it any way you might desire. Concentrate it in a small area, or spread it out over an entire room. Give your child pieces of tape, too, and let them make some roads of their own. Create curves by using smaller pieces of tape and angle them slightly more with each piece. Add train tracks, police stations, pools, tunnels or bridges–anything that you can think of that might be fun to use in imaginative play and making up different scenarios.

Next, bring out any blocks or cardboard boxes you have and make simple buildings. Add as little or as much detail as you like. If your child enjoys playing doctor or veterinarian, add a hospital.  If your child enjoys sports, add a swimming pool, racetrack, or snowy mountain slopes.  An airfield for the aspiring pilot?  You decide!  It is a little bit like setting the stage, and your child adds their own character. Probably one of the best ways to get your child excited about this is to play with them!

Painters tape is the safest for your floors, but on carpet any masking tape works well.

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Photo Credit: Kirsten

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