If you ask any kid what their favorite new items to get when school time comes, new backpacks and lunch boxes will top the list! All kids love showing off their  backpacks to their friends on the first day of school and “Oooooh check out that cool lunch box!! Where did you get it?” is a hot conversation in the lunch room. As most seasoned moms of school-aged kids know, certain backpacks and lunch boxes may look fun and have your child’s favorite character on them, but often these bags will NOT last the school year. Constantly taking books and binders in and out of bags wears on the pockets, zippers and bottoms of bags and many a parent that has been suckered into buying one of these cheaper bags, often are buying a new one mid-way through the school year. This year, we have gathered some pretty awesome looking backpacks and lunch boxes that not only are super cute, but are made with quality and safe materials that will last through out the school year!  These backpacks and lunch boxes are great for not only school time but for any time! They are so well made, you kids will be begging you to take them to sleepovers, to their sports activities or even just to tote all of their gear to visit a friend.


Garnet Hill Backpack and Lunch Pack

The Garnet Hill Backpack is a durable and roomy backpack with adjustable straps and a comfortable fit for children ages 7 and up. The ergonomic design and chest buckle helps avoid strain on little backs, and the adjustable padded shoulder straps and padded back panel provide added comfort. With many pockets and an iPod and MP3 holder and port, your child can enjoy music while they travel to and from school in style.

This backpack has an easy attachment loop for the Garnet Hill Lunch Pack, so your child can easily carry the Lunch Pack while still having room in the backpack for school-related items. The Lunch Pack is PVC-free and has an insulated chamber to keep food and drinks cool, as well as an outside pocket for any lunchtime necessities.

Both the Backpack and Lunch Pack come in an array of adorable patterns, so you’re sure to find one that will suit your little learner!

Skip Hop Zoo Backpack

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Are you sending your kiddo off to preschool and want to get them excited to make the trek with a backpack full of style and personality? Look no further than the Skip Hop Zoo backpack line. With over 15 animals available from foxes and hedgehogs, to butterflies and cats, there is sure to be a style that they will love. As parents, you will love that they are perfectly sized for toddlers and preschoolers. They feature a roomy main compartment, an insulated pouch for snacks, an adjustable mesh pocket perfectly sized for water bottles, and adjustable padded straps.

Skiphop Collage

Grand Cypress_20140822_P1450779

Check out some of our other animal favorites from Skip Hop:

SkipHop Collage

Your kid will skip off to school in style carrying a Skip Hop Zoo Backpack!


Babiators Rocket Pack

Get your child ready for takeoff to new academic heights this school year with a stylish, yet durable Babiators Rocket Pack. We love Babiators for their iconic kid’s hipster sunglasses, and now we can spread more of the Babiators love with their new Rocket Packs. These backpacks have a fun military design made with military-grade fabric, so you can be sure they will stand up to your kid’s adventurous school day. With lots of hoops, loops, and pockets, there’s a place for all your kid’s gear, including their trusty sunglasses. Babiator Rocket Packs are made with no PVC, come in three different colors, and fit most toddlers and younger children. And the best part yet is if your preschooler somehow figures out a way to destroy their Rocket Pack, Babiators will replace it for free with their Lost & Found Guarantee!

Stuck on You: Junior Backpack

Stuck on You Backpack Are you looking for the perfect backpack for your little school-goer? With 5 super cool designs, look no further than the Stuck on You Junior Backpack. Penny Scallan has teamed up with Stuck on You to offer amazing designs along with the personalization option you love. With padded adjustable straps, this backpack will grow with your preschooler. Made from an extremely durable poly canvas, you can be sure it will withstand everything your kids can throw at it.   Stuck on You backpack One of the best features is the built-in insulated snack compartment with a zipper closure at the base of the backpack. In addition to the snack compartment, the Stuck on You Junior Backpack has a convenient mesh pocket on the outside of the bag, perfect for a cup or water bottle. Adorned with large easy-grip zippers, the bag allows for a nice wide opening, making it very easy for your little one to have full access to its contents. This is sure to be the best bag for the early years of school. The Stuck on You Junior Backpack is perfect for your pint-sized preschooler.

Lunch Boxes

Stuck on You: Penny Scallan Embroidered Lunchbox

Stuck on You lunchbox Your kids will be the envy of the classroom when they sit at the lunch table with this fantastic lunchbox. Once again, Stuck on You has teamed up with Penny Scallan to offer 4 fabulously designed lunchboxes. With the ability to have an embroidered personalization, there’s no question your kids will love it. The quality and detail of the lunchboxes extends even to the zippers- themed to match your chosen design. SOY-Lunchbox1 Each Penny Scallan Embroidered Lunchbox is fully insulated, assuring their lunch will be kept cool with the use of an ice pack. These lunchboxes are made from poly canvas and have an easy to clean, scratch resistant coating. The large padded handle is perfect for little hands to carry, and the wide opening make it easy for your kids to access all the delicious food inside.

Kids Konserve

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Did you know that one of these kits can save you $200 dollars in disposable lunch sacks a year?!

Packing your kids lunch has never been more fun, or eco-friendly, than it is now with the Kids Konserve Lunch Kit from U- Konserve. The company was started by two moms six years ago and features a full line of reusable, non-toxic food storage options that are also great looking. The Kids Konserve Lunch Kit comes with the following items:

  • recycled cotton lunch bag with Velcro closure
  • food kozy sandwich wrap which doubles as a placemat
  • 2 leak-proof stainless steel 8-oz. containers
  • 13-oz. 304 (18/8) stainless steel water bottle
  • recycled cotton napkin
  • recycled aluminum nametag


We also adore U-Konserve’s line of stainless steel reusable water bottles because these BPA-free bottles are made from high-quality stainless steel, which is naturally safe and unlined. Made with non-toxic paints, each bottle also comes with high-quality carabineer. If your kiddo is accident prone, the sports top is a great add-on option that makes it truly their own. Save money, and the planet with this chic kids line that is sure to impress.

Daily Mom readers can save 10% on the U-Konserve website using code “BLOG10” at checkout.



If it’s time for a new lunchbox this year, look no further than the sleek, stylish, and earth-friendly PlanetBox. Created by parents, PlanetBox combines everything you want in a lunchbox, from non-toxic materials to ease of use for even the smallest schoolkids. Made with durable dishwasher-safe stainless steel, PlanetBox is divided into different compartments which makes packing lunches convenient, keeps portions in check, and lets food remain separate and secure. No longer will you have to bother with wasteful plastic baggies and sticky, stinky lunch boxes!

You can customize your PlanetBox in lots of different ways, making it work perfectly for you. You can choose from 3 different sizes, so there is an option for your preschooler and your teenager. Pick out a carry bag for the PlanetBox to slide into, making it even easier for your child to transport their healthy lunch. Other extras include a ColdKit that slips into the carry bag to keep food fresh, Dippers, which are designed to hold wet foods such as yogurt or dips, and magnets that stick to the outside of your PlanetBox, because everyone needs a little fun in their school day!




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Piyo Piyo Bento Box

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If you have a child who’s in school, you know searching for the right container of their lunch or snack can be a daunting task. There are so many options out there, it’s important to find the right one for your little one. Piyo Piyo makes some pretty adorable and innovative items for babies to preschoolers. We love this bento box! What’s a bento box you ask? A bento box is traditionally used in Japanese cuisine and is a box with separate containers used to transport food. Bento boxes have transitioned into America and are the hottest trend in packing lunches. These containers have separate sections making it simple to pack a variety of foods for your child without getting them all mixed up.

piyo piyo in use

This bento box is in the shape of Piyo Piyo’s mascot, an adorable duckling! Its interior is divided into three compartments including a spoon that snaps inside the lid for easy storage. It closes tight with side flaps that are easy for little hands to open on their own and is made in a brightly colored yellow BPA-free plastic. It is microwave and freezer safe and is perfect for transporting a smaller lunch or snack to and from school or daycare. The entire thing can come apart (including the interior divider) and is dishwasher safe.


This Piyo Piyo bento box is designed for 6 month olds and up. The dividers keep foods separate for little picky eaters, but is not completely seal tight on the inside, so it is not recommended to transport liquid-based foods, such as apple sauce, since they may sneak into the other compartments.  It is kid friendly, lightweight, fits nicely into most lunch boxes, and can quickly replace the use of all those baggies for packing individual foods. Your kids will love it!


Piyo Piyo Bento Box


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Laptop Lunches Kids Dual Kit Bento Lunchbox


If you’re looking for a lunchbox to get your little one through a long day, then look no further! Laptop Lunches Kids Dual Kit is the most spacious lunchbox we’ve seen! It features two insulated, zippered compartments and a bento box!


The Laptop Lunches Kids Dual Tote features a zippered compartment on top that’s perfect for a drink and a snack. The lower compartment is large and is made to fit the Bento Box! The Bento Box comes with 4 containers so you can pack several food options for your kids. Two of the four compartments come with lids, perfect for packing smaller snack items! The other two compartments don’t have lids and are great for sandwiches or non-messy fruits and veggies. And, don’t forget about the teeny tiny container (pictured above in blue). It’s great for dips and condiments! The Bento Box containers are airtight and completely food safe. They are lead, BPA, phthalate and PVC free–and they’re made from recycled material! The Bento Box also comes with a stainless steel fork and knife that fit perfectly into their own compartment on the side so you’ll never go searching for cutlery that fits.


Laptop Lunches Dual Compartment Tote | Laptop Lunches Bento Box


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Water Bottles

Stuck On You: Drink Bottle

SOY Drink Bottle Stuck on You has done it again! These amazingly adorable drink bottles come in 38 different designs, assuring you’ll find one that will match your kids preferences perfectly. Stuck on You Drink Bottles are BPA free and are made from a durable and safe stainless steel. With an easy pop up lid, these spill proof bottles are sure to be a household favorite. In addition to the 38 designs, Stuck on You Drink Bottles can be personalized with your child’s name. Adorned with their name, you can be sure it will make its way home from school, daycare or sports practice every time.


Drink Bottle


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SIGG Water Bottle

Every mom knows the importance of keeping your kids hydrated, especially during the school year when kids are busy and on the go. If you’re looking for a safe, fun, and easy to use water bottle for your kids, check out SIGG’s Travel Series aluminum water bottles. Designed especially for kids, SIGG bottles and liners are BPA and phthalate free, have spill proof tops that keep the drinking nozzle clean when not in use, and are easy for kids to operate; just one twist of the top and they are ready to quench their thirst! It will be hard for your child to lose their SIGG water bottle, due to the bright colors and fun designs. Each bottle features either a boy or girl character traveling to various countries and cities around the world. Not only will your kids increase their water intake, but they’ll increase their geography knowledge with each sip!

Bonus: Each SIGG Travel Series bottle comes with a small drawstring backpack that has a kid-friendly map of the coordinating country on it.


SIGG Travel Series Water Bottle


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Are you loving these backpacks and lunch boxes as much as we are? These bags are not only adorable but are made with eco-friendly materials and are made to last- which is every parent’s dream!

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