Packing Your Bag When You’re Done With Diapers

If you have reached that magical point in parenthood where diapers are suddenly no longer necessary, you will feel overjoyed, as you should. However, a potty trained child still requires some extra stuff when leaving the house. Pack smart and you can keep the load light while still being prepared for whatever comes your way.

Get the Right Bag

Packing properly starts with the right bag. Since you do not need diapers, it is time for a smaller bag. Also, a toddler old enough to be potty trained is much more active than a baby and your activities have you on the move all the time. You need a smaller bag that is good for on the go.

The load you are carrying for a trip to the botanical gardens or a playdate at the park shouldn’t slow you down. Carrying a comfy backpack is the way to go!

We love the Be Right Back backpack from Ju-Ju-Be. This backpack has just enough room to fit the needs of a toddler and mama on the go without being heavy or uncomfortable. The shoulder straps are padded and ergonomically curved. This is so much more comfortable than a messenger or purse style bag when you are chasing around a 2 or 3 year old.

You may be tempted to get a bag just for your kiddo since he is so big now. While your kid is bigger and needs his own bag for when you are dropping him off somewhere, if you are going on an outing together, pack your own bag. Otherwise, you end up walking around with a tiny, uncomfortable bag on your back. Get a bag that you like since you will be carrying it. For example, we chose this fun, new “Dancing Dahlias” print because we knew we wouldn’t mind carrying it. If you like the bag, you won’t mind carrying it so go ahead and treat yourself!

Prepare for Messy Emergencies

Just because you are done with diapers does not mean you are done with messes. In fact, life may keep getting messier for awhile so be prepared. Accidents can happen at anytime if you don’t make it to the potty when you need to. Always have a weather appropriate, full change of clothes for your child. Don’t forget the socks! A big accident can soak right into those too. Stick a wet bag or a large ziploc bag in your backpack to stick wet clothes inside.

While you aren’t changing diapers, you will still have plenty to wipe up so don’t ditch the baby wipes just yet. Keep a travel size of wipes with you at all times along with hand sanitizer.

Snacks or drinks can leak, toddlers love saving stuff like sticks and rocks and they love putting their dirty little hands all over everything! If you can get a machine washable bag, like the Be Right Back, you will be so happy you did. The lining in this bag is also antimicrobial to keep your stuff from getting too yucky in between washes.

Speaking of getting to the potty, your newly diaper-less toddler is going to need to use public restrooms now. Depending on how you potty trained, you probably used a small chamber pot style potty or a potty seat at home. These smaller potties and seats make it so your kiddo doesn’t end up swimming in the toilet. Avoid the yucky, giant seats on the toilets in public restrooms with a foldable potty seat to go. We love the Primo Foldable Potty Seat because it is lightweight, inexpensive and easy to wipe clean. Get a little bag to zip it up in and it fits perfect in the back panel zipper compartment of the Be Right Back. This compartment comes with a memory foam changing pad inside but since you don’t need the changing pad anymore, you can take it out and slip the foldable potty seat inside.

Avoid a Hungry Toddler Meltdown

We all know how quickly a toddler can go from sweet and satisfied to evil and starving. Never leave home without snacks and some water. You can keep a water bottle for you and your toddler cold in the exterior insulated pockets on the Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back. The inside of the bag is roomy enough to hold not only the clothes and wipes we already discussed, but you can fit snacks for kiddo and mama in there as well. You know how picky or finicky your child is. If it will save your sanity, pack a variety of snacks to give options. If you are going to be somewhere through lunch, this bag certainly has enough room for a little lunch bag with a sandwich as well. The key is to plan ahead as best you can and anticipate the needs of you and your toddler.

Keep Everyone Happy

Toddlers get bored and when they are bored, they act like crazy people. Grab a toy or two when you hit the road. This is a great opportunity to get your toddler involved with packing the bag for the day. Ask him to pick a small toy to bring with him to play with later. Giving toddlers choices when appropriate gives them a sense of control, and giving them a sense of control lessens tantrums. It is a win for everyone!

You need to be happy to, Mama! The front pocket on the Be Right Back has a hook for your keys, a pocket for your glasses that doubles as a glasses cleaning wipe and other little spaces for stuff like chapstick or lip gloss. Your wallet will fit in there as well. We know you never leave home without your smart phone and there is a top storage pocket that the latest smart phones fit in perfectly. We were able to easily put an iPhone 6 in a lifeproof case in the pocket and it was so easy to get to when it was needed or wanted.

Congratulations again on being done with diapers! Remember to get a great bag, be prepared for messes, pack some snacks and the things that make you and your toddler happy and you will be out and about enjoying everything that your amazing life as a mama has to offer.

Be Right Back by Ju-Ju-Be


Ju-Ju-Be is the leading brand of fun, functional and fashionable diaper bags. They offer several different styles of bags in gorgeous prints that you will love to carry.


The Be Right Back is Ju-Ju-Be’s smaller sized backpack. It is ergonomic, lightweight and comfy. Every feature on this bag makes it a pleasure to carry.

Features You Will LOVE

  • Ergonomic with comfy straps.
  • Functional compartments and pockets to fit everything a mom needs.
  • Easy to clean and well-made to withstand anything your kids can bring at you.
  • Beautiful prints like the brand new “Dancing Dahlias” make this a fashion statement and not just a bag.
Perfect For

The Be Right Back by Ju-Ju-Be is perfect for moms with potty trained children. It would also be great for a quick trip out with a baby in diapers. The bag is so versatile that it can be used as a regular backpack for a student or as a great carry on when traveling with or without kids. We love that it works great for Moms but doesn’t look like a diaper bag. 

If you are ready to start the process of ditching the diaper, check out 6 Popular Potty Training Methods!

Photo Credit: Kristen Lee Douglas

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