Room Mom, Now What?!?

You walk into school orientation – slightly excited, slightly overwhelmed. You salivate at the thought that kids going back to school means a little more time to yourself. Fist pump. And then you slowly lower your fist, sadly recognizing time to yourself means those chores you left by the wayside all summer; well now you’ve gotta tackle them. So much to do, so little time. Story-of-your-life. 

Sign Here Please

Shaking that grim feeling from your mind, into the classroom you go talking to the teacher, introducing yourself to fellow parents, and then stumbling upon the sign up sheets. Monthly play dough, class parties, and then ROOM MOM. Maybe it’s because no one has signed up yet, maybe you are an over achiever and love planning kid activities, or maybe you feel guilty about that cocktail you had every single day of summer, maybe all three – whatever the reason: you put your name in the empty space.  

You’ve now transitioned from ordinary, drop off, say “hey” sometimes mom, to the everybody knows my name, email, phone number, address, better have their shit together ROOM MOM. That time you didn’t have in the first place, well now you’ve got even less.  

Room Mom… so NOW WHAT?!?

Have no fear, we are here to make your life, well, less-hellish, so here is our TOP 10 list of apps/websites to help you ROCK at being ROOM MOM!

1. Doodle

Doodle “simplifies scheduling”. This is an online calendar app where you first block off/list the dates that work best for you, then email the other collaborators. They will then check which dates coincide with yours. And then, voila, you’ve found the optimal date for the Valentine’s Party. Easy peasy, lemon squeezey.  

2. SignUp Genius

This website is awesome for organizing who is bringing what to a party. As Room Mom, you’d set up a list that says what you need, how much you need, and when you need it. Everyone just signs up where their efforts can be best utilized.   

3. GroupMe

Need to create a group chat? This is the app for you. Add all the members of your classroom to quickly and easily organize chats/texts.   

4. Volunteer Spot

This website is great for managing all volunteer activities – personal or for the class as a whole. You can combine, group, and schedule on a nifty calendar. This way you know how much time you’ve indebted that month.   

5. Venmo

Need to collect money? Let’s face it, getting people to bring in money can be a drag, creating many awkward conversations. Venmo allows you to easily (and safely) transfer money without ever touching any cash. 

6. Pinterest

Who the heck can come up with all of those creative party ideas on their own? No one. Pinterest to the rescue! Search for what you are looking for and find awesome ideas. So much simpler than spending all night brainstorming; now you can just spend all night creating tiny homemade party flair for all the adoring children <insert eye roll here>. 

7. Evite 

Want to schedule a play date with some flair? Invite the class to your kid’s birthday? Send out an Evite. Select a theme, enter in some details, and send out to your guests. It automatically sends out updates to remind the group of upcoming events. Worry free planning!

8. Photofund

There are all different ways to raise money for your school, but why not go with the simplest? Take a photo at a game, lunch, chess match – whatever – and upload it to their site. Then, other parents can buy the photo and the money goes back to the school. Simplest. Fundraiser. Ever. 

9. Shoparoo  

Sort of like cutting box tops, yet simpler. Use this app to donate money to your school by taking a photo of receipts, and qualifying purchases will then receive cash back donations. Done and done.  

10. Got Gmail?

Google docs provides assistance in planning in so many ways. Create groups for emails. Generate surveys. Make a to-do list. Google docs is the answer to so many of your Room Mom prayers.  

We hope this list helps to simply some of your Room Mom woes. Hopefully, you are feeling a little less overwhelmed and are ready to tackle that Room Mom to-do list! And if all else fails, just keep smiling and know most parents are so thankful that anyone but them signed up for Room Mom. Go rock that Room Mom – we are all cheering for you, Momma! 

Ready to put the right foot forward and start the school year off right? Check out our Back to School Guide, the supreme list of all you will need to know to make 2016 your best year yet!

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