Bringing Books to Life: ABC’s

Bringing Books to Life-ABCs

When we read, we often find ourselves so engrossed in the story that it’s like we’re part of it! The book comes to life around us and we really feel as though we’re living the story. And isn’t that what makes reading awesome? When it comes to children, they’re no different. But to take it a step further: imagine their excitement when the story actually comes to life. In this post, we’ll discuss books your kids will enjoy as well as break down a corresponding activity to bring them to life!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Book and Activity closeup

Book and Activity playing3Grab the large metal cookie sheet and using brown and green construction paper, cut out and tape a “coconut tree” to it. Scatter all the alphabet letters on your work surface and as you read through the story, encourage your child to find the corresponding letter and stick it to the tree. Once all the letter are up the tree, help them knock all the letter off the tree (they’ll love this part!). Ask them to once again find the different letters as they’re found in the story, and “send them home” by putting them back in their container.



This activity helps kids learn and recognize the letters of the alphabet. Until your child is able to recognize letters on their own, you can point to the letter on the page to allow your child a chance to see what they are trying to find.


Dr. Seuss’s ABC



This may seem like a simple activity, but it’s so important for helping your child understand the purpose letters serve in our language. After you finish reading the book, walk around the house together in search of items that begin with each letter of the alphabet. For the more difficult ones, you can either stage something with that letter or make up a silly example of your own!



This activity helps kids learn the sounds each letter makes. Being able to recognize letters usually comes first, then understanding what each one “says” is the next stop in the alphabet learning process. When you point to an object, like a table for example, put emphasis on the T; T-T-Table. This will help your child make the connection not only that the letter T makes a “t-t-t” sound, but that it is the first letter in the word table.

It may help your child catch on if you associate the letters with human or animal qualities, using the sounds they make as an example of what they “say”. An awesome example is the Endless Alphabet App, which uses the letters in monster form and allows your child to see the letter AND hear its sound simultaneously.


Eating the Alphabet

Eathing the Alphabet

What You’ll Need:

Before you begin reading this book, gather some of your little one’s favorite food for a snack. Be sure to use foods beginning with as wide a variety of letters as possible. Once you’ve decided which foods you will be using, draw each beginning letter on a paper and cut it out. Arrange the bowls/plates on a table in alphabetical order, placing the corresponding letter below it.

While reading through the book, as you approach each letter with corresponding food, go ahead and enjoy a snack! Make sure you talk about the fact that what you are eating begins with the same letter on that page; these grapes start with a G, g-g-g.



Much like the previous book and activity, this also helps reiterate the different sounds each letter makes, and how they are put to use in our daily lives. Encourage your toddler to repeat after you each time you say the food and the letter. The more you discuss, the more apt your child will be to figure it out on their own.


Kids learn best through play and adding these activities, or games in the eyes of your child, will allow them to really soak up the knowledge. Each of these activities can be done to a lesser degree on a daily basis. The more you talk about finding letters in the world around you, the more familiar they will become to your toddler. Remember, practice makes progress!

For some more great books you can bring to life, check out this guide of 18 books your toddler is sure to love.

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