A new school year has begun! Pencils are getting sharpened, lunches packed and new crayons are ready to be used. Besides the supply lists, there are many items your kids may need or want to help them make the most of the school year, so we have searched high and low to bring you the (best of the best) fun school year favorites.  These products are designed to help your child have the best school year yet, and also LAST the school year. In addition to being well made, we have rounded up products that are made with quality and eco-friendly materials so both your wallet and the Earth will be happier. So whether it’s reusable containers, adorable stationary, or some of the latest tech gear, whatever you are looking for- we’ve got you covered!

Supplies for school

Digital Slap Band Watch

by Winky Designs

Does your active, on-the-go kid lose track of time? Or does your fashionable teenager just love to accessorize with lots of bangles? Either way, if you’re looking for a little something to make this school year a lot more colorful and fun, then you must get Winky Designs’ NEW Digital Slap Band Watch!

Confident colors brighten every outfit, and a retro slap band reminds you of endless summers and first crushes.

These one-of-a-kind watches feature:

  • Unique graphic design
  • Digital interface
  • Silicone slap band strap
  • Stainless steel watch housing (with plastic removable tab to preserve battery life)
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Anti-dust coating on top to keep the watch feeling smooth and comfortable
  • Water resistant up to 98 feet (3ATM)
  • Available in 15 bright and vibrant colors to match any outfit
  • Comes with unique plastic jar packaging perfect for gifting

These awesome digital slap band watches can be found in stores or online. Also be sure to check out their traditional colorful slap band watches.

One Step Ahead Reusable Snack Bags and Thermos

Make packing lunches fun with these reusable zippered snack bags and stainless steel thermos from One Step Ahead! One Step Ahead is known for their quality eco-friendly baby and kid products and these two are no exception. Make your child’s lunch not only healthy but green by ditching the plastic baggies and using these zippered reusable bags. Available in patterns for either boys or girls, these bags are washable, PVC free and completely food safe. They can be washed and reused over and over again, making snack and sandwich packing a cinch! Each pack contains two different sized bags – one thats perfect for snacks and one that will fit a sandwich nicely.

We are so in love with these colorful designs and patterns and we know your kids will be as well! The stainless steel wide-mouth thermos is double walled and insulated so it is perfect for packing warm foods, such as homemade mac and cheese, soup or even milk for cereal! It will keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold for hours so your child can enjoy a warm lunch from home at school!

Save yourself some money and make the Earth a greener place by ditching the plastic bags and swapping them out for these adorable reusable bags and thermos. Your child will love them and so will your wallet!

International Arrivals

Every little girl or boy wants to start school or head back to school in style, and they usually want the coolest, most fashionable items out there. International Arrivals is a company that puts style, fashion and fun into school supplies, art supplies and stationery! International Arrivals’ philosophy is a simple one. They believe that everyone has a desire to express themselves creatively, and want to make it fun and colorful while they are doing it. International Arrivals has hundreds of unique crafting and creation tools suitable for children of all ages.

Here are just a few of the things International Arrivals has to offer:
  • An assortment of scented pens and markers
  • Gel pens that write with silky smoothness
  • Monster mouth pouches
  • Funky and fun erasers
  • Assortment of stationery from sketchbooks to journals, to paper clips to stickers
  • All products are perfectly functionable and easy to use
  • They have items that are natural, and non-toxic like the Beeswax Crayons
  • Fun bright colors that make any activity fun
  • Free Shipping within the United States

Your child is sure to love any product from International Arrivals. They will definitely have fun getting creative with these wacky, out of this world art supplies.

Lucy & Leo Hand Cleanser

Your kid’s hands touch everything during the course of a school day, and you know they don’t wash them as often as you would like. As soon as you pick them up from the carpool line, spray Lucy & Leo’s Hand Cleanser on their hands and rest assured that germs will be squashed until you get to a sink. This 100% organic hand cleanser works without soap and water, and is free of all the stuff you hate: parabens, sulfites, alcohol, and chemicals. Lucy & Leo’s Hand Cleanser is made in the USA and comes in two convenient sizes, 8 oz for keeping at home and 3 oz for on-the-go storage in the car or in your purse. Not only do you get the germ killing benefits, Lucy & Leo’s Hand Cleanser smells fantastic due to the essential oils it’s packed full of and is non-drying and nourishing for skin.


Hand Cleanser


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ZizzyBee Bags

Looking for a way to keep your kid’s things organized this school year? ZizzyBee Bags has the solution to all your organizing needs! These see-through, zip up, mesh bags can hold and store practically anything, from after-school activity gear and school supplies to snacks and toys. Created by a busy mom, ZizzyBee Bags not only look great, they are also BPA and phthalate free, washable and reusable, and come in two sizes for your convenience. Perfect for on-the-go or at home, now all your and your kid’s things can have a proper place, inside of a ZizzyBee Bag!


ZizzyBee Bags


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Nametapes and Labels

If you have little kids, you know how simple it is to lose clothing at school. Sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, mittens: they go to school and never come home again! This is especially likely during those times of the year when it’s cooler in the morning and warmer in the afternoon, since kids will leave home all bundled up but shed their warmer layers by the end of the day, losing them to the mysterious land of the lost for clothing. Most veteran parents will tell you that the best way to ensure your kid’s clothing comes home is to write their names in their clothes, but sometimes after a few washes those can fade away. Enter the perfect solution: Nametapes and Labels!

These woven clothing labels are made of either cotton or polyester and come in a variety of sizes. The 10mm name tapes can be used for both name-labeling of children’s clothes and the labeling of textiles and are easy to install with either iron on or their simple Taggit brackets. These labels come in a variety of colors, styles and text options. With these labels, you an be sure that your child’s teacher will know who each item of clothing belongs to so they have a better shot of coming home safe and sound!

Activz Fruit Bars and Powders

If you struggle with getting your kids to eat a healthy and balanced diet, you are not alone! Most of us like-minded parents strive to give our kids plates full of healthy and delicious foods, but with hectic schedules and picky eaters, those dreams don’t always come to fruition. Activz is the maker of a preservative-free whole-food powder line that retains all the nutrition of fresh fruits and vegetables thanks to its patented dehydration process – a method which evaporates only the water molecules while leaving vital nutrients intact. This convenient powder, available in a variety of fruit, vegetable and grass powders, allows you to improve your families diet by quickly increasing the nutritional value of any meal.

These fruit and vegetable powders can help you get more produce in your daily meals and snacks. They are a convenient alternative to buying whole foods in their original form and can provide a quicker, easier and more cost-efficient way to eat healthier.

These powders:

  • Provide the same nutrition, color and flavor as the original produce.
  • Keep for years (if not eaten first!) — without the use of preservatives.
  • Contain no artificial colors, flavors or nutrients.
  • Reduce or eliminate the hassle of fruit and veggie prep.
  • Prevent food waste, giving you more produce per dollar spent.
  • Are perfect for mixing into smoothies, sauces, soups, vineregrettes or yogurts.
  • Have a smooth kid-approved taste.
  • Come in a variety of flavors such as raspberry, blueberry, coconut, mango, beet, orange and kale (and many more!)

Activz also makes some delicious fruit bars that are excellent for lunch boxes and snack time. These bars come in a variety of flavors, such as fruit and chia, and are extremely healthy, being extremely high in protein, fiber, calcium and antioxidants. These high quality products are perfect for ensuring your kids leave the house with tummies full of healthy things so they can learn and do their best at school!

Vemma NEXT Vitamin Drinks

“MOM! I don’t feel well!” These are words every parent dreads. No one wants to see their kids get sick, and things get even more complicated when they are in school because now they are not only sick but are also missing important lessons and concepts while they are home. But what if helping to prevent your kids from being sick was as simple as drinking a yummy smoothie?

Vemma NEXT is a delicious orange cream smoothie that is made for kids aged 2-12 and jam packed with antioxidants and nutrients that help support the body’s immune system.

These drinks are filled with these germ fighting, health boosting ingredients:

  • Vitamin C – found in citrus fruits, broccoli, bell peppers, kale, cauliflower and green leafy vegetables.
  • Vitamin D – found in salmon, tuna fish, milk, eggs, liver, beef, and even direct sunlight.
  • Beta carotene – found in sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, collard greens and squash.
  • DHA – an all-natural, vegetarian source of omega-3 fatty acid known for brain and eye support.* Choline also aids in brain development.*
  • Quercetin – a group of flavonoids that give many fruits and vegetables their coloring. An antioxidant perfect for growing bodies.*
  • Phytonutrient extracts of 14 organic fruits and veggies for those children who don’t get enough.

Vemma NEXT is every parents solution to ensuring your kids get the healthy illness fighting ingredients, that can be delivered in a simple and kid-friendly way! This drink is one of the most nutritionally complete products on the market (based on Vemma’s comparative study of different children’s vitamins) and is truly something all parents should keep in their arsenal.


Vemma NEXT


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Stuck on You Large Pocket Pencil Case

Pencil Case (1 of 1)Your school-aged kiddo will have LOTS of writing utensils to tote around as he starts learning to write and create! Keep everything contained in a large pencil case. We love the Large Pocket Pencil Case by Stuck on You for the larger size and personalization feature!

This canvas bag features a smaller outside pocket, zipper closures, and a lined interior that can be wiped clean. Stuck on You offers tons of adorable designs, so you will be able to customize the pencil case to suit your little learner’s personality, with their name front and center to ensure that it stays with them.Pencil Case (2 of 1)

This bag is large enough to hold many markers, crayons, pencils, glue bottles, and more. It is available in pink, red and navy, with designs ranging from animals to transportation, and the eco ink will stand up to the wear and tear of the school year, so the bag will look adorable on the first AND the last day of school.

Supplies for home

Jackery Fit

There’s not much worse than needing your phone or tablet and suddenly realizing you are almost out of battery! Enter Jackery Fit. Reliability meets speed in this small, compact external charging device that is compatible with almost all phones and tablets on the market today. Measuring in at only 3.9 inches long by 2.5 inches wide and weighing only 7 ounces, this device is perfect for using and charging on the go.

More and more schools are relying on technology to be the main source of communication between parents and teachers and also for students and teachers in the way of emails, newsletters and assignments. With after school schedules being so hectic with sports, clubs and other obligations- families are often doing mandatory reading, studying spelling words and completing assignments on the go and in the car. Here’s where the Jackery Fit is the perfect modern parent’s dream. No more hearing “Mom! My tablet is dead and I can’t study my spelling words!” from the backseat. The Jackery Fit can add up to an additional 160 hours of battery time to a single device!

Being the world’s thinnest external charger, it’s simple to take in a backpack or purse so you can have it handy when that battery drains unexpectedly. The Fit is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod, Android, Windows phone, Smartphones, Tablets, Gaming devices, and MP3 players so it’s sure to be of use to everyone. Perfect for homework on the go, road trips, long soccer practices and even when Mom or Dad’s battery dies too, the Jackery Fit will be the only external charging device you’ll ever need.


Jackery Fit


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The Young Scientist Club- Magic School Bus Kits

Back to school is all about getting back into that learning groove, but the fun and teaching doesn’t have to end at school! Why not carry some of that into your house? The Young Scientist Club is one of the leading makers of science kits that you can do at home! These kids come in all sorts of subjects and age ranges, varying from older sets that tackle biology, minerals, or learning about your body, to sets that are geared for younger aged kids that cover volcanos, fossils and even microscopes!

If you have older kids, we are sure you are familiar with the Magic School Bus books where Ms. Frizzle takes her class on all sorts scientific field trips and adventures! Most kids just love science and these books are one of the best ways to teach concepts that can be difficult to understand in a kid-friendly and fun way! The Young Scientist Club has taken this idea and created over 20 science kits that are based on these books. There are kits that will teach your kid about volcanos, electricity, dinosaurs, magnets, minerals and even slime! Each kit comes with everything you need to do multiple experiments that make learning at home fun AND easy!

The kits are designed for ages 5 and up and are a great way to bring your child’s love of science to life at home. Each kit comes with everything you need, so you are not having to go and search around the house for materials. They are all hands on, exciting and simple to follow. Older kids can probably do most of the experiments on their own.

Embrace your child’s love of learning with these Magic School Bus kits. They are not only fun, but also completely accurate, designed by a scientific team of Harvard graduates so you know they are not full of fluff. With kits designed for preschoolers up to age 12 and every scientific subject under the sun, what kit would you choose for your kids?

Tracks Air by Sol Republic

This year, many teachers are adding headphones to student back-to-school shopping lists. If your child is one of those students, then check out Sol Republic’s Tracks Air. Not only will they satisfy an item on your shopping checklist, but you’ll be tempted to just keep them for yourself. Here’s what we love about the Tracks Air:

1. They’re cool!

Over-sized, over-the-ear headphones are in right now, so your kid will definitely be cool in these Tracks Air. Like most of Sol Republic’s head phones, the Tracks Air are sleek and stylish and come in four different color options: ice white, gunmetal (seen here), vivid red and electro blue. As an added bonus, these headphones come with a handy carrying case to keep everything clean and tidy which is important for moms.

2. Easily connect

Once you’ve assembled and charged up your new headphones, connecting is easy. Just turn on your Tracks Air and it will automatically search for any Bluetooth connections. Of course, make sure that your phone, tablet or TV is connected first, but it really is that simple. Simple almost always wins!

If you want the ability to listen to music or watch a movie, and also take a phone call (this is the part where you’ve decided to keep these for yourself), then it’s not a problem. Just touch a button to switch functions.

3. Super Clear Sound

Whether your child is listening to their iTouch, watching a movie or listening to a class lesson via their iPad, you’ll find that the sound produced from these headphones is super clear. This comes in equally handy if you’ve decided to “borrow” your kid’s headset and watch an adult movie or TV show. Or if you need to take a call and pay attention without distraction.

4. Long Battery Life

Given that nearly everything runs on a battery these days, we love that Sol Republic’s Tracks Air gives us about 7 hours of listening time before it needs to be recharged. Considering that very few people will listen to anything for 7 straight hours, the Tracks Air don’t need to charged that often.

5. Wireless OR Wired

One of the biggest selling points of the Tracks Air is that they are wireless. Wires are annoying. However, if you have a need to go wired, you still have that option. These headphones include wires, so if you or your child need to be able to use these for long stretches of time, the wires will help increase your battery life.

6. Won’t Slip

When you’re on the go, you don’t want to worry about your headphones slipping off your ears, especially when you’re wearing over-sized headphones such as these. Luckily, the comfy cushion under the headband will keep your headphones in place, so feel free to walk, run, hike or whatever it is you do.

As you can tell, we love these headphones and you’re going to love them too!

Cuddle Bear

Making transitions can be tough for kids, especially for ones who are just starting school or perhaps going from a shorter day to a longer one. If you have a child that is apprehensive about starting school, consider giving them a special reward for them working so hard at their new job! This Cuddle Bear from Elks and Angles, is adorable and oh so soft. It’s perfect for snuggling with and sharing school day secrets with.

Most kindergarteners and up are discouraged from bringing toys to school, but this cute bear would be a welcome site waiting for them when they get home! If you have a preschooler, however, that goes to school all day and still takes naps, the Cuddle Bear would be perfect for stashing away in their nap bag. Measuring at 12 inches tall but only 1 inch thick, it’s compact nature makes it simple to tag along with their blanket and nap pillow. Make of 100% Australian sheepskin, this bear is soft and easy to clean and naturally resists dirt and bacteria. The Cuddle Bear comes in three natural colors and is sure to be your child’s new best friend!

What’s on YOUR kid’s wish list this year?

Looking to cross off more items on your school list? Check out Our Favorite School Gear for the hottest trends in back packs and lunch boxes that will last all year long!


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