Simple Ways for Moms to Turn a Bad Day Around

simple ways for moms to turn a bad day around

Being a mama is hard, no matter what. Whether you are a working mom and it’s the weekend or a stay at home mom, being home all day with the kids can be trying, even for the most creative mothers. On these long days where there is little reprieve from the chores, whining, crying or running around, small things can start to snowball into bigger ones and suddenly a good day can become a rotten one. Trying to balance kids, homework, soccer practices, swimming lessons, playdates, and work (or if you have babies- the crying, naps, marathon nursing sessions and those piles of dirty diapers) all while keeping a clean house and healthily fed kids can be daunting; then throw in some whining, fighting, crying, messes that just keep appearing and knowing you still need to work out- and that’s a recipe for a meltdown!

Every mom has had those days that just seem to spin out of control and suddenly you find yourself super stressed out and yelling at things that normally wouldn’t bother you. These are the days that we need to step back, take a few deep breaths and realize that it’s going to be ok. When the world, kids, and chaos seems to be crashing in around you, keep this list in your back pocket (or bookmarked on your computer!) and pull it out. Sometimes even a small act can turn your whole day and mood around.

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed mamas?? Have no fear! We are here to help. Here are 10 ideas that you can try to turn that bad day around and change it into a better one.

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Sit down and have a cup of tea.

There’s just something soothing about that warm cup of tea that can really seem to lift your spirits. If you are feeling stressed out, boil some water and pour yourself a mug of your favorite black, green or herbal tea. For best results, SIT down and DRINK it ALL. Take that 10 minutes and just sip and relax.  Don’t sip on the go- put your bum in a chair. Ignore the messes and yells; they’ll be waiting for you when it’s done. Go hide in a closet if you really need to. We won’t tell where your hiding place is!

Tea’s not working?? Try some wine.

Seriously. Some days just call for a little glass of wine. Just a few sips can relax your body. Same rules as above. Sit and drink it- use the same hiding place if you need to.

Make sure you always have a delicious wine on hand when you want some by signing up for a wine of the month club! Our favorite is Mora’s Wine Club. They features wines from all over the world for a great price. Avoid the conundrum of taking a stroller into the liquor store again, by getting it sent right to your doorstep.

Get some fresh air.

Normally when your kids are at each other’s throats and you’ve been cooped up all day- you know it’s time to get outside. Go for a walk around the block, play in the yard or take a trip to the park. Some fresh air can do wonders for everyone. The kids can run around and you may just get a few moments to sit in the sun and soak up some Vitamin D.

Have a mommy-time out

Set a timer for 10 minutes and do something just for you- read a chapter or two in that book you’ve been trying to finish forever, browse Pinterest or play Candy Crush- whatever your pleasure is, do it for 10 minutes. Those few minutes away can be a life saver.

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Put on some music.

Sometimes all the “noise” of the day can get to be too much. If that’s the case, turn off the TV, ipods, ipads and Nabi’s and just listen to your favorite songs- good music is sure to lift your spirits and make all those chores a bit more fun to do. Special bonus: If you turn it loud enough, it can drown out all that sibling bickering! Most kids love music too and soon your favorite song can turn into an impromptu dance party- and what’s more fun than that?

Burn a few calories.

Having a blahhhhh day? We feel you! Try a mini workout. Breaking a sweat can help send a surge of endorphins through your body, making you feel happier and less stressed. On days you are stuck home with the kids, getting out for a solo walk or run isn’t usually an option, so look to burn a few calories in different ways. You can turn that music up WAY loud and really get your dance on, or create a mini circuit workout of 3 or 4 rounds of jumping jacks, squats, crunches and lunges.

Want to get your kids involved in your workout? Check out our list of ten fun ways to workout WITH your kids! These are fun ideas for the whole family and can help to lift everyone’s moods.

Wash your face.

That may sound weird but it seriously works! Run some hot water and scrub your face. Wash all the stresses away! If you have extra time, throw on a quick face mask. Leave it on for 5 minutes, scrub it off and then you will feel like a new mama.

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Looking for a great, natural mask? Try the Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Mask! It has an amazingly light scent and will leave your skin looking amazing!

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Complete your tasks in small chunks.

When you have TONS to do and are feeling overwhelmed about it, the first thing is write it all down. Just the act of writing it all down on paper helps make your brain less stressed because it’s out of there. Highlight the “have to do NOW” jobs in pink, the “should get done today” jobs in yellow, and “these can wait if they must” jobs in blue. Prioritizing your list will make it simpler to get the most important tasks done. Explain to the kids you have a few jobs to get done and then you can play. Set that timer for 15 minutes and do as many of the pink jobs as you can. Then fulfill your promise and play with the kids: do a puzzle or play a board game. Then do 15 more minutes of work, focusing on the important jobs first and working down to the less important ones. It’s important for kids to learn how to play alone or with their siblings too- so it’s really a win-win for everyone.

Try something new.

Sometimes just the monotony of the ordinary can be too much. Try spicing your routine up- your kids will appreciate it too! Instead of lunch at home, pack it up and have a picnic outside or rent a new movie, try a new craft, start a simple Pinterest DIY project you’ve been wanting to do. Doing the same things over and over and over again can be draining, so changing it up every once in awhile can help to make the day feel new. Not in the mood for crafts? We’ve been there! Try something like serving breakfast for every meal or letting the kids eat dessert first- one day won’t hurt!


And, most importantly…remember, “tomorrow is another day.”

We aren’t perfect, and that’s ok!  So what if you didn’t finish all those loads of laundry or maybe the kids are still in their PJs? They will survive and so will you. So just relax and have that well deserved wine or secret mom-only dessert. Tomorrow is another chance to get it all done.

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Moms tend to put too much pressure on themselves feeling they have to do x, y, and z everyday (and usually abcdef and g too!). Yes, we are all super moms, but even super moms can feel overwhelmed, stressed or like they are going to snap if one more kid asks you for juice! We have all been there. On these days- set your list aside for a bit and try to take a few minutes for you. Yes, you read that correctly: Y-O-U YOU. Now, while these tricks may not work everyday, on most days, just giving yourself the opportunity to de-stress for a bit can give you the energy you need to carry on like the mama warrior you are- until bedtime comes.

Ok, fess up moms: what are your secret tricks for turning a bad day around? Anything you can share with new mamas out there?

Finding time for yourself throughout the day is so important! If you need some additional tips, check out our post on tips on finding time for mom. Keep that page bookmarked too!

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    Thanks Michelle for posting this one today, I need it. My mother in law is in the hospital with terminal lung cancer, my hubby is naturally in a big funk (his words). So I’m trying to take care of my hubby, 10 year old son, mother in law, father in law, my own senior father and our cousin’s husband just committed suicide. So I think I’m going to make an herbal tea in a thermal mug & go for a long walk all by myself, that’s 3 of your suggestions in one fell swoop. The housework can wait for an hour or so right?
    Keep up the good work.


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      Wow Adrienne it seems like you deserve a relaxing beach vacation to go along with that tea!!! We all have had those times in our life, me included!, where you feel like the whole world is crashing in around us. I hope these little tips can help you de-stress- even if it’s just for an afternoon! And YES the housework can certainly wait until another day 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and reading with us!


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