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School time is here and moms all over the place are thinking “what can I pack my child for snack that is healthy AND fun?” When you peruse the grocery store, the shelves are filled with lots of colorful eye catching options- that are also full of preservatives, artificial colors and tons of sugar. These are not the best snacks for your kids, especially during the school day, since we know that kids that are pumped full of sugar and artificial ingredients during the day may not be able to function to the best of their abilities academically or socially. It’s so important to give your kids wholesome and filling snacks that not only taste good but are also good for you! So, what’s a parent to do?

We have scoured the snack aisles and done the legwork for you to bring to you today one of the best kid’s fruit and veggie snacks on the market from Sweet Pie Organics! Sweetie Pie Organics is a leading maker of wholesome and tasty snacks for toddlers and young kids. Their snacks are made from the finest quality organic produce that are grown on organic US farms and then these fruits and veggies are freeze dried to preserve natural taste. During this process there is truly nothing added, so their snacks stay 100% fruits and veggies. Sweetie Pie Organics snacks are tasty and have a natural sweetness to them. They are guaranteed no sugar added, no preservatives, gluten free, non GMO, and organic!

sweetie pie organics

Not only are these snacks good for your little snacker, but they are tasty and fun. Each box of snacks comes with five individual pouches so they are easy to transport around in back packs and lunch boxes. They are sure to be at the top of your kid’s “want” lists!

The Giveaway

We are here to help give you a jump start on your snack duties this school year and are excited to be giving away to ONE lucky winner:

2 variety packs (12 boxes total) of delicious snacks with a total value of $70!
12 boxes include:
4 boxes of Apple + Green Pea + Pineapple
4 boxes of Banana + Sweet Corn + Blueberry
4 boxes of Mango + Sweet Corn + Apple

We know your kids will love these snacks as much as ours did! If you want to learn more about these wholesome treats, you can also read more about our Favorite Organic Snacks for Picky Eaters post.

sweetie pie boxes

This giveaway will begin today August 12th and will run for two weeks, ending on August 26th at midnight. (US only, 18 years old and up)

Best of luck!

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Photo Credits: Sweetie Pie Organics, Ashley Sisk



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