Is camp a rite of passage, a way to keep kids out of their parent’s hair in the summer, or a truly valuable life experience? It may be all three, but we know for sure that camp has real benefits that are life long. Boys who attend camp receive some pretty cool perks that will impact the men they will grow up to become. Are you on the fence about whether to send your son to camp this year? Is it really worth the cost? Here are the benefits of camp for boys, along with the traits of a great camp to ensure your son will get everything possible out of his camp experience.

Introducing Camp Rockmont

Camp Rockmont is a summer camp for boys that was established in 1956. Located in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, this Christian camp is based on building a strong foundation of male development. Boys can grow into the men that God is calling them to be through their time at Camp Rockmont. All campers will grow in four aspects: Physical, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual. As you will see below, Camp Rockmont offers all the amazing benefits of camp and has the traits you should look for when choosing a camp, making this camp ideal!

The Benefits of Camp for Boys

Camp is not just childcare in the summer. Camp helps boys mature and grow in ways you may not realize. Sending your son to camp will impact him for the rest of his life.

  • Living Unplugged – Kids at camp can live authentically. They’re free to run, play, and be silly without any inhibition. They can explore who they want to be through this life unplugged at camp. At Camp Rockmont, your son will live freely, guided by staff who enjoy carefree time just as much as the kids.
  • Preparation for Independence – If your son goes to camp, move in day to the college dorm will not be his first time navigating life away from the safety of your home. Camp prepares boys for life on their own. Instead of being thrown to the wolves at the age of 18, they’ve practiced making choices outside the home or school by attending camp.
  • Development of Social Skills – Kids at camp have the chance to be leaders. For the first time, many campers are in a group of kids that they do not already know. This gives them the opportunity to work through developing new relationships without mom standing by. Conflict resolution can be learned. The importance of working together as a team is practiced through camp activities. All these social skills are critical for academic success, success in the workplace, and happiness in a home.

Just look at how amazing Camp Rockmont is for boys! Imagine all the good that will come out of some time here this summer for your son.

Rees Takes Rockmont from Camp Rockmont on Vimeo.

What A Camp Needs

FunFirst and foremost, camp needs to be fun for your son. If it isn’t fun, your son may not be as receptive to receiving all the benefits that are available to him. There should be a variety of activities that are enjoyable but will challenge your son at the same time. Great camp activities encourage risk taking, confidence, problem solving, and other skill building. Camp activities should be different than what your son would experience at home. Camp Rockmont has blobs, zip lines, water slides, and more. There are instructional activities like swimming, archery, guitar, fly fishing, and more. There are group activities like capture the flag, dances, fishing, and hiking. Your son will have so much fun, adventurous stuff to do that he won’t even have time to get homesick.

Safety – A good camp is concerned with safety in every aspect of the camp’s administration and management. You want a camp with a culture of safety, meaning that the staff is hired with safety in mind, and from day one they know that safety is the priority. Ask about safety training for the staff. What processes are in place to ensure safety in every area of the camp? At Camp Rockmont, there are policies in place for every possible issue that could arise. They adhere to the very highest of health and safety standards for summer camps. There is a first day orientation in each cabin to prepare the boys to have a safe camp experience. They even have a policy for bullying. If anyone gets sick or injured during their stay, they will immediately go to the Health Center that is staffed with four registered nurses, open 24 hours a day. You can rest assured that your son will be safe, both physically and mentally. For everyone’s protection, no camper will ever be alone with a staff member in a non-public area.

Compassion for Kids – Camp is a time to encourage independence and autonomy from parents. For many boys, this will be the first time they’ve been away from family. Getting homesick is normal. The camp staff needs to show compassion to a camper struggling and have the patience to guide them through these developmentally normal feelings. This compassion will allow a homesick camper to push through and end up overcoming those feelings to have an amazing time at camp. Relationships with campers are key at Camp Rockmont. The staff understands this. Everything at Camp Rockmont revolves around the love of Jesus Christ.

Open Communication – You should always ask about the policies for communicating with your camper. While you don’t want your son calling or texting constantly if he gets homesick, you do need some sort of communication. Letter writing is a great way to stay in touch. You may be able to email your son while he is at camp as well. Find a good communication style that will facilitate autonomy in a healthy way.

Caring, Professional Staff – Camp staff are critical to a great camp experience. The staff act in loco parentis (in place of a parent). A camp can’t hire whoever will show up. The management and staff set the tone for every other aspect of camp like fun, safety, compassion, and open communication. Rockmont staff are totally committed to every camper. The camp only hires people who are ready to be role models and team players and who are respectful, enthusiastic, and self aware. They enjoy camp just as much as your kids. With policies in place to ensure safety, you know the staff at Rockmont can guide your son through his time at camp in a beautiful way. Rockmont leadership personally interviews every staff member, and background checks are run on everyone.

If you haven’t signed your son up for summer camp, now is the time. We’ve laid out the benefits of camp and shown you how Camp Rockmont is ideal. Sign up for Camp Rockmont here and give your son the most beneficial and incredible summer ever!


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