What to Do When You Can’t Pick a Candidate

Everyone is in an uproar over who will be the next President of the United States. Seriously, people are freaking out. We are supposed to get behind a candidate and defend them to the death because we are supposed to believe that the next President is the person who will fix the things that we believe are broken. Our destiny is in the hands of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, right? Wrong. Those two don’t control the destiny of our country and they most certainly don’t control the destiny of you and your family. Change doesn’t come down from the top. True change, change that matters, grows from the ground up. Big change is rooted in small beginnings like a seed before it grows into a tree. 

The Issues that Matter To You

Most people choose who to vote for based off what that candidate says about the issues that matter to them. However, we all seem to forget every single election season that the candidate will never do everything they say they are going to do. They just don’t have the power. Let’s look at an example for an issue many Republicans are worried about, abortion, and an issue many Democrats are worried about, social disparities.


If you are pro-life, you pick the guy who says he will do away with abortion. You may be planning on voting for Trump based solely off that issue alone because you know Clinton is pro-choice and you can’t in good conscience vote for a pro-choice candidate. Here’s the problem though, the President can’t just do-away with abortion. We live in a country with checks and balances and one person can’t just decide something and change it. Why do we keep believing that all we need to stop abortion is a pro-life President in office? Roe v. Wade was decided during Richard Nixon’s administration and since then, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, all put justices on the Supreme Court, but were not able to overturn Roe v. Wade. What makes you think it will be any different for the next President?

Here’s how to make a difference when it comes to abortion. You stop abortion one person at a time. You don’t make change in the lives of women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy by protesting and voting. That’s been happening for over 30 years and hasn’t worked.

  • You must make the change from right where you stand. You help women in your town.
  • You do what you can to increase access to birth control.
  • You educate young people on sex and contraceptives.
  • You, through the way you raise your children, remove the shame and secrecy that surrounds sex.
  • You go volunteer with an organization that legitimately supports women who feel trapped in an unplanned pregnancy. If you don’t want women to have abortions you need to help them make that choice by supporting them. Give them real options and listen to them in a graceful and non-judgmental way.

Donald Trump isn’t going to keep one woman from terminating a pregnancy, but you might, by loving one woman and loving that woman’s baby in a way that makes it possible for her to go through with a pregnancy that she doesn’t have the desire or resources to go through.

Social Disparities 

Are you upset Bernie lost in the primary? Are you a passionate Hillary supporter? Maybe your biggest issue is the disparities in resources available to children in the inner city versus children in wealthy suburbs. Hillary isn’t going to magically make that problem go away. Democrats have had their fair share in the White House over the last 30 years as well and our country is still bogged down with social disparities and injustice. Quit waiting for the President to do the work that you can do right now.

  • Go volunteer with an organization like Big Brothers and Big Sisters.
  • Get involved in local elections. Those elected officials actually have the power to change things right in your community.
  • Become a teacher and teach in a struggling school.
  • Help support a community center in a low income neighborhood.
  • Tutor kids.
  • Be a foster parent!

The possibilities here are endless and they will all have a far greater impact than who you vote to be the next President of the United States.

You can’t prevent every abortion, laws or no laws. You can’t right every social wrong, liberal in the White House or not. What you can do is prevent one abortion by helping one woman. You can right one social wrong by caring for one child at risk. You don’t have to solve everything in 4 years. You can’t solve everything. The President can’t solve everything. No one can. No one ever could and no one ever will. But that is ok. Because you don’t have to fix it all to make a difference. So quit hanging all your hopes and dreams on what one person can do. Because one person is just one person, whether they’re a stay at home mom or the leader of the free world. We are all limited. However, if we all do a little bit right where we are, our little bits add up to big change and that is how issues are solved. That is how we make our amazing country even more amazing. From a tiny seed to a mighty oak, you just have to plant the seed.

Your Mission

You want a better country? You aren’t happy with the way things are? The President isn’t how we fix things (obviously). We fix things by getting to know each other, loving each other, and helping each other. Getting our butts out of our houses, our comfort zones and getting right in the thick of the things that need to be fixed. Who are you helping? Are you an agent for change or do you just want to post crap on Facebook and wish other people would make things happen. What’s your mission? Your life should be a mission: You can be on a mission to raise kind, generous kids. Be on a mission to help families struggling. Be on a mission to save animals. Be on a mission to feed the hungry. Whatever you feel passionate about, do it. Be FOR something. The world doesn’t need you to be against stuff. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton aren’t here to save us. We need to do the work ourselves. Love your neighbors. Love strangers. Love people and don’t question whether they are worthy of your love or your help. There’s nothing to debate in love.

If you are looking for a group of women that you can work with to do good in your community, check out the 115 Year Old Women’s Group You Should Be a Part Of

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