Moms love coffee. It is no secret. It is the lifeblood of motherhood, especially in the morning. If we had a dollar for every meme we’ve seen about parenting and the necessity of coffee, we would have a lot more money and we’d probably spend it on more coffee. You may be concerned about your caffeine habit. You may want to quit coffee altogether. However, there are some compelling reasons to keep on drinking your latte in the morning. Don’t throw out that Starbucks gold card just yet. Mom’s need to drink coffee!

Wake Up, Mama!

Moms need to drink coffee for the obvious reason, to keep up with the boundless energy of their children. Caffeine wakes you up by stopping a brain chemical that is associated with sleep. It changes the chemistry in your brain when you drink it to give you that alert feeling you desire. 

The Benefits

There are some legitimate health benefits from drinking coffee. Public health researchers at Harvard compiled the results of several long term studies and what they found was amazing.

  • Coffee protects our bodies from type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This is huge because 1 in 4 women die from heart disease, and diabetes numbers continue to rise. 
  • It is possible that we help fight off Parkinson’s disease by drinking coffee. One study found that four or five cups a day cut the risk of this disease in half when compared to drinking little or no caffeine.
  • Coffee drinking is connected to a lower risk of suicide. 
  • There is no link between coffee consumption and high blood pressure, in fact, coffee may help with blood pressure.
  • It does not appear that the benefits from coffee come from caffeine, as the benefits are found in decaf as well. Researchers are now looking at other active compounds in coffee like antioxidants.

Coffee and Your Genes

Another amazing fact about coffee is that our love for it is genetic. If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, it makes sense that Rory loves coffee so much. She got it from her mom! There are six human genes related to coffee consumption. It is literally in our DNA to drink coffee! You inherit whether you like coffee or not. You inherit your need for caffeine.

Cancer Connection

It was once believed that coffee could cause certain types of cancer, but the exact opposite is true. Research points to coffee protecting its drinkers from uterine and liver cancer. Considering over 10,000 women will die from uterine cancer every year, we would all be well advised to drink up!

It is pretty amazing when you think of all that coffee can do. For the healthiest possible cup of joe, drink it black. Try to avoid scooping in the sugar, as sugar is the cause of a lot of preventable health issues and diseases. Moms can stay awake even when their kid wakes up at 5am and take steps to prevent some common illnesses and diseases at the same time just by drinking coffee. We think that’s pretty amazing! Fill up your favorite mug and feel good about it, Moms. You need to drink coffee.

Keep checking in here at Daily Mom because we have more things you need to do. Did you know moms need to drink wine? Well, they do and we are going to tell you all about why. In the meantime, learn more about coffee with Coffee Shop Vocabulary. 

This post is meant for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace medical advice from your physician, doctor or health care professional. Please read our terms of use for more information.

Photo Credits: Dani Nicole Photography, Heather, Amber

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