Why Moms Need to Drink Wine

Do you enjoy a glass of wine or two? Chardonnay? Cabernet? We start our day with coffee and end our days with wine. At the end of a particularly challenging day of wiping butts, negotiating with your little monsters, and enduring tantrums, wine can feel like a necessity. Don’t let the haters convince you that wine is just a mom trend or that you shouldn’t drink your beloved vino. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life! Wine does more than calm nerves, it packs a punch with some amazing health benefits. According to science, moms need to drink wine!

Wine might calm you down, help you sleep, get you in “the mood,” or just taste amazing with your homemade dinner. If you feel more calm after a crazy day with kids, we think that’s reason enough to fill up your glass. However, the benefits of wine don’t stop there. Researchers all over the world have been looking into how wine affects our health for years and what they found is pretty compelling.

Wine is good for your heart! According to WebMd, moderate drinkers have a lower risk of having cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. Surprisingly, the wine is physically changing how your body nourishes itself. By dilating the arteries and increasing blood flow, this ancient beverage is helping to prevent blocked and clogged arteries from forming due to some unnatural narrowing that may occur.

Got cholesterol issues? Wine boosts “HDL” levels, the “good” cholesterol, while lowering the “LDL” or “bad cholesterol” from damaging the lining of your arteries. With a moderate glass or two of wine, you’re actually pushing out the bad guys – the LDL cholesterol, by improving your HDL levels which don’t give the artery-clogging LDL’s a chance to do damage.

Cancer does not like phenols – a powerful antioxidant. These unique compounds found in wine called phenols are also known to protect against cancer. According to a scientist from Greece, they slow down the formation of breast cancer cells, and for our male counterparts, they were also shown to suppress prostate cancer cells. Hop a few countries over where French scientists found another component, an antioxidant named resveratrol that can halt the growth of liver cancer cells.

Need a glass yet?

No mom has time to get a stomach bug from something she ate. We recommend, along with one British study, to drink about a glass of wine each day – you just may reduce your risk of infection of contracting a nasty bacteria Helicobacter pylori, a major cause of gastritis, ulcers, and stomach cancers.

You can indulge in as little as half a glass which may guard against food poisoning caused by germs like salmonella, if you are unexpectedly exposed to contaminated food, according to a Spanish study.

With the raise of blood-sugar instability in our country, another consideration to have wine is that as a premenopausal woman; if you drink one or two glasses of wine a day, you are 40 percent less likely than women who don’t think they need wine, to develop Type 2 diabetes, according to a 10-year study by Harvard Medical School. Though science can not thoroughly explain it, wine naturally reduces insulin resistance in diabetic patients.

It is important to note that the benefits of wine are found when drinking wine in moderation. While you might feel like throwing back a bottle after a long week, you would be wise to limit yourself to one or two glasses. A hangover is definitely not beneficial to your health when your toddler is awake, screaming the Paw Patrol theme song at 6 am.

The next time someone rolls their eyes at your love for wine, you can direct them right here to learn about the benefits of this magical beverage.

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