Marriage After Baby: What No One Tells You

It’s no secret that life changes in many amazing and challenging ways when a little baby arrives on the scene. Parents have nine months to stock the nursery, wash the onesies, and read the parenting books before bringing home their bundle of joy. However, not much is said about how Junior’s arrival will impact perhaps the most important relationship in the family: the parents’ marriage.

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Savory Lentils

Lentils are a high-protein, inexpensive food the whole family can enjoy. They can be pureed for new eaters, cooked and stored in the fridge to be added to other dishes throughout the week, and are a great base for introducing infants and toddlers to various flavor combinations.

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The Benefits of Rosewater

Would a rose smell as sweet if it were called anything but a rose? Probably, and it would have just as many benefits. It is no surprise that Cleopatra used roses to lure her lovers into her palace, and that ancient cultures have been benefiting from its countless bounties for centuries. Rosewater is filled with incredible powers and the best part is, it is readily available.

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Newborn Hospital Hats To Gush Over

Within seconds of the arrival of your little bundle of joy, she was probably crowned with a traditional blue and pink striped cotton hospital hat. Her first photo, posted to all of your social media sites within hours of her birth, displayed her chubby cheeks and cherub lips protruding from that universal head piece. You proudly placed it on her head for her first car ride home, and then immediately removed it upon arrival and stored it in her memory box for safe keeping.

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Essential Items for Formula Feeding Moms

If you formula feed your baby, or plan to (or need to) in the near future, you’ll want to read this!  If you’re a breastfeeding mama, but plan to introduce the bottle at some point, you’ll want to take note as well. When it comes to babies, there is so much gear and it can be confusing trying to choose what’s best for you and for your baby. Which bottles should you choose? How many do you need? How do you clean them? What else do you need to easily and comfortably feed your baby? Don’t worry–let us introduce you to the essentials for formula feeding and bottle feeding moms.

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Post-Baby Body: Abdominal Sculpting

Let’s face it, your abdominal muscles have been through the wringer this past year. Maybe your baby belly expanded slowly or maybe it popped suddenly overnight! Either way, your abdominal muscles have been stretched and weakened during your pregnancy. Your abs are part of your core and they are very important in supporting your back. If they stay weakened, you will have poor posture, back pain and could easily injure yourself simply by picking up your newborn. The Daily Mom Abdominal Sculpting workout is going to help you get your abs back.

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10 Things To Celebrate: The First Year

Take a deep breath, mama, and pat yourself on the back. You’ve officially made it through your first year of motherhood! That’s 365 days, 8760 hours, hundreds hours of feedings, and thousands (thousands!) of diaper changes.

Your year also, no doubt, included a few tears, some stressful moments with your husband, and a few panicked phone calls to your best friend to ask “what on earth have I gotten myself into?” In short, it’s been a year of hard work. However, we hope it’s also been a year of joy, happy surprises, and sweet snuggles as you’ve gotten to know the newest member of your family, refined your talents as a mother, and settled into your life as a mom.

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10 Pregnancy Super Foods

You’re growing a baby. While you may want nothing more than to stuff your face with potato chips and ice-cream (or nothing if you are experiencing the much-dreaded morning sickness), now is the time when you should be thinking about what you put in your mouth more than ever. Everything you eat not only affects you, it impacts your baby’s growth and development. While there are tons of excellent foods for you to choose from over the next several months, here is a list of ten powerful pregnancy super foods to ensure that you and baby are getting the nutrients you really need.

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Spinach Fritter-Cakes

‘Tis the season for latkes and Swedish pancakes, among other goodies. Here’s our take on a pancake/fritter hybrid that delivers a good dose of protein and veggies during this season of indulgence. High in protein – and flavor! – this recipe is an easy one and the results are easy to freeze and reheat for future enjoyment.

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Best at Home Work Outs to Get You in Shape in 2014 & GIVEAWAY!

The holidays are over and the turkey is gone. You’ve prepared your New Year’s resolution, and like every year, you have plans of getting in shape. This is the year to get off the couch, and in front of the TV, and kick that butt into shape with Daily Mom’s  workout video suggestions for a healthier you! If you’re excited to add these DVD’s to your at home collection, you will have the chance to win one in an exclusive Daily Mom giveaway as well! Read on to learn more about them, and how you can win.

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