TOP GIFTS of 2017- Gifts for a Mother Runner

Mother runners are a special breed. We live and breathe running. We hit the pavement several times a week, with (or without our children if we’re lucky) to rack up the miles. Even after a sleepless night we wake up before the sun to get in our training miles. We put the babies to bed and run on the treadmill. We stand with thousands of strangers at the crack of dawn in shivering cold weather or sweltering heat just to get a medal at the end. This holiday season, Daily Mom has found the best gifts for the moms who are the epitome of a mother runner. The one who raises babies and runs so many miles that it puts your car to shame. The one who has blisters and sore legs but still trudges up the steps to comfort a crying little one. She is strong. She is fierce. She is a runner. 

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15 Fabulous Fall Recipes

Fall recipes represent comfort, warmth, family, flavors, and YUM. Pinterest is a great way to find those recipes. In fact, the word “recipes” is one of the top 10 most pinned words within Pinterest. We’ve picked 15 of our favorite fall recipes to inspire you to add new dishes to your cooking repertoire.

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Packing Hacks for Tricky Travel Situations

As the holiday season approaches, travel is inevitable. You may be packing up your family of 5 for a vacation to Grandma’s house, or be stressing over flying solo with a baby, or be wondering about how the TSA’s newest regulations for equipment and technology may affect your packing. Whatever your predicament, we’re here today to bring you our top three packing hacks for tricky travel situations.

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The Correlation of Music and Learning

Music elicits many different emotions within our minds. It stirs happy memories and helps to cure us when we are in a funk.  Music holds so much power.  Everyday the brain is overloaded with sensory information that one has to pick and choose what is relevant to that moment.  Music helps to prime the brain to listen and decipher patterns better acclimating one’s brain on the decision making process.  A young child’s brain is especially susceptible to the benefits music has to offer. 

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Daily Mom’s Top Picks for Gifts Under $25

If you are shopping on a budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t give amazing gifts this holiday season. Less can be more when it comes to how much you spend. Give gifts that are thoughtful, unique, educational, or just plain fun. Maybe you have a Secret Santa party with a $15 budget, a large family to shop for, or you are looking for a teacher gift. Spend a little and give a lot with these unique gift ideas for everyone on your list.

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Chag Sameach: What you need to know about popular Jewish Holidays

Happy Hanukkah! Shabbat Shalom! Chag Sameach! If you were lost after Happy Hanukkah, you are not alone. Although Hanukkah may be the most familiar holiday to non-Jews, Judaism has many more holidays rich with traditions, food, and even wine. Whether you practice religion or not, there are many compelling concepts and inspiration found in the Jewish holiday practices.

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Top Picks for Gifts Under $50

Do you and your family members or friends put a limit on how much can be spent on each other for the holidays? For many, setting a price takes the pressure off of feeling obligated to spend a certain amount on someone. Agreeing to spend, say, no more than $50 per person, is a great way to keep things fair and equal across your family and friends that you typically buy gifts for. Fifty dollars is a great price range especially for those trying to keep a moderate budget for holiday spending; however, sometimes it can be hard deciding how to choose a gift under $50. This guide is dedicated to gifts under $50 and will you help select reasonably priced gifts for all of the men, women, and children in your life.

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Daily Mom’s Guide to Gifts for a Professional Photographer | #DMHoliday17

Daily Mom's Guide to Gifts for a Professional Photographer | #DMHoliday17

With the rise of digital photography, knowing and loving a professional photographer isn’t a far stretch these days. Whether your significant other just took the jump from hobby photographer to professional, or you know a seasoned wedding professional, this holiday gift guide has something for everyone in it, regardless of age, gender, or budget. Read on to learn our favorite items, and how we’ve incorporated them into our own photography businesses, as well as lives, as busy moms and entrepreneurs. 

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Tech For Tots: Technology’s Impact On Young Children

Today’s children are exposed to technology and media at a very early age as phones, computers, and iPads are often within children’s reach in the home. Toy companies have caught onto the trend as technology toys flood the toy store aisles. With the current technology saturated environment, parents may wonder whether technology is good or bad.  Recent studies have looked at just that, but the answer is not quite straightforward.  

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