32 beauty secrets every Woman should know

32 Beauty Secrets Every Woman Should Know

Not all of you are makeup artists and hair stylists, but what if we let you in on some secrets that made you look like you were? As busy moms, some of you don’t even have time to shower every day let alone spend an hour doing your hair and putting on make up. There are thousands of unknown tips and tricks when it comes to beauty, and we are giving you the top 32, so you can be in the know.


  1. If you have oily hair, try conditioning only your ends. Applying conditioner to roots that are already oily may be just adding to the problem.
  2. When you are having a great hair day with lots of volume, avoid running your oily fingers through it. This can weigh down your hair and give you the flat look you don’t want.
  3. To obtain healthy looking hair, you need to be healthy. Take a multi vitamin everyday.
  4. Do you have split ends and no time for a trim? Try straightening the ends of your hair, this will tame and hide those split ends.
  5. If your roots are coming in, or they are a little greasy throw in some dry shampoo. Try this Dove Dry Shampoo, the price is definitely right. Every girl should have some at home because it truly is a life saver, especially for on-the-go moms.
If you don’t have a “real” dry shampoo, baby powder does the trick just as well.
  1.  Never curl your hair while it is still damp. If you want those curls to last all day, make sure your hair is completely dry first.
  2. Blend in grey hairs: If you have dark hair just apply a little black waterproof mascara where needed. If you have lighter hair, use a bronzing powder.


  1. Not everyone has the energy to wash their face before bed. Although this is the best thing to do, if it’s just not for  you, keep makeup removing wipes beside your bed and take it off every night.
Using coconut oil is a great all natural alternative to makeup remover.
  1. The one product you should never ever skip is a moisturizer with an SPF, you will thank us when you are a little older with less wrinkles. Try Neutrogena, it’s great because it’s oil free.
  2. A clean face going to bed does not need cleanser in the morning. Just a splash of water will do the trick. Cleansing products can often leave your skin dehydrated.
  3. If you want acne free skin always wash your hands before washing your face. You should even use seperate towels when drying your hands and drying your face to avoid bacteria from being tossed back and forth.



  1. Always hydrate your skin and apply a primer before applying makeup. If your skin is too dry, your make up will not go on nicely.
  2. Clean your brushes after each use to avoid breakouts and bacteria. Little tiny pieces of dirt, oil and bacteria may get caught in those bristles. A light baby shampoo like this all natural one by Earth Mama is great for cleaning your brushes.
  3. Using concealer on your eyelids is a great base for applying eyeshadow, will help the color stick longer, and will stop any creasing from happening.
  4. If you are using a product on your face that is super creamy, apply a translucent powder on top to make sure it stays in place.
  5. If you choose to fill in your brows, be sure to pick a color that is similar to the shade of your hair or a little darker. This will make it look more natural.
  6. When you want to line your eyes with the “cat-eye” effect try using a thin liner that has a tapered point like this product by Stila. If you need to clean up the edges a bit when you are done, use a q-tip dabbed with foundation to remove and conceal any stray marks. (You can also do this with any lipstick mishaps!)
  7. Everyone wants higher cheekbones don’t they? To do this you can add bronzer just below them and a highlighter directly on them. Doing this will both boost their strength and make them appear higher.
  8. To use a red lipstick, be sure it is fitting to your natural undertone. If you have a warmer undertone use a warmer red, if you have a cooler undertone use a cooler red.  If you follow this rule, they will compliment each other.
  9. If you have broken powders or blushes, open them up and pour a litte rubbing alcohol into the container. Smooth it back out with your finger and let it sit. This will put your makeup back together in no time.
  10. Avoid using TOO much blush. Having a nice glow to your cheeks is so in this summer. When applying blush use the two finger rule.  Try starting your blush line two finger widths away from  your noes and only apply to the apples of your cheeks for a fresh natural glow.
  11. What mom doesn’t love concealer? Use a light one (instead of heavy) to avoid the dreaded cakey look, and it will leave you with brighter eyes. Try MAC Select coverup for amazing results.
  12. If you are going to use a foundation, try a tinted moiturizer instead. Put it on before your concealer because it provides good coverage and you will end up using less of your concealer. We absolutely love this tinted moisturizer (SPF 30) by Aveeno.
  13. Lips stains and coloured lip balms are highly moisturing and long lasting. They are quick and easy to use, and aren’t as heavy as lipsticks. Try a “long wear” product like MAC Pro Longwear Lip Color. We love this one because it comes with the clear gloss. The trick to the long wear products are all in the application. Smile, stretch out your lips and apply the color in a sheer (not translucent) application. Keep your smile until it dries (usually 1 minute or less, you will feel it tighten). Release your smile and apply the clear gloss on top. Later, for a touch up, all you need to do is apply more of the clear gloss. It’s that easy.


  1. When you want to lengthen your lashes, stay away from any white glue. You want to use a dark glue so its blends better for a more natural overall look.
  2. If you have any ingrown hairs, you can get rid of them by exfoliating. Doing this will help the hair break through the skin and reach the surface.
  3. To get your lashes full of volume try putting a little baby powder over them before applying mascara. Doing this will create a primer, giving you thicker lashes. Next, wiggle your wand brush back and forth (at the base) as you do your normal up sweep of mascara. This will allow the mascara to coat all sides and get closer to the root of the lash and not just the underside.
  4. When you are out of shaving cream, try shaving with conditioner. It will moisturize your skin, leaving it looking flawless and feeling silky smooth.
  5. Tame those brows. Use an old toothbrush or a clean mascara wand. Spray on some firm hold hairspray and brush your brows. You can then style them however you would like.
  6. If you want to wear that summer dress but dont have time to shave your legs, throw on a pair of panty hose. Nothing hides a little stubble better than some hose.
  7. Instead of using a heavy parfume, why not try these Bay Laurel Essential Oils. They will leave you smelling delightful, and calm your baby at the same time.
  8. After you paint your nails, try using a cooking spray from 8-10 inches away and spray over your nails to make them dry faster. Apply a clear coat of nail polish every two days to avoid cracking in your new manicure.
Check out this post on getting Salon perfect nails at home.

There you have it ladies, 32 oh-so-easy beauty secrets that you won’t be able to live without. The only other thing you need to add to complete your look is that beautiful smile of yours. Remember, confidence is the BIGGEST beauty secret every woman should hold.

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