5 No-Heat Curling Methods

5 No-Heat Curling Methods

Let’s face it; time is very limited in the morning. Many of us are juggling a dozen different things to get ready for the day. Getting the kids’ breakfast, getting them dressed, getting ourselves dressed, packing lunches. You’re a whirlwind ripping through the house to make sure everyone is ready and nothing is forgotten. One less task on your to-do list could make a world of a difference, especially if it’s as time consuming as doing your hair. We’ve put together five easy, no-heat methods for curling your hair that allows an overnight set to do the work and leaves you with a beautiful, bouncy style in the morning. 

 Rag Rolls


What you’ll need:

For this method, you’ll want to make sure your hair is barely damp prior to starting. You don’t want it to be too wet, otherwise it might not be dry by the morning. 

You’re going to use between 5-12 sections for this method. If you have thinner hair or want looser curls, use fewer sections. If you have thicker hair or want tighter curls, use more sections. Try to make sure the sections are symmetrical. 


When you’re ready to start, use a small amount of hairspray on the section you’re currently working on. Taking an end wrap (or 2″ x 2″ piece of tissue paper), wrap it around the ends of the hair. Take the rag and start wrapping the hair around the wrap, rolling the rag toward the scalp. Once you have the hair rolled completely, knot the rag to keep the hair in place.  When you have finished wrapping all your hair, cover it with a shower cap to prevent the hair from sticking to the pillow and pulling it from the rolls. 


 In the morning, you’re going to either cut or untie the rags and allow the hair to unravel. Using your fingers, lightly comb through the curls. Once you’ve got them to a style you enjoy, use hairspray to keep it in place. 

Using end wraps will help keep the ends of the hair together, making it easier to wrap around the rags.

Twisty Buns


What you’ll need: 

The first thing you want to do is make sure your hair is just just barely damp. If it’s too wet, your hair may not dry by the morning.

You’ll use anywhere from 5-12 sections; for thicker hair or tighter curls, use more sections, for thinner hair or looser curls, use fewer sections. The partings don’t have to be perfect, but try to make sure the sections are symmetrical. 


Starting with your first section, use a light shot of hairspray for added hold and twist the hair as tight as you can. Wrap it around itself to make a mini-bun and secure the ends with bobby pins. You want to make sure the bun isn’t going to fall out, so use as many pins as you need to be sure it’s not going anywhere.  Once you’ve got all your hair up in the buns, cover it with the shower cap. This will keep the hair from sticking to your pillow and will lower the chances of it coming out.  haircomb2-2

Come morning, the last step is to remove all the pins and lightly comb through the twists with your fingers. Do not use a brush or a comb. This will loosen the curls too much and make your hair look poofy. Once you’ve got it to fall how you like, finish with some hairspray and you’re ready to walk out the door.


headband curl

What you’ll need:

Your hair should be just barely damp for this curling method. Make sure it’s not too wet- you will run the risk of it not being completely dry by the morning.


Starting with your hair combed straight down, place the headband over your hair. Take a section of hair about 2″ wide from under the headband and wrap it up, around and through the headband. Next, combine first section with the next section and repeat the first step. Continue working around to the back of the head, and repeat on the other side till the entire head of hair is wrapped around the headband.  Once you’ve completed wrapping, cover with a shower cap to keep the hair in place. 

headband curl finish

In the morning, carefully remove the headband and use your fingers to comb through the curls. Use some hairspray to hold the finished style.

 Ponytail & Rollers


For this style, make sure your hair is barely damp when starting. If your hair is too wet, you risk it not being dry by the morning.


Gather all your hair into an extremely high ponytail on the top of your head and secure with an elastic holder. Taking 1″-2″ sections, wrap the hair in a velcro roller and secure with a bobby pin or two. 


In the morning, remove the rollers and the ponytail holder. Shake out the curls and once you have it to your desired style, use some hairspray to set it. 



What you’ll need:

Make sure to have the hair barely damp when you are starting this style. If you make the hair too wet, it may not be dry by the morning.

You’ll use anywhere from 3-5 sections for this style. If you have thick hair or want tighter curls, use more sections. If you have thinner hair or want looser curls, use fewer sections.

bandana curl progress

You’re going to take a bandana, bunch it up into one long piece, and then fold it in half (like a “U”). With the folded part at the top, drape it over the first section of hair and begin weaving the hair in and out around each side of the bandana, like a figure 8. Continue all the way down until you reach the bottom. Secure hair to the bandana with a ponytail holder. Repeat with the remaining sections. 

bandana curl back

In the morning, remove the bandanas and comb through with your fingers. Once you have your desired look, use hairspray to set the style. 

Not only do these no-heat techniques save you precious time in the morning, but they also save your hair from the inevitable damage caused by using curling irons and hot rollers. Since they supplies are inexpensive, you’ll save money too! Do you love these methods as much as we do?  

If you’re wondering if any of these styles will work for you, check out this post on best styles for your face shape.

Photo credits: CeceLynn Design, Lauren Hardy, Dreams To Do, Jessica Anne

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    I will definitely be trying some of these no heat methods. Trying to avoid heat styling as it damages my hair !!
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