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If you didn’t have to ask yourself, “What am I going to wear?”, how much time would it save you – allowing you more time to savor your spouses’ glances rather than the glares of, “We’re going to be late… again”. Welcome to your wardrobe’s savior – Melody Lane; where fashion meets everyday real life. Discover fashion that meets all the needs and all the seasons of your life. From being a singleton woman straight through to motherhood, Melody Lane has you covered… literally. This fall, adorn yourself in autumn colors – dressing you casually or formally from head to toe. 

Every Melody Lane piece is uniquely named for its purpose and recognition. Whether you need something for a casual evening out, something worthwhile to lounge around in, or run some errands, take a stroll through Melody Lane this autumn and treat yourself to stylish, yet comfortable clothes that match your favorite style. Here are a few of our favorite “girls” to consider. Pair up and match them to your unique style and personality.

Meet Brandy:

Talk about everyday, easy wear. For those days you just want to throw on a loose shirt, pull on and up some dark leggings and stroll on out of the house in a pair of boots for a quick grocery shopping trip, Brandy is your go-to girl. It’s long enough to be casual and comfortable, covering the lovely lower half of you, and functional enough to hold your keys and a small wallet in the convenient side pockets. Don’t think you can only use Brandy for a quick outing though. 

Can you already picture where you’ll be lounging in this one? Ultra comfort for everyday wear, at home or while out and about going along with life. Visit which sizes Brandy comes in. 

Meet Callie:

Whether at work or play, drape yourself in the soft, but intentional, Callie. The 3/4 length sleeves make this the perfect accompaniment over a fall tank. In a beautiful forest-green plaid style, stay comfortable and warm with this sweatshirt-like material. And plus, what woman doesn’t love comfort with the potential bad-ass look of a hoodie?

It’s the perfect solution when you shop in the colder sections of the grocery store or during a crisp-cool night sitting by the bonfire. You can be casual, direct, comfortable, warm and on your way with everyday fall activities. Be sure to zip up or down as needed, letting out the heat or keeping out the cold. Grab Callie today.

Meet Chelsea:

Feeling a bit sassy? Say hellooo, Chelsea! She’s the subtle show-off who has something to say, but says it with all body language taste and class. She’s not only easy going, but again, she’s the type who loves comfort with a bit of attitude. Show off your best of the best jewelry paired with this girl; turning your casual day into happy hour in no time at all. 

Enjoy the freedom in this soft and flowing piece – easy to wear, easy to strut, and easy to flaunt. Put your ‘tude in play. 

Meet Cynthia:

Cynthia is the pretty girl. She seems to have all the right moves, knows what to say and when to say it, and just happens to know how to make everything she wears look stunning. If you are looking for your inner Cynthia – look no further… let this pattern express who you are this fall. Be sure to take note of the full length, button down front – personalizing your unique style; paired with leggings, your favorite pair of boots – or both! 

Don’t forget to cinch as much or as little as you decide to flaunt your curves. However you decide to wear this versatile shirt dress, make it your own; own the style, and the accessories that make Cynthia – you.

Meet Sherri:

When you have a statement to make – flowing through your world with class, style, and in comfort – be sure Sherri has your back! She’s the perfect statement maker for the woman who wants more than just a cardigan during her days (and nights) out. 

Pattern yourself in this autumn, kimono style cardigan. Sherri will be easy and fun to accessorize with – from dangling earrings to the belly-button length necklaces; your choices are endless. Make your statement with Sherri.

Meet Teresa:

The legging. There really isn’t an autumn season without the legging. Sassy, in control, owning her curves and in a color that virtually goes with everything – meet Teresa. With an elastic waistband and real back pockets (say wha??), she’s your new go-to style when you need that comfortable pair of leggings that aren’t black. This is the legging that provides more of a pant-like look and feel, but with the flexibility of leggings. 

Simply pair Teresa with your favorite boot, heels, platforms or even flats and off you go. Whether you decide to lounge at home or take a weekend wine date with your girlfriends, Teresa won’t disappoint. Choose your best fit now.

Now that you are trying to debate between your favorite, be sure to use promo code: 5OFF for $5 off an order. How easy is that? Now go, get your girl(s) and design your autumn wardrobe.

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