It wrinkles, it’s soft, it’s smooth, it’s elastic, and you’ll never leave home without it; it’s your skin. There’s one thing that will never change and it’s the skin you’re in. Well, let’s back up a moment. Yes, your skin can change. It can change with invasive surgery, medical or cosmetic treatments, or laser therapies. Not only is that potentially damaging, it’s expensive. When you simply want to make some subtle changes that have a huge impact on your self-confidence, it doesn’t have to be going under the knife or taking out a small loan. For clinically tested, safe, and effective skin care treatment, we’re looking to Dermaclara.

Life happens and skin changes. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t want your skin to be youthful and healthy looking – especially after having children. The summer months are no exception when the “thing to do” is showing a little skin. However, if you aren’t in love with how your skin looks, the summer can be the most awkward and unfavorable months. But not anymore. Dermaclara provides a natural and effective solution.

We understand you wouldn’t trade your sweet babies in for anything; however, they may have left a mark or two (and that’s putting it lightly) you’d rather not see. Perhaps you have experienced significant weight loss (or gain, that’s okay too) and now you want to repair some of the skin damage. You may have tried creams, butters, oils, and countless other modalities promising you your long awaited dreams to be stretch mark and wrinkle free, but to no avail. With clinical proof, testing, and natural infusions, you may have just found your solution to healing your skin for good.

Dermaclara’s Advanced Silicone Fusion Treatment is a painless and proven way to effectively treat stretch marks from weight gain, pregnancy, or skin rapidly expanding (growth spurts). A discrete skin care system that works on the body in the privacy of your own home; no fumbling around with appointments, consultations, surgery, injections, or chemicals.

What it is

It’s a three part system that uses Silicon Fusion Technology. First, you’ll start with Clarafuse, which creates the closed (but breathable) micro climate that stimulates natural collagen production and moisture regulation. Yes, that means less visibility of the skin damage. All the while, it’s naturally and gently lifting, pulling, and smoothing the skin. 

Summer skin, all-the-time skin, it’s your skin; treat it with a natural solution, an easy system, to get a more confident YOU in your summertime and all-the-time skin. All of this skin in three simple and oh so wonderfully easy steps.

  1. Claraprep – Prepares the skin for treatment with a hydrating cream cleanser (yes, it smells lovely!) that naturally preserves the skin’s beneficial oils.
  2. Clarafuse – Complete with love for your skin, the heart shape provides versatility for different treatment sites. Each Silicon Fusion Treatment can be worn for nine hours AND used 30 times.
  3. Claraline & Claratone – Seal the deal by enhancing your Silicon Fusion Treatment with this peptide serum and micro-pulse serum applicator – we’re talking accelerating results!

Whether you have a spider web across your belly/hips from the blessings in your life or significant weight loss to celebrate, you deserve to love the skin you’re in.

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Sometimes you really do want to wear comfortable “skin showing” clothing that makes you feel good to be out in the sun and having some fun. And that’s perfectly okay, we want that too. 

Whether it’s in the comfort of your home or the beach body tan you’re working on – naturally, effectively, and safely heal and love the skin you’re in with Dermaclara.

About Dermaclara

Dermaclara was founded in 2014 in San Diego, California where they started researching scar reduction technology and developed a revolutionary product for lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Since stretch marks are not sufficiently addressed in the beauty industry, Dermaclara disrupts the industry with patented Silicone Fusion Treatment to treat stretch marks without injections, laser treatments, chemicals, or surgery with much success in the market.

The Ultimate Skin Care Guide is your next step to completing your journey to healthy and glowing skin all year long.

Photo credits: AndiL., dermaclara


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