Busy Mom Beauty Basics: BB Cream and Mascara

When you become a mother, the statement that “there is never enough time in the day” takes on a whole new meaning. Quickly, your time is no longer your own and you learn to adapt and adjust to a new routine. This new routine probably means that the time you used to spend primping and prepping in the bathroom has been drastically reduced, if existent at all. The good news? For starters, your children love you just as much with messy hair and sans makeup. For days when you need a quick pick-me-up or mornings where you are running to the office and out of time, there is still hope! BB Creams and CC Creams have become all the rage over the last few years, and with good reason. Smooth some of that on your face and make your eyes pop with a few classic swipes of mascara and you will be ready to tackle the day! Today we are bringing you some of our favorite creams and mascaras to help you narrow down the hunt for the perfect multi-tasking products. In our search we were specifically looking for products that are truly good for your skin and free of many harmful ingredients in order to showcase only the best!


If you are a makeup aficionado then we are sure you know all about BB Creams. However, if makeup seems like a foreign language to you, allow us to give you the low down on this amazing multi-tasking must have. BB Creams were originally introduced into the Asian marketplace but have clearly made themselves a staple on beauty shelves in the US. Short for blemish balms or beauty balms, these little things can pack quite the punch. It’s a skin care/makeup hybrid that does the job of many products. Oftentimes, a BB Cream acts as a primer, sunscreen, skin treatment, concealer, and foundation all-in-one. You will find that many of these creams contain ingredients that you would normally find in your creams and lotions. Things like anti aging components and sunscreens all become packaged into one cream. Here at Daily Mom, we are loving these BB Creams. We haven’t ditched our lotions and foundations just yet, because you never know when you will need a little extra moisture or a little more coverage for a special event!

CC Creams are similar to BB Creams. The CC initials usually stand for “color” and “correct.” These products generally provide more coverage than BB creams and their formulas are meant to cover flaws (such as redness or dark spots) as well as provide skin benefits. 

BB Creams and CC Creams are jack of all trade products that are a must have for busy moms everywhere.

Boscia B.B. cream

Boscia skin care stands firmly behind curating products without harsh ingredients, such as artificial fragrance. The Boscia B.B. cream is proudly :

  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • Color-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Ethanol Alcohol-free

With the long-wearing Boscia B.B. cream you will have a flawless look from the moment you apply until you are ready for bed. If you’re like us, you may find yourself tossing out your previous face creams and concealers because this one-step wonder truly covers all bases. 

Boscia B.B. Cream is practical for busy moms struggling to find time to get ready each day, yet cannot stand leaving the house without something on your face. Look beautiful in just seconds with Boscia B.B. cream!

Jane Iredale Glow Time

Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream is a mineral-based formula designed to nourish your complexion and help protect your skin from UV and free radical damage.  

Broad Spectrum SPF 25 and UVA P++ Protection

Like many BB creams on the market right now, “Glow Time” offers broad spectrum SPF 25 and UVA P++ protection. The SPF 25 sunscreen provides a full titanium dioxide base, which is great for sensitive skin. It is also water resistant up to 40 minutes which is nice, but this also means that the cream will be difficult to wash off quickly. It’s not an issue if you wear it all day like we tend to do.

Full Coverage

Jane Iredale Glow Time offers sheer to medium coverage that’’s build-able to full coverage. The amount of coverage really depends on youFor example, if you apply this BB cream with your fingers, you’re going to get the appearance of a full coverage foundation. This comes in handy if you’re having one of those months in which your skin just can’t catch a break, but you want to look flawless. On the other hand, if you prefer something along the lines of light to medium coverage, just use a makeup sponge.

Either way, we found that this BB cream wears nicely throughout the day (8-12 hours); and will act to diffuse the appearance of redness or dark spots while perfecting your skin as if it were airbrushed.

Semi-Matte Finish

Don’t let the name of this product scare you. Most creams that claim to offer a “glow,” have a tendency to produce a little too much shine. Luckily, Jane Iredale’s Glow Time Full Coverage BB Cream offers a natural glow with a satiny semi-matte finish. The creamy texture allows for easy application and blends beautifully into the skin with or without the use of additional moisturizer.

Available in 8 shades

For fair complexions:

If you are light complected, then you may know how hard it is to find BB creams light enough for your skin without making your face and neck look darker than the rest of your skin. Jane Iredale’s Glow Time BB cream in BB1 is the perfect shade for women with very fair complexions and blends in perfectly to look natural on milky skin tones.

For Medium Complexions: 

If you have light to medium skin tone, Jane Iredale’s Glow Time BB cream is available in several shades designed specifically for light to medium complexions. We tried BB7 and found that although it may have been created for “medium” skin tones, it seemed to lean towards the light side of medium with yellow undertones that are perfect for light to medium skin ladies with a tan during the summer months.


BB 1 | BB 3 | BB 5 | BB 6 | BB 7 | BB 11


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Lumene Time Freeze Anti-Age Color Correcting Cream

Lumene Time Freeze CC Anti-Age Color Correcting Cream offers a long-wear, air-light formula that perfectly evens out your skin tone and covers imperfections like no other BB or CC cream we’ve tried. Within minutes, you’ll find your skin to be smooth and flawless. Use as a day cream under your foundation or alone. Either way, you’re going to love this product!

Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Protection

Broad Spectrum SPF 20 coverage protects from UV rays which helps to prevent premature signs of aging.

6-in-1 Properties

Lumene Time Lapse CC Cream represents the latest technology in this unique 6-in-1 foundation, made with wild arctic lingonberry. It’s one product with several features that is perfect for a woman who likes a quick and easy approach to makeup. 

  • Foundation designed to neutralize the color of red areas
  • Concealer
  • Primer
  • Illuminator
  • Long-Lasting
  • SPF 20

Semi-Matte Finish

The consistency of this formula is thin (almost watery) going on with medium coverage that is build-able to a full coverage. We found that once you apply to your face, you have little time to work the product into your skin before it sets to a comfortable dry. This comes in handy if you’re in a hurry, but you can also trust that your makeup will stay on all day long.

We also found that the time lapse formula spreads evenly, following all the contours of your skin and smoothing out uneven skin color and redness. Considering that our skin is far from perfect, we were quite pleased with its concealing properties. The end result is a semi-matte, flawless look to give you the appearance of an even-skin tone without being weighed down. This formula will make you will feel fresh and light. 

Available in 2 shades: Light and Medium

If you have a light or fair complexion (or just lighten up in the winter months), then you may be wondering how a product with only two shades could possibly work for you.

We found that the light shade blended really well with our skin to almost perfectly match our natural skin tone. Not only did it hide any imperfections in our skin, but it felt as if it took years off our face. 

This really is a great product and one that could easily be compared to much more expensive products for a fraction of the price.

Amarte Natural Finish™ BB Cream

Amarte, the leader in luxury skin care, has a BB Cream that will take care of three steps in one process. Amarte Natural Finish™ BB Cream provides moisture, coverage and Broad Spectrum SPF 36 sun protection. The cream is sheer and finely pigmented to provide natural coverage and leave your skin glowing. What is even better is that this special cream is designed to resist caking and flaking. Young and old alike all have said that their skin positively glows. So, it is great for all skin types and even aestheticians claim that this is the best they have used. Those who have dry skin in the winter say that the Amarte Natural Finish™ BB Cream prevents that from happening and a little goes a long way to hydrate and protect your skin all day long.

No Makeup | Light Tint | Medium Tint

If you have fair or sensitive skin the Amarte Natural Finish BB Cream in the Natural Tint is just right. All you need is a little bit of blush on your cheeks and you are set for the day. If you have been hiding all winter and your skin is a bit more pale, then the Light Tint Amarte Natural Finish™ BB Cream would be lovely on your skin. This is a professional grade BB Cream, so you don’’t need a whole lot for coverage. Just a little bit goes on smooth, evens out skin tone and protects from the sun.


Once you have found the perfect cream to even out your complexion, protect you from the sun, and make your skin look radiant, you can top off the look with a touch of mascara. Mascara is a makeup bag must-have for busy women. It helps make your eyes pop, hides those hours of sleep your children didn’t let you get last night and just brightens up your whole face. So many great things for such a little makeup item. Today, we are bringing you two of our top picks.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Benefit They’re Real Mascara’s specially designed wand provides definition for lashes you didn’t even know you had, and the long-wearing formula curls and volumizes for all-day lifted lashes. This mascara formula lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts and separates. It is long wearing so it won’t smudge or dry out. The brush is actually specially designed to help reveal lashes you never even knew were there.

  • 94% saw dramatic length & volume*
  • 90% saw base-to-tip curl*
  • 94% saw visible lift*
  • 100% saw long-wearing results*

*Results observed in a consumer panel survey

In the photo above, the eye to the left is with your standard drugstore mascara, and to the right is with Benefit They’re Real Mascara.

 Jane Iredale PureLash Lengthening Mascara

If you have sensitive eyes or skin, then you’ve probably been avoiding mascara for a while, but Jane Iredale’s PureLash Lengthening Mascara gives you a reason to add a little mascara back into your beauty routine.

This mascara has a milk and conditioning formula with no lacquers, shellac or petroleum-based products. And, not only is it water resistant, it also contains algae extracts which condition and protect lashes to reduce splitting and breakage.  

Designed to make lashes look longer naturally and formulated with a proprietary blend of Seaweed Lipids and Wheat Protein to condition and curl lashes, and triple-length cellulose fibers to add extra length and thickness, we really love this mascara for a look that makes us feel naturally beautiful. 

All Moms are beautiful in their own ways, with or without makeup. It is nice to know, however, that just a few minutes in the bathroom and two simple products can send us out the door and on our way feeling just a bit more ready to tackle the day!

Be sure to check out our SHINE Category to stay up to date on all makeup essentials and fashion news for Moms!

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