Clean Up Your Skin Routine

Clean Up Your Skin Routine

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, absorbing up to 5 lbs of makeup each year! Yes, you read that correctly! Everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream directly–bypassing the kidneys, your bodies built in defense system for the harmful chemicals that may enter via our food. This is all the more reason that some skin care experts are recommending that we start paying more attention to our skin care routine. From your soap and exfoliants, to your lipstick and eyeliner, it’s time to lend a more critical eye to what goes on your skin and into your body. This article will focus on your basic skincare products–from soaps and toners to your anti-aging lotions, creams, and serums.

Take It All Off

If you want really clean skin, you might be surprised with how simply this can be achieved. Even if you’re taking off heavy eye makeup and foundation, you can get squeaky clean skin with just some coconut oil and castile soap. Some women swear by the oil cleansing method (OCM) alone, but we like to add in castile soap for good measure to really break down the gunk and grime and get even your waterproof mascara off quickly and easily. To get super clean skin, follow our basic steps:

  1. Take 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, lightly rub between your palms to soften, and apply all over your face. Yes, you can even use around your eyes–just make sure to close them!
  2. Once you’ve thoroughly rubbed the coconut oil on your face, you should see that most of your makeup has loosened. Take 1 tablespoon size of castile soap and lather on your face. 
  3. For good measure, you can use an exfoliation brush a few days a week to spread the soap in a circular motion on your face. On alternate days, use a damp wash cloth, also a good (though gentler) exfoliation tool, and use to help take off the makeup, soap, and oil.
  4. Rinse your face well with warm water. Your skin should be remarkably clean and with very few (and inexpensive) products!
As far as products for your cleansing method, we use an exfoliation brush that can be easily purchased online or at retailers like Trader Joe’s. Our favorite castile soap is exfoliation brush and exfoliation brush. We also use a simple facial exfoliation brush like this one from exfoliation brush, though there are a lot of other popular electronic facial brushes on the market that will also work well.

Keep Your Toner and Moisturizer Simple

Many women are reluctant to use a simple facial oil as a moisturizer. In fact–it does sound counter intuitive. Oil for the face?! Yes, there are many great oils that work wonders for your skin and can be chosen based on your individual skin type. They help lock moisture in and even give your skin a healthy glow that truly is not oily. Argan oil is a popular choice, though it can be pricey to find one that is 100% argan. There are lots of great, effective products with simple ingredients that also won’t break the bank. Some of our favorite products come from Colorado Aromatics and Seabuck Wonders because the ingredient list is simple, but their products use some of the best that nature has to offer in keeping your skin clear, supple, and radiant.

Product Recommendation

Our current favorites from Colorado Aromatics include the Rose Hydrosol, a toner that can be used after cleansing to set your make-up and any time that your skin needs some extra moisture (after a plane ride or mid-afternoon hike). Their Springtide Gold Moisturizer is a great follow-up to the toner. It contains power peptides that aid in collagen synthesis, it’s rich in Vitamin C, and contains oils that help to soften and protect the skin from the elements. Don’t think, however, that good skin care is limited to your face. Applying a body oil immediately post shower is a great way to lock in moisture and keep your skin glowing. The Rosemary and Clover infused body/massage oil is formulated to boost circulation, keeping your skin healthy, fresh, and moist. 


If you want to venture out from the more common facial oil recommendations, consider Sea Buckthorn products from Seabuck Wonders. This super fruit is packed with the ENTIRE Omega family (3, 6, 9, and rare 7), antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. Sea Buckthorn oil can be used both internally and externally for extraordinary benefits. We like to mix it with another carrier oil, such as organic, sunflower, rose hip, or jojoba oil and apply just a few drops to the face following cleansing and toning. 

If you’re still not so sure about using an oil on your face, but have warmed up to the popularity of facial serums, you might try the Sea Buckthorn Serum. It contains all the benefits of sea buckthorn, but is more readily absorbed into the skin and should be used in addition to a more traditional moisturizer.

And since we don’t want to forget about the rest of your skin, you’ll definitely want to use the powers of sea buckthorn to help nourish and replenish your body! The body lotion from Seabuck Wonders won Delicious Living’s 2013 Beauty and Body Award and it is worthy of replacing your current drugstore brand lotion due to the healthy list of ingredients and lack of nasties like parabens.


Age Gracefully, Slowly, and Cleanly 

Lots of women include anti-aging specific creams and serums in their routine. Don’t be counter-productive in trying to stop the effects of time and stress on your face by using products with harsh chemicals that could actually worsen your skin in the long term. When choosing any product for your skin, you want to make sure that the ingredients are good for you now and in the future. For example, this may mean skipping out on common ingredients like mineral oil, alcohols (methyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, etc.), phthalates, and propylene glycol. To check your list of ingredients for potential harm, we recommend using the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. A prudent approach would be to make sure that anything you put on your skin is rated at a 3 or below (out of 10), though you may make an exception for the rare 4–as some common and sometime necessary cosmetic preservatives (meaning you can leave your lotions and creams in your bathroom cabinet rather than in your refrigerator) are rated a 4. All of the product recommendations in this article are rated at a 3 or below–with the occasional 4 being the result of including Phenoxyethanol, a commonly used preservative. 

Product Recommendation

One anti-aging line that we are proud to recommend is M-61, a skincare line from Bluemercury. Bluemercury has provided spa based treatments for 13 years before branching out to launch their exclusive home skin care line. The result of this is a phenomenal line that is not just clean but very effective. Their products contain no phthalates, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, or dyes, and are never tested on animals. You can shop our favorites from their line below–though definitely check out their website for more products that might meet your individual skincare needs. 


What are your favorite skin care products? Are there products in your current line-up that might need to be swapped out with a cleaner alternative? Although make-up wasn’t covered in this particular article–that is the next clear step in making sure your skin (and the rest of your body–inside and out) is healthy! We often think about what we put in our bodies, while the things we put on our bodies is more easily brushed aside. Consider adopting the 80/20 rule for BOTH your skin and your food–keep 80% of what you eat and apply to your body clean and allow 20% for the occasional treat, be it lipstick or a cookie.

For more natural skincare ideas, check out 5 Beauty Products You Can Make in the Kitchen.

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