Everyday Nursing Styles with NOM by Belly Dance Maternity

Discovering comfortable clothing you can seamlessly transition from pregnancy to nursing can be time consuming and daunting. Luckily, we have come across a beautiful line of clothing with exactly that in mind, NOM by Belly Dance Maternity. NOM offers some of the most attractive everyday nursing apparel for mothers. Who says everyday attire for breastfeeding moms can’t be beautiful?

NOM was founded by mompreneur, Jennifer Strom Simonte, and is the house brand of Belly Dance Maternity, specializing in chic designer clothing for moms and moms-to-be. NOM is distributed in various online boutiques and has two store locations in New York and Chicago. This celeb-endorsed line will keep you fashionably current on maternity and nursing styles year-round.

Each tastefully designed item of clothing is specifically made to adapt to different body shapes. You will look and feel amazing in this attire whether you are 7 months pregnant or 7 months postpartum.

NOM has designed essential everyday shirts and dresses that will compliment a nursing mother’s wardrobe without a total revamp. You can easily add a light sweater or a warm coat to all the clothing items while maintaining easy access for breastfeeding.

The quality of the fabric is unbelievable – soft for sensitive bellies with the perfect amount of stretch. The signature straight-snap nursing tops and dresses as well as the modest plunging V-neck design make on-the-go breastfeeding a breeze. With ruching sides and spandex-like stretch you will not be shy rocking this chic line with your postpartum curves.

NOM’s maternity and nursing collection is stunning whether you decide to wear it to a casual play date or pair it with dainty heels for a long overdue dinner date. And if that doesn’t have you drooling over this line, all NOM clothing is proudly made in the USA.

We are in love with the gorgeous fit of the NOM dresses like the plum Maternity/Nursing SS Snap dress. In addition to the adaptive fit there are several other features that keep us coming back for more. The dual pieces of fabric that cover the bust are a luxury feature that allow your nurslings to eat while not exposing the entire breast. Say goodbye to pulling down straps or lifting up shirts, for once and all!

Let’s not forget the importance of getting good use out of maternity clothes. Many of us invest in maternity clothes while we are pregnant, then invest in a whole new nursing-friendly wardrobe when the baby comes. NOM’s transitional clothing design eliminates the need for two separate wardrobes.

Breastfeeding your child is a truly wonderful gift only a mother can experience. We mothers strive to be comfortable and fashionable, why not do it in style with NOM?

To discover more great brands of nursing clothes, check out Fashionable Clothing for Nursing Moms.

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