Fashionable & Functional Nursing Tops by Milkstars

Fashionable and Functional Nursing Tops By Milkstar Attention Nursing Moms: Forget about unfashionable nursing tops that are uncomfortable and don’t fit right! Milkstars is an amazing line of clothing that is here to help.

About Milkstars:

With Milkstars clothing there are no frumpy frocks in sight! This line was developed by a nursing mom who hated the thought of getting dressed after her baby was born. Finding herself with no stylish options she took it upon herself to design a line of cute and trendy clothing that is comfortable and easy to nurse or pump in. Milkstars was born, offering mothers everywhere options for lounging at home, nursing on the go, or pumping at work. This collection offers you fashionable options with soft, exquisite to the touch fabric and comfortable fit. Whether you are on the go, dressed to impress or pumping at work you can stay comfortable and in style with this brand’s wonderful addition to the world of nursing apparel. We promise you that Breastfeeding has truly “Never looked this good”. Milkstars offers draped tops, scoop necks, v-necks, loose fits and tighter fits. There is truly something for every style. Many of their pieces are also perfect for maternity. They will take you right from maternity to nursing and then back to maternity again, if you need it to. Pieces this versatile and fashionable lend themselves to so many styling possibilities!


Here at Daily Mom, we are huge breastfeeding advocates. However, that does’t mean you want to share all of the intimate details of your nursing sessions with those around you. In a Milkstars shirt nobody will have to know that you are nursing. The tops have three cozy layers of fabric. Simply lift the top layer, access the cutouts and pull them over to begin nursing. While breastfeeding, both your back and your stomach are completely covered. When your nursing session is over, simply drop the top layer back down and you are back to your stylish tee! Gone are the days of nursing tops in only a few select colors. All of these tops come in up to twelve beautiful colors! There is a color for everyone and every outfit. Whether you are a go-to black, white and gray type of gal, or someone who appreciates a pop of color, there’s a vibrant color for you!

Fall is right around the corner and that means shorter days with crisp air! Milkstars offers long sleeves and 3/4 length sleeves to to keep warm and fashionable. These closet essentials will look amazing paired with leggings and riding boots and will carry you long past nursing. They offer you pieces so classic they will never go out of style.

Are you falling in love with Milkstars amazing line of nursing apparel? Their collection extends beyond these awesome tops! Sleep and nurse in fashionable comfort with The Brooke Nightgown or The Erin PJ Set. Need something extra special for work or an event? Need a dress that is pumping and nursing friendly?  The Randa is as luxurious and stylish as the tops.

Milkstars offers Nursing Moms both the glam and the comfort they are looking for. With ease of nursing, endless styling possibilities and luxurious feel they are sure to become a staple in your closet. You will want to wear them long past your days of nursing, guaranteed!


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