How To Fix Broken Makeup

You’re getting ready to put your makeup on and all of a sudden the unthinkable happens… you drop your favorite eye shadow palette. You hold your breath as you slowly open it up, praying that miraculously it’s all still intact, only to find a powdery explosion inside. Your favorite shade is shattered. Thankfully, there are ways to save even the biggest mess, and you only need one unexpected household ingredient to do so!

There could be a number of reasons why you don’t want to toss your broken makeup — maybe it’s your favorite palette or compact, maybe it was expensive, or it’s the only one you have, it was limited edition, or maybe it’s even a sentimental present. Whatever your reason may be, we have the secret to fix it. It’s quick, easier than you expected, and you only need one household ingredient to do it: rubbing alcohol!

Rubbing alcohol is also known as isopropyl alcohol — it’s affordable and you can find it at any drugstore. You’re going to want to use a higher concentrated alcohol so use at least 70%, but 91% is best. Rubbing alcohol is used by many professional makeup artists to disinfect makeup between models, so you know it’s safe to use on your products as well as your face.

Isopropyl alcohol can help you fix blushes, eye shadows, highlights, and bronzer, leaving it like new again. The alcohol will be absorbed into the product without breaking it down, drying it out, affecting how it’s applied, or giving it the smell of alcohol. It may change the color slightly, giving shimmery, metallic, or foiled colors even more shine, or making pigments a bit more rich, but it will go on the same. And, it evaporates, so it’s safe for your makeup and more importantly, your skin. What you’re essentially going to do is restructure the broken powder so that it is all one again. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Gather your powder.

If your powder broke, it’s probably all over the inside of your palette or compact. Do your best to swipe as much as you can back into the pan with your finger as well as replacing any bigger pieces that may have broken off. If it’s a single blush or highlighter, it should be pretty easy to do. If it’s in an eyeshadow palette it might be trickier since there are other shades; don’t worry too much if it did get in your other colors, we can fix it later. Just get what you can back into the pan.

2. Add alcohol.

Add the rubbing alcohol into your powder until it becomes like mud. How much you should add is going to depend on how big your product is. If you’re repairing a blush, that will require more alcohol than a small eyeshadow. You can add your alcohol with an eye dropper or a pipette; if you don’t have either of those, pour some into the cap and slowly add it to your powder.

3. Mix Together.

Combine the alcohol and powder by stirring it with a toothpick or your finger. This is the process that is going to bring everything together, so make sure everything is nice and mixed. If you have any larger chunks of powder you can either crush them up at this point or just make sure that they are going to blend with the rest of your mixture.

4. Reshape your powder.

Once everything is combined it’s time to reshape your powder and smooth down the top. Use the back of a spoon or your finger to apply pressure and compact it together. Feel free to use plastic wrap to keep your fingers clean if you are using a bright or dark eyeshadow. Keep in mind that however you shape it is how it’s going to dry down, so be sure you have an even, smooth top.

5. Let it dry overnight.

It takes about 24 hours for the alcohol to fully evaporate, so put it in a place where it won’t get touched during this time. Be sure to leave the compact or palette open so it can get proper ventilation and help with the drying process. When it’s cured, it should be good as new!

If you look on the bright side, you’ll be disinfecting your powder while you repair and reshape your makeup. 

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Photo credits: Kristen Love

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