How to Look Great in Photos

If you read our post on How to Pose for Great Photos, you know the fundamentals of how to move your body, how to shape your body and how to pose well for awesome photos. We wanted to give you a little bit more than that. Like we mentioned before, there are many factors that can make or break a photo. Read on to find out how to look great in all your photos!


What you should do:

  • Be Natural: Remember, having natural facial expressions is just as important, if not more important, than having a natural pose.
  • Show your smile: Your smile NEEDS to be genuine. It’s super easy to spot a fake smile, and we all know how awful fake smiles can look.
  • Check out your angles: Its common for a person to have one side of their face that they like better than the other, so get to a mirror and and get to know your face.
  • Use facial expressions: If practice makes perfect, why not take some selfies? Try a variety of different emotions. Try happy, serious, angry, and pleasant facial expressions. This will help you become familiar with how to work that beautiful face. You could also do this by taking self portraits of yourself.
  • Show some emotion: In every single photo you need to show some sort of emotion in the eyes. This will display whatever it is you are feeling in that moment. Have you ever heard Tyra Banks use the word “Smise”? If not, it means to smile with your eyes. You can tell a lot about how a person is feeling just by looking into their eyes.

  • Change your “facial pose”: Try smiling with teeth for one photo, a closed mouth smile for the next photo, and the “smise” look for another one.
  • Apply some makeup: A little goes a long way in photos. Put on some concealer where needed, mascara, blush and a beautiful gloss. This will make a world of difference in a great photo. For simple makeup tips by the Daily Mom team click Here.


What you shouldn’t do:

  • Ditch the blank face: There is nothing more boring than a picture of someone who has a blank face and no emotion coming through. If you’re happy, BE happy. If you’re excited BE excited. You can have fun with your photos! Be creative and add something entertaining to the photo.
  • Try not to blink a lot: Ok, easier said then done, so just be mindful of this. More often than not, when you take a group shot there is always one person mid-blink in each picture. Try to concentrate on being wide eyed and focus on when the camera is actually taking the picture.
  • Avoid unflattering angles: Whatever feels good is probably going to look good. If something feels super awkward or uncomfortable change it up because chances are they probably look awkward and uncomfortable.
  • Dodge the double chin: We all know the double chin far too well, don’t we? Always — and we mean always! — keep your chin up (but not too far up that it looks unnatural) and parallel to the ground. You can try the old trick of putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth to bring in the skin under your chin.

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Tips from a pro:

Now that you have what not to do in mind, lets work with them and incorporate them into your photos. Knowing is one thing but you need to apply these things to every photo taken if you want to see some great results.

Make your smile real: It HAS to look real. While you are having your picture taken, I want you to think of something so funny that you wont have any other choice but to actually smile. If you can’t think of anything in that moment, I want you to think about how ridiculous you feel. We promise you do not actually look ridiculous, but this will definitely bring a smile to your face. You need to mean it, or it is going to come across as fake.

Smiling with your pearly whites makes for a more genuine feeling. We know, most people don’t like their teeth. For more confidence try the Crest 3D Whitestrips.

Tilt and angle your face: For photos, it is better to have your face on a bit of an angle as opposed to straight on to the camera. Try tilting your head slightly up or slightly down, or try titling it side to side. Use the sun or light to your advantage. Dont turn away from it, rather turn toward it.

Use your eyes: When you look into a lens picture after picture it can get a little boring and stale. To keep the mood alive, look off into the distance, or just above or below the camera. This will probably make you feel less awkward too, and look more natural. You don’t have to be looking directly into the camera for a great photo.

We are positive that if you use these tools next time you have your photo taken, you are going to be ecstatic with the results. Remember, you may not get it on the first shot, or even the 20th shot but practice makes perfect, just like anything else.

Be sure to refer back to our post on How to Guide: Posing for Great photos.

Photo Credits: 1-4 Lauren Hardy, 5 Lyndon Jude


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