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How to Wear: Statement Necklaces


Many women in department stores select a gorgeous statement necklace only to return the jewelry to the display with a sigh. This sigh is indicative of a woman who does not believe that she can pull off such a bold accessory. If only every woman knew that she CAN look great wearing a statement necklace! Try these 5 ways of pairing a statement necklace, so you won’t have to return it to the display with a sigh after all.

    • Combine a bold (think neon) statement necklace with a buttoned up chambray or white oxford shirt. The classic shirt gets an update with a funky accessory.
    • Pair a trendy peter pan collar necklace with a striped cotton tee or light sweater for an unexpected twist.How to Wear: Statement Necklaces
    • A multi-colored gem statement necklace, like the Vintage Geometric Necklace from Bib pairs best with white tees, LBDs and even strapless maxi dresses. The idea is to keep your outfit neutral so that all of the focus can be on your statement accessory.
    • If you prefer your accessories neutral, but you incorporate bright colors and prints in your clothes, then you should pair a subtle, solid bib necklace like Anthropologie’s Fairburn necklace with floral or bright prints for contrast.
    • Match your necklace to the top you are wearing. Wearing a monochromatic pairing on top, with a bright skirt or pant below will give your look a polished feel.How to Wear: Statement Necklaces

Keep other jewelry to a minimum. Avoid over-sized or dangling earrings – pair these necklaces with simple studs!

Wearing hair in a top knot bun or ponytail draws the attention to your necklace and truly makes it a statement piece.

Avoid frills and embellishments near your neckline – these, like dangling earrings, distract from your necklace.

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Kayla lives in Atlanta and is currently pregnant with her first baby, a girl. Kayla is a shoe hoarder and fashion addict. She can be found scouring Pinterest boards, fashion magazines and online boutiques in her spare time.

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