Introducing Melody Lane: Fashion Meets Life

If you’ve spent any time here at Daily Mom, then you know we love fashion and are passionate about introducing you to the most unique and stylish brands and apparel out there. Whether it’s for your children, your man, or for you, good quality clothing that stands apart from the crowd can be hard to find. We pride ourselves on being the middle man between diamonds in the rough brands and your closets.

That is why we are excited to announce that some of Daily Mom’s very own girls are opening an online women’s clothing boutique. . .

Melody Lane

Melody Lane is not your average boutique; they bring a unique approach to shopping for the everyday woman. Instead of shopping by clothing type, they break down their apparel by life stages.

Melody Lane was conceived with the idea of bringing pregnant and nursing women fashionable clothing that they could wear beyond pregnancy and breastfeeding; clothing that was adaptable to a pregnant or nursing woman’s current needs, but that she could wear long after her baby was born and weaned. They then decided that they didn’t want to limit themselves to two categories of clothing when women experience a wide range of life stages and deserve beautiful clothing for whatever needs they may have.

Melody Lane is a fashion collection hand curated to meet a woman’s needs during every stage of her life. Their mission is to carry versatile clothing that energizes the modern woman for work, school, vacation, before, during and after pregnancy, through nursing and well beyond.

Just pick the event in your life, and choose from a selection of beautifully designed, high-quality clothing options that fit your life stage perfectly, all with a reasonable price tag. They take the guesswork out of looking good! Whether you need an outfit for school, work, pregnancy, breastfeeding, fitness, vacation, or a party it’s all there and it’s all hand selected specifically for those life events and stages most women go through. So no more searching for what you want. They chose the best for you.

Because we love our Daily Mom readers and value your opinions, Melody Lane wants your input on what styles speak to you.

Follow our Instagram account @melodylaneshop and vote on your favorite holiday dresses right now!

Also, be sure to stop by Melody Lane and enter their Launch Contest for a chance to win a $500 shopping spree and receive up to 25% off your first purchase when they officially launch in the spring.

We believe that every woman should go through her life clothed with confidence and grace, and Melody Lane wants to help women embrace those qualities through the apparel they wear.

Fashion on the mind? Stop by SHINE:FASHION for everything you need to know to look and feel your best!

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