Melody Lane – Spring Fashion For Every Stage of Womanhood

As women, we go through many different stages in our lives, so it only makes sense that there be clothing options that are not only comfortable and fitting to each stage, but beautiful and stylish as well. Every woman deserves to feel comfortable and gorgeous, whether she’s pregnant, breastfeeding, working outside of the home in a business environment or an avid traveler. No matter what stage you’re at in life, Melody Lane has you covered, with hand curated pieces that will work perfectly for you. And they just launched their spring line, which is sure not to disappoint!

Melody Lane’s Mantra

Melody Lane is a fashion collection, hand curated to meet a woman’s needs during every stage of her life. Their mission is to carry versatile clothing that energizes the modern woman for work, school, vacation, before, during and after pregnancy, through nursing and well beyond.

Melody Lane was conceived with the idea of bringing pregnant and nursing women fashionable clothing that they could wear beyond pregnancy and breastfeeding; clothing that was adaptable to a pregnant or nursing woman’s current needs, but that she could wear long after her baby was born and weaned. Co-founders, Daily Mom’s own Elena and Dani, then decided that they didn’t want to limit their brand to two categories of clothing when women experience a wide range of “life stages” and deserve beautiful clothing for whatever needs they may have.

Lauren Life Stages:

Everyday, School, Work, Maternity, Vacation

Just pick the event in your life, and choose from a selection of beautifully designed, high-quality clothing options that fit your life stage perfectly, all with a reasonable price tag. Melody Lane takes the guesswork out of looking good! Whether you need an outfit for school, work, pregnancy, breastfeeding, fitness, vacation, or a party, it’s all there and it’s all hand selected specifically for those life events and stages most women go through. So no more searching for what you want.

They choose the best for you.

The best part about the spring line at Melody Lane is that most of the styles fit into more than one category. The versatility of each piece can carry you through different stages of your life!


Galina Life Stages:

Everyday, Maternity, Vacation

We love the bright coral shade and simplicity of the Galina sundress. This airy dress has an understated frill trim and a delicate gold midway zipper in the back. Wear it to Sunday brunch, the beach or to lounge around the house. The Galina can be dressed up or down to fit a variety of events all spring and summer long.


Katherine Life Stages:

Everyday, School, Work, Maternity, Nursing

The versatility of the Katherine sleeveless duster cardigan cannot be denied. This gorgeous patterned duster is trimmed with delicate lace and a length perfect for any body type. The Katherine can be worn with leggings, jeans and dresses. It’s perfect for every stage of pregnancy and makes a great nursing cover .


Kerah Life Stages:

Everyday, School, Work, Maternity, Vacation

We cannot get enough of the gorgeous Kerah maxi dress! Its classic design and timeless blue and white striped pattern make it perfect for just about any event, whether it be a summer BBQ, a day on the marina or your child’s playdate at the park. This maxi is superbly comfortable, and its stretchy material makes it perfect for growing bellies and beyond.

But what we love the most about Kerah is her twist on the classic racerback. This dress is the true epitome of style meets comfort.


Kristen Life Stages:

Everyday, School, Work, Maternity

Leggings are all the rage, and these Kristen leggings will make the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Loose fitting and thin, they are perfect for warmer weather. Their fun, geometric shape in bright, feminine colors make them stand out from the rest, but not in an “in your face” kind of way. 


Stephanie Life Stages:

Everyday, School, Maternity, Vacation

These Stephanie shorts are classic with a sophisticated undertone. Their eclectic tribal print in soft tweed material is reminiscent of vintage Turkish rugs and tapestries. The side zipper gives them easy access and lets them lay flat and smooth in the front, unlike typical shorts. They boast a pop of color in the pockets, making them perfect for spring and summer!

We love how Melody Lane takes the stress and guesswork out of online shopping. Shopping through life stages instead of types of clothing makes it easy and fun to find gorgeous clothing that’s perfectly suited for every stage of womanhood. Remember, these are just a few of our favorite picks from their spring line. To see everything they have to offer, be sure to visit their site!

We love finding you the best of the best when it comes to fashion! Discover more of our favorite brands and styles in our FASHION category!

Photo Credits: Melody Lane

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