Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Beauty Edition

Mothers Day Guide Beauty Edition 2

Mother’s are beautiful from the inside out. They devote themselves to their children and their families, tirelessly, and they love (almost) every second of it. Like most women, that doesn’t mean they aren’t addicted to beauty products. Whether it be a new fragrance, makeup, lotion or hair products, we are sure there it something that she loves. From a delectable new bottle of perfume to help her to smell even better, to some new makeup to help her feel ready to seize the day, we are sure you can find a gift here that will surprise and delight her.

Lorac Alter Ego Lipgloss & Tantilizer Baked Bronzer

Warm summer days and hot summer nights don’t call for a lot of makeup. Stock up on Lorac High Pigmented Lipgloss and Tantilizer Baked Bronzer and you may just have everything you need. A swipe here,a gloss there and she will be ready for whatever a busy summer with kids throws her way. These are perfect for the makeup loving Mom in your life.

Lorac offers the Tantilizer Baked Bronzer which can be used wet or dry and starts out as a cream that is then baked into a tiny terra cotta dish creating a completely refined, richly pigmented powder. This makes for a powder that will last you from sun up to sun down and give you that gorgeous summer glow! All it takes is one silky smooth application of this and she will be hooked. After giving yourself a wonderful glow, you can complete the look with Lorac Alter Ego Lipgloss. This lipgloss is highly pigmented, glossy and with a few touch ups can take you from your morning coffee through your weekly date night (kids not included!) Available in 16 colors, there is one to suit every style. This gloss has a delectable yet faint smell of vanilla and contains antioxidants such as Acai Berry, Pomegranate, Grape Seed Extract, and Vitamins C and E.

Rejuvenail by Dermelect Cosmeceuticals

Don’t the hands that stay busy caring for others, deserve some pampering this Mother’s Day? Spoil her with Rejuvenail, a Keratin Peptide enriched and vitamin (A, C & E) infused cocktail for nails. Just like mom, this formula offers strength (for nails) and tenderness (for skin and cuticles). 

Rejuvenail is perfect for all nail types, especially if mom’s nails are:

  • Hard to grow
  • Thin
  • Weak
  • Brittle
  • Chipping
  • Splitting
  • Damaged from gel/acrylic nails

This mildly scented, emollient cream is the epitome of hand and nail pampering for that special mother in your life.

Limited Edition Getaway Eye Shadow Kit by Jane Iredale Cosmetics

Take her on a country getaway with this posh vacation inspired limited-edition eye shadow palette by Jane Iredale Cosmetics. Don’t let the sexy, sleek rose gold packaging fool you, this shadow packs a punch with glowing, pigmented shades perfect for every season of the year. These natural-but-better buttery eye colors will make Mom the envy of her friends.

These five natural shades will enhance every eye color and match any woman’s coloring. This carefully curated, mineral-based color palette will be the perfect enhancement kit. 

Spring / Summer 2015 Nail Polish Collection
by Duri Cosmetics

Brighten Mom’s days and nights with this deliciously vivid collection of nail polishes! This Spring/ Summer collection includes brights and duochrome nudes for just the right look for whatever your special mother likes. Duri creates stand-out nail lacquers that don’t skimp on color and shine, while being relaxed on the wallet. Even better, these nail products are completely safe, environmentally friendly and free of DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde. 

Really spoil mom by adding the Rejuvacote Base and Miracote top coat for a glossy shelac.


Duri Cosmetics


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Fiori D’Arancio Parfum by Tsi-La Organics

Who says that a wonderful smelling perfume has to be laden with unknown chemicals and hard to describe ingredients? Tsi-La Organics certainly doesn’t. This company was founded by two holistic aromatherapists, botanical formulators, and organic advocates who wanted to bring pure and natural products to the market that benefit your overall well being. Using the world’s finest essential oils and plant botanicals they bring to the fragrance market a wonderful perfume, Fiori D’Arancio. Tsi-La’s collection of perfumes are all-natural, 100% flower and plant based and free of synthetic chemicals. Most importantly, they smell fantastic!

Fiori D’Arancio Parfum is full of wonderful notes of luscious orange blossoms, tangerines and caramelized vanilla. Tunisian neroli flowers infuse it with nourishing extracts to blend together creating a sheer yet delicate, all-natural perfume. Like all of Tsi-La’s products this perfume it animal cruelty free, vegan, free from harmful synthetics, color and preservative free and (if that wasn’t enough) certified organic. They want to make sure they are bringing a product to the market that is not only safe to smell, but smells good enough to eat!

Hair Warrior

Hair Warrior is an amazing Mother’s Day gift for busy moms everywhere, especially those who love to workout and still have healthy and beautiful hair. This revolutionary hair care product actually adds both hydration and protection to your hair during physical activity. This is a product the marketplace needed and will be loved by women everywhere. Hair Warrior is applied prior to a workout and during a workout its patented water locking feature adds volume to your hair while hydrating each individual strand and preserving the hair’s color and your natural texture. Their product is formulated with the highest quality botanical and essential oils and is full of hard working essential ingredients such as quinoa, bamboo and pro-vitamin B5, organic argan oil, abyssinian oil and jojoba seed oil as well as green tea and rosemary extract and eucalyptus. Along with everything great this product contains, it keeps the conscious consumer in mind and is free of parabans, glutens and formaldehyde.

When our bodies sweat the salt from perspiration can damages your hair. Counteracting this, Hair Warrior works hard at preserving, strengthening and smoothing the strands of your hair. Basically, workouts can leave your hair drab, lackluster and unhealthy. This product can help you solve that problem and is different from other hair protection products because the health of your hair will improve with each use by preventing damage to your hair during each workout. Always on the go? Not to worry, it even comes in the perfect travel size that can be thrown into any bag. Hair Warrior will make the perfect gift to Mom’s hair healthy and happy. What mom doesn’t love a great hair day!


Hair Warrior


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Skin Essentials from The Jojoba Company Australia

This Mother’s Day, give that special woman in your life the gift of gorgeous, radiant skin with some skin essential products from The Jojoba Company. The Jojoba Company has been creating all natural products for years that help promote healthy, strong and age defying skin- all naturally.

Our skin health is maintained by an oily (waxy) solution called sebum and 25-30% of the skin’s sebum is made up of wax esters. The primary role of wax esters is to hold moisture in the skin, which keeps skin looking and feeling firm. As we hit our early 20’s, our production of wax esters starts to decrease, allowing moisture to escape from skin cells, which begins the aging process of skin. The Jojoba plant is the only plant known to produce wax esters similar to those in our skin. Jojoba is naturally hypoallergenic and contains powerful antioxidants, Omega 6 & 9 fatty acids, and Vitamins A, D and E and when applied, our skin recognizes the jojoba as its own and will let it in to deliver active ingredients into the deeper layers of our skin.

If you are seeing the effects of aging skin (either brought on naturally or by the every day stresses of having kids!) the Jojoba line is for you. Two of our favorite products are the 100% Natural Australian Jojoba and the Intense Overnight Renewal Cream. The 100% Natural Australian Jojoba is a little jar of goodness that is made with 100% pure Jojoba and when applied, will immediately allow skin to feel firmer, look more radiant, smooth and overall brighter. It will visibly balance skin and being to smooth wrinkles over time. It can be used on your face mixed in your moisturizer, on your body, hair or nails too! Paired with this, is a powerful night-time cream that will do more for your skin while you sleep that you ever can imagine! The Intense Overnight Renewal Cream is packed with amazing ingredients such as CoQ10 for antioxidants, marine collagen for plumping, beta glucen to help stimulate collagen production and a slew of vitamins and minerals that will make your skin look and feel more rested, youthful and hydrated. Paired together, these two pack a powerful punch against the signs of aging on your skin and are a must have in any moms skin care arsenal.

 Versa Style Iron from Rowenta

As moms, we can really find it hard to take any time for ourselves, let alone find the time to do our hair every morning. Luckily, the Rowenta Versa Style flat iron speeds up the process so you can easily fit it in your morning routine (we styled a full head of thick, wavy hair in ten minutes!).  It reaches temperatures up to 400 degrees, and is ready to use within 30 seconds.  This flat iron does the work of five salon tools – a flat iron, roller set, and 3 different kinds of curling irons, so one tool packs a punch and saves you precious storage space. If you buy one haircare tool this year, make it the Rowenta Versa Style iron, and you definitely won’t regret it!

You’ll be blown away with the soft shine that the Rowenta Versa Style gives your hair, and even more thrilled with how quickly you can get salon-quality styled hair at home.  We have tried a wide variety of styling irons over the years, and this one knocked our socks off.  Each of the 1-inch floating hot plates are boosted with tourmaline and ceramic coated, for non-damaging infrared ionic heat to give you smooth, frizz-free shine. The edges of each plate are rounded so that when creating curls or waves, it won’t leave the dreaded flat iron “dent.”  You will never be so pleased with a haircare purchase – we never expected to love a flat iron so much, but we do, and wonder how we lived without it so long! 


Versa Style Iron


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Herbal Mascara from Palladio Beauty

If you’ve been wanting something more from your mascara, treat yourself this Mother’s Day to the collection of herbal mascaras from Palladio Beauty.  Made with lash-enhancing ingredients like protective bamboo and rice wax and conditioning olive wax, these mascaras will help you develop healthy, nourished lashes, that also have some va-va-voom.

With four different varieties in the herbal mascara line, Palladio Beauty has something for everyone, and each variety is available in both black and brown.  From the incredibly volumizing properties of 4D Boost, to the endless length of MaXX Lash, to the eye-opening curling power of Curls Rule!, and the waterproof AquaForce mascara, Palladio has you covered.  Each mascara comes with a different shaped wand to help maximize the benefits of that specific mascara. 

Fleuressence Botanical Cell Oil

Give that special mother in your life the gift of gorgeous, radiant skin this Mother’s Day with a bottle of Fleuressence Botanical Cell Oil from Goldfaden MD. This little bottle holds some of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients on the market and is just what your skin needs to make it look absolutely stunning. With a blend of 100% pure active botanicals, fruit extracts and natural Kalahari, Mongongo and Baobab Oils, it delivers powerful vitamins and nutrients deep into the skin to help boost moisture levels and skin cell revitalization, naturally.

Rich in powerful Omega fatty acids and Vitamins A, C & E, the botanical actives work to fight against environmental stresses and the natural aging process by diminishing the appearance of fine lines, discoloration, inflammation, and helping to reduce pore size. This anti-aging, non-greasy, golden elixir will help to leave Mom’s skin radiant, glowing, and hydrated.

Limited Edition: Lovely Day By Birchbox

Calling all beauty lovers! For those mamas in your life who live for their makeup and beauty products, gift them the ultimate beauty grab bag with Birchbox’s Limited Edition: Lovely Day Mother’s Day box.

If you’re not familiar with Birchbox, this company lets you try the latest and greatest high-end beauty, makeup, and lifestyle products each month with a convenient subscription box delivered straight to your door, giving you the freedom to try multiple items in the comfort of your own home. If you find a product you love, just go to their online store and buy the full-size item. No more time consuming trips to Sephora and wasted money spent on full size products that look great on the model but not so hot on you.

Birchbox also offers several limited edition boxes that are perfect for gifting hard to buy for people in your life. Only offered for a limited amount of time, at an incredible deal, these boxes are stuffed with themed items pertinent to the box purchased. The Lovely Day box, designed for Mother’s Day, contains 11 items, including lipstick, perfume, a candle, gel nail polish, hand cream, blush, and a whole lot more, and is $62 with a total value of over $180 in high-end products!

Be sure your mother has a Lovely Day by gifting her the ultimate in pampering luxury!   


Limited Edition: Lovely Day


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Beauty Protector “Protect & Oil” from Birchbox

As moms, we don’t want to sacrifice great hair even though time spent in the salon chair is hit or miss these days. We still try to pull out the hair dryer and straightening iron to get our locks looking pre-kid fabulous. Every woman knows the damage that heat styling tools and hours spent at the playground under the hot sun can do to our hair. And it seems as though we’re always looking for the next best elixir to help prevent and heal a fried, dried, and frizzy head of hair.

This Mother’s Day, grab a bottle of Birchbox’s exclusive Protect & Oil by Beauty Protector for all the hair-obsessed mamas in your life (and don’t forget one for you)! Finally there’s a lightweight, dry hair oil out there that not only guards your hair against the heat and UV rays, but it feels great going on, with no stickiness, heaviness, or oily residue. Perfect for any hair type, the magical argan oil formula in Protect & Oil provides a nourishing, strengthening defense for all the stress your hair endures on a regular basis. Use everyday on either damp or dry hair to keep your strands looking glossy and smooth.

Bonus: Protect & Oil not only feels fantastic, but it smells like a day straight out of the Caribbean. Picture yourself this Mother’s Day with a pina colada in hand, laying under a palm tree, with the light scent of coconuts wafting from your hair with every gentle breeze.

For more amazing gift ideas, be sure to check out all of our Gift Guides for Mother’s Day and past Holidays, including The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide! We hope you enjoy celebrating a wonderful Mother’s Day filled with family & lots of love.

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