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Natural Skincare by Cecilia Wong


One of the hardest things on a mission to use cleaner, greener, healthier skin products is finding products that actually work.

It’s work in progress for us at Daily Mom as we learn more and more about what’s good and what works. Our recent surprising discovery has been a Holistic Skin Care line by Cecilia Wong, 100% natural, non toxic and cruelty free.

What makes Cecilia Wong skin care so different from more mainstream natural brands is that its products have the feel of very expensive hi-tech creams but use only all natural ingredients, herbs and botanicals.

From the very first application of the face cream, you’ll see the difference in skin appearance. This rich cream soaks into the skin leaving it supple, moist, and tight. The smell of herbs that the cream gives off becomes synonymous with moisturizing relief. It’s a cream that gets you and your skin addicted to the right kind of moisture.

The line consists of several products, all of which are free of DEA, MEA, TEA, phthalates and parabens, FS&C color pigmens, Fragfrance, DMDM Hydatoin, Quaternium 15, Mineral oil, PEGs, Propylene glycol,  SLS, triclosan, talc, pertolatum, and countless other chemicals. In fact, this line contains NO chemicals AT ALL.

Reviving Black Currant Serum, designed to hydrate, calm, balance, regenerate and revitalize skin, perfect for those with rosacea, eczema, rashes and dry, dull skin.

Repairing Capillary Strengthening Serum heals broken capillaries and rosacea, results in stronger skin, lessened capillary breakage, visibly reduced redness and inflammation.

Awakening Vitamin C Cleanser  promotes balanced absorption and healing, clarifies skin, helps reduce blackheads, reduces swelling and skin lightner, anti-aging, hydrates dry skin, takes off makeup.

Rejuvenating Toner Mist results in fewer clogged pores; a firmed, brighter, and more dewy radiant complexion.

Rose Serum Spray targets sun damage and dryness with a quenching veil of droplets that act as an extra water reservoir for skin to drink from; enhancing the power of your skincare regimen when serum or moisturizer is applied on top.

Black Currant Firming Eye Cream is designed to tone, increase elasticity, brighten, and correct for younger-looking eyes. Concentrated in antioxidant-rich oils (Blackcurrant Seed, Raspberry Seed) with omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, and replenishing bionutrients such as Eyebright extract, this petal-soft cream restores, hydrates, and refines eyes’ delicate skin to firmer contours

Rescue Blemish Peel Mask, an intense at-home treatment to help heal blemishes, prevent breakouts, and detoxify skin without harsh chemicals or dryness. This peel has antimicrobial & antibacterial properties along with stimulating herbs to speed up skin’s microcirculatory system, helping to fade acne scars, oxygenate, unclog, and deep cleanse within skin’s dermal layers.

Replenishing Face Moisturizer- Oily/Overactive Skin, a light-yet-luscious whipped creme brimming with a holistic blend of Neroli, Pumpkin, Rosemary, and Orange Peel; all carefully selected to improve skin texture, calm eruptions, charge skin with nutrients, and normalize oil production without aggravating acne.

Also see: Replenishing Face Moisturizer- Sensitive Skin and Replenishing Face Moisturizer- Dry/Mature Skin

Like the idea of using all natural skincare?

Cecilia Wong SKin Care





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Elena lives in Florida with her husband, daughter and 3 cats. Her favorite pastime is photography, reading parenting  books and finding cool products, as well as running around and laughing with her newly toddling baby girl. She writes a baby blog, The Art of Making a Baby, where she chronicles what it's like being a mom with all its ups and downs. You can contact her via email, twitter or visit her blog.

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    Sarita (


    Elena, what a great review! Clean products are certainly the way to go. Cecilia Wong is a wonderful esthetician who upholds strict ethics for natural and pure ingredients in her skin care line. I absolutely love the products that I’ve tried. Plus she knows skin, so I trust her formulations. Have you gone to visit her salon in NYC? It’s a treat for the skin :-)


    • comment_avatar



      Hi, Sarita! I have not been to her salon, but I am surely going to visit it next time I go to NYC


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