No Fuss Summer Hair

Oh the woes of summer hair! Heat fizzling your hair into lumps of sweaty, limp locks? Humidity puffing your hair up into a bushel basket full of frizzy mess? We are here to rescue you, armed with three great summer styles that will have you playing your hair “A-Game.”

Do Not Fight It!

There is no getting around the heat and humidity of summer. Bottom line! Enjoy the heat of summer without the worry of what it is doing to your hair with this simple tool. Take your natural hair texture, add what the summer does to it and make only one decision: Do I want to wear my hair up or down? Yes, that simple.


If you prefer to wear your hair down, you are in luck. The leading trend for hair this summer is the de-structured “bent” wave style. To maximize the results of this style, first, you will need to texturize your dry hair using dry shampoo at your roots or salt spray to plump the hair shaft. If you have natural wave – or even frizz – you might be able to skip this step. That is precisely what makes this style so great for summer!

Pro Tip: There are lots of great texturizing products on the market. Use the following guide to find the right one for your hair type:

Once texturized, your hair is ready for some simple “hair bending.” This very simple process just means an addition or enhanced natural bend in the hair follicle, using tools. Typically, hot tools are best and flat irons are optimal for adding a simple bend using just a flick of the wrist. Bending hair is not the same as curling hair. Bending the hair involves random and non-uniform bends in the hair in different directions and different places in the length of the hair shaft.

As you can see with the model above, bends in the hair were added all over. This look was achieved with collecting inch-wide sections of hair, primarily at the top level of the hair (instead of the underside, which is rarely seen). The ends of the hair were left untouched for a more natural and beachy look.

Once hair is bent, simply spray over hair with  a soft hold hairspray like L’Oreal Elnette, and shake hair out using only your fingertips.

Pro-Tip: For an extra texturized look, spray hairspray directly into your hand and touch areas of the hair that you would like more texture. For root- lift, consider a booster product like L’Oreal Boost It! High Lift Creation Spray.


Use the same texturizing process mentioned above to get great base for your updo. Do not skip this vital step, because it is that great beachy texture that makes this look so un-done and sexy.

Sophisticated Pony

After texturizing your hair, section your hair into two sections by using a rat-tail comb or teasing brush and running a simple line from the top of one ear to the top of your other ear. Secure the bottom section as a “base” with a clear elastic, forming a low ponytail. Separate the top section into a right and left half. Softly, without pulling too firmly, twist each of these halves back toward the base ponytail and secure with a clear elastic. Once twisted back and tied off, softly pull your crown loose a little. This will lend itself to a more relaxed look and allow your texture to be shown off. To finish the look, take a small section of hair and wrap it around the clear elastic, using a pin to secure the small section on the bottom side of the pony tail.

Structured Faux-Braid

This durable “braid” is popular for the summer because once you put your hair up, there are no worries about it staying in place. Especially helpful in the summer, this ultra-textured look is right on trend. This braid is accomplished by taking hair and simply weaving it together with a series of hair groupings, using elastic bands. The key to keeping this from looking parochial is the pre-treatment of texture and post-“braid” pulling to achieve the texture. Watch this short video to see how the pros do it!


The key to no fuss hair, is simply that: embracing the lack of perfect symmetry, appreciating the rough sea swept texture, and accomplishing relaxed beauty. While the tools above can help, the main ingredients are warm weather, and you – just the way you are.

Be sure you are caring for your summer hair with these great Organic Summer Hair Products!

Photo credit: Ashley Sisk Photography

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