On-Trend Makeup: Three For Spring

Spring is upon us and most of the recent beauty buzz has been about how to best update makeup basics with fresh Spring color and texture. So, what’s on trend for Spring? Fresh dewy skin, a pop-of-color eye, and an exciting juicy lip color! See how to tie together the “Three for Spring” below.

Fresh Dewy Skin

Update your seasonal foundation routine by using light and airy lumanizer. The liquid luminizer used on our model is the Gerard Cosmetics BB Cream + Illumination. While we would not suggest this luminizer alone, for fear of looking like the tin man (top, left), it provides a wonderful “lit from within” look once foundation has been buffed over it, as shown above (top, right). There are several great luminizers on the market, but for the sake of ease and versatility, liquid luminizers can be worn a number of ways:

  • Apply all over with a damp cosmetic sponge, and then apply foundation as you normally would over it.
  • Apply foundation normally and then tap small amounts of luminizer into “high” places on your face (temples, tops of cheekbones, brow bone, etc.), being careful to blend the products.
  • Mix luminizer into foundation and apply as you normally would apply foundation.

Adding this “light” to your face really adds a fresh twist to your look!

Peek-A-Boo Hued Eyes

This year, blue hues – especially turquoise, are on trend. This versatile and easy to transition shade is worn differently than it was last year. This year, instead of using the “pop-of-color” to blow out liner under the eye, the peek-a-boo technique is more popular. This hide-and-seek eye look tends to be more wearable because the bright color is only fully displayed during blinks. As you can see below, when our model opens her eyes, you can only see her neutral-toned crease and transition color. When she blinks or closes her eyes, you can see the turquoise color on only the lower area of her eyelids. Try this great eye shadow, by Makeup Geek Cosmetics, in the color “Mermaid” or grab some great neutral and bright shades, in this great NYX palette! Apart from being just plain fun, it draws focus into the eyes without being an over-the-top distraction. 

Pro Tip: Not only have colors brightened up, but sheen has returned after a winter of a focus on matte shadows. The color seen on our model is wearing Makeup Geek, single pan eyeshadow in “Mermaid.” This shade is not only beautifully bright, but has a metallic finish. Try an all-matte neutral eye look with only this one shiny, bright color for a real “Wow!” factor.

Juicy Coral Lips

Three for Spring - Coral Lip Collage

While juicy coral isn’t for the faint of heart, it is also much more wearable and less intimidating than classic red. This bright, yet natural lip is much closer to the natural color of our models lip because she has such a golden skin tone. There are pinker corals for those who have rosier skin and deeper corals for those who have a darker skin tone. The following coral guide might help:

While makeup is less about what is on-trend and more about what you feel confident wearing, these seasonal updates might just navigate you toward a new look you love. Give them a try, and let us know your favorites!

While you are brushing up on your beauty, check out these beauty tips every woman should know.

Photo credit: That Basic Chic

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