Pretty in Pink: Shopping for Awareness

In 2015, an estimated 231,840 women in the United States will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Sadly, it is also estimated that 40,290 women will lose their lives to breast cancer. October is set aside as Breast Cancer Awareness month. The whole country goes pink to spread the word and raise money to help those who are already sick and to increase research to save more lives. One way to help give a little to this cause that hits so close to home is to shop for brands that have pledged to donate all or some of the proceeds from certain items to breast cancer causes. We have put together a few amazing brands that are doing just that. These products are incredible and if you buy them this month, they will leave you feeling pretty in pink, knowing your money has gone to help save the lives of women today and women in the future.


Birchbox is a monthly cosmetics subscription service. Subscribers receive a sweet pink box in the mail once a month packed with sample cosmetics in the best brands on the market. Birchbox is a great way to discover new products that you can’t live without and have a little fun trying new things you might not have thought to try out otherwise.

To show their support for breast cancer research and awareness, Birchbox is donating $104,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). Through their partnership with the Estee Lauder Companies, one full year of breast cancer lab research hours will be funded! You can participate in this amazing campaign by becoming a Birchbox subscriber in the month of October.

As a new subscriber, you will receive their Power Pose Featured Box filled with incredible products from The Estee Lauder Companies. The products come packaged in a pretty pink box specially designed for this campaign. Inside the box you will find a pink note card with tips for detecting and preventing cancer and with information about how the money being donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation will help.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation was founded 21 years ago and since then has been leading the way in research aimed at eliminating cancer. 91 cents from every dollar given to the foundation is spent on research. Right now the BCRF is conducting an early-phase breast cancer vaccine trial!

There are 5 wonderful products in the Power Pose Featured Box.

Birchbox brings a little beauty to your mailbox every month. You will look forward to seeing their bright pink packaging arrive and will enjoy trying out all the goodies you find inside. If you find a product you want to purchase in full size, Birchbox sells them through their website. Subscribe now so you won’t miss out on the amazing Power Pose Featured Box to support the research of the BCRF.

Isabelle Grace

Isabelle Grace is a beautiful jewelry line that is all about celebrating life, beautifully. Each piece from Isabelle Grace is handmade in the U.S. by artisans who love creating. If you are looking for unique jewelry pieces to add to your collection or to give as a gift, think Isabelle Grace. If you want something personal that will never go out of style that is also eco-conscious, know that Isabelle Grace uses recycled metals and materials in many of their pieces. Their designs are worn by celebrities and there is something to commemorate all of life’s precious moments like births, anniversaries or other special occasions.

To celebrate and support survivors and those living with breast cancer, Isabelle Grace has designed several jewelry pieces, and for the month of October, 25% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. Here’s the coolest thing about this partnership, it doesn’t end when October ends. If you purchase any of the “Think Pink Positive” pieces anytime for the rest of the year, 10% of the proceeds will be donated. The American Cancer Society not only supports groundbreaking research, they have a 24-7 hotline that anyone can call for support, and free lodging for patients and caregivers who have to travel far from home for treatment.

The Think Pink Positive collection from Isabelle Grace is made up of 19 unique and pink pieces. There are charms specifically for survivors or for women fighting right now. Two pieces that stood out to us are the Swarovski Stud Earrings in Blush Rose and the Sugar Pearls Necklace in Cotton Candy. The Swarovski Studs are a bright, shimmery pink that truly make a statement but can be worn everyday. The genuine Swarovski crystals are hand set in antique silver or gold settings. They are 8mm in size. That’s about the size of 1.5 carats. These earrings are big enough to stand out but not so large that you can’t rock them everyday.

The Sugar Pearl Necklace really is the color of cotton candy and it couldn’t look any sweeter on you either! This necklace is made up of graduated pink sugar pearls and a rhinestone accent piece for an unexpected, modern touch on a pearl necklace. This isn’t your Grandma’s pearl necklace but Grandma could totally rock it, as could any woman on your shopping list. It is 16 inches long with a 3 inch extender so you can adjust how the necklace lays on you depending on the neckline of what you are wearing. Every girl needs a little pink in her life, so why not pick up a couple of the stunning Think Pink Positive pieces from Isabelle Grace and support the American Cancer Society at the same time?

Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale is a fabulous creator of skincare and makeup with a focus on healthy skin. All their products not only make you look beautiful, they actually benefit your skin! We love that you can receive skin makeup tips from Jane Iredale to create new looks for yourself with their products. Jane Iredale offers a full line of cosmetics and skincare, including high quality mineral makeup. You can find the makeup tips here allowing you to recreate the looks shown on the model promoting the products. We love that Jane Iredale is all about women looking their best in a healthy way so they can feel self confident!

Jane Iredale’s offering for Breast Cancer Awareness month is a limited edition Smell The Roses Hydration Spray. This spray was brought back after finding great popularity during Breast Cancer Awareness month last year. And just like last year, 100% of the profits from the sale of Smell The Roses Hydration Spray will be donated to Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC). LBBC is a national education and support organization whose mission is to connect people with trusted breast cancer information and support. They reach out to young women, women recently diagnosed, women in treatment, and those living with a history of breast cancer or metastatic breast cancer. The power that comes when women support one another is unstoppable and that is what makes the work of this organization so life changing. Jane Iredale was able to make their largest donation in seven years with the sale of Smell The Roses Spray last year. They have high hopes of breaking that donation record this year. 

There is no reason why this product shouldn’t sell out since it is limited edition and it is an amazing product. It is certified natural and organic by ECOCERT. When you first use this product, you will notice the irresistible rose scent before you even spray it on your face. Made with organic rose damascena flower water and essential oils, white tea leaf extract, calendula flower extract, chamomile, rosa centifolia flower extract, rosa canina fruit extract and rosa damascena flower oil, this spray is full of natural powers that cleanse, detoxify and calm the skin at the same time. A quick spritz on your skin and you feel cool and relaxed. Absorbed quickly, you are left with smooth skin that is noticeably less red. If you wear mineral makeup, you can spray Smell the Roses Hydration Spray on to set your makeup. You will become addicted to this spray immediately because of how refreshed it makes you feel. The fact that 100% of the profits from this hydration spray go to spread awareness about breast cancer and support those who need it will make you feel good in your heart. Beauty inside and out is something Jane Iredale strives for when creating products to enhance the lives of women.


DECLÉOR is a French cosmetics company that offers premium professional aromatherapy skin care. They’ve been creating incredible products for over 40 years using the science of plant energies and an in-depth understanding of the body’s vital energies. Essential oils are finally gaining mainstream recognition for their effectiveness for so many different issues. This cosmetics company has over 40 years of experience with the power of the natural and they continue to study the plant world to develop new innovations. Their products are used in spas all over the world.

DECLÉOR has offered a limited edition AROMESSENCE ROSE D’ORIENT Aroma Duo set for Breast Cancer Awareness month. This is the ninth year that they have supported the cause of breast cancer awareness and support. 10% of the net proceeds from this product will be donated to Cancer and Careers. This organization empowers and educates people with cancer to thrive in their workplace, by providing expert advice, interactive tools and educational events. People living with cancer, employers and health care professionals can all find resources through Cancer and Careers.

This Duo set is pure luxury, especially for sensitive skin. It contains the AROMESSENCE ROSE D’ORIENT Soothing Serum and the HARMONIE CALM Soothing Milky Cream. The AROMESSENCE LINE is made up of DECLEOR’s exclusive essential oil and plant oil blended serums and balms that are 100% active, natural and pure. In fact, they contain the maximum concentration of essential oils needed to achieve high efficacy. The Soothing Serum in this duo feels absolutely decadent when you apply it after washing your face. You only need three drops, warmed up in your palms and applied to the face to soothe and soften your skin and reduce redness. Damask rose essential oil is one of the ingredients and the smell is sweet and flowery. You receive the benefits of the aromatherapy in this product as well. The Harmonie Soothing Milky Cream is applied after the Soothing Serum. Also formulated to calm and soothe the skin naturally, your face feels incredibly silky and any touch of dryness or irritation is gone. It is like you went to a spa without ever leaving your bathroom! This would be an amazing gift to give to a loved one living with cancer as the National Cancer Institute found that aromatherapy may help improve the quality of life and reduce stress in cancer patients. If you want to feel comfortable in your own skin, you have to try out this duo set from DECLÉOR this month and support the amazing program, Cancer and Careers.


Suki Skincare is all about solving your skin problems effectively with strong and safe solutions. Many people are stuck in a damaging cycle of using skincare that contains volatile synthetic actives that actually cause many skin problems. Suki believes that actives do not need to be hostile to your skin in order to work. Through extensive clinical trials, Suki develops products that really work and are 100% natural. Responsibility in packaging is also important to Suki. You will find that most of their products come in glass containers and you can recycle their packaging. This company is the real deal when it comes to being safe for you and the environment. You can rest assured that all of Suki’s products are safe and nourishing, never containing chemicals known to cause cancer or effect cancer treatments like many mainstream cosmetics. 

For the fifth year in a row, Suki is donating 100% of the proceeds from the Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser to Breast Cancer Action. Just as Suki focuses on the underlying causes of skin problems, Breast Cancer Action is focused on systemic interventions to address the root causes of this disease in order to produce broad public health benefits. This organization sees the continuing epidemic of breast cancer as a social justice issue and fights against the injustices it sees in the corporate and medical world.

Suki’s exfoliate foaming cleanser was formulated to truly exfoliate and rejuvenate your face. Not only does this product leave you with incredibly smoother skin, it also solves common skin care woes like blemishes, dry and uneven skin tone, slowed collagen production, signs of fine lines and wrinkles, premature aging and clogged pores. This cleanser exfoliates so well because it uses round-edged sugar crystals to slough dead skin without tearing your smooth and even skin. The sugar then melts into pure AHA for healthy skin renewal. When you use this product, the scent is invigorating. The citrus scent, made up of lemongrass, sweet orange and other pure essential oils seriously smells so yummy that you could eat it. Once you resist the urge to take a taste and actually scrub your face, you will step back from the sink with skin that feels smooth and new! The results are obvious immediately. If you are ready to detox your skin and scrub away skin problems, October is the perfect time to try Suki’s exfoliate foaming cleanser, knowing that all the proceeds from the sale will go towards fighting for health justice for all women at risk or living with breast cancer through Breast Cancer Action.

Go ahead and treat yourself to something pretty like pink jewelry or a little pampering by trying out new cosmetics and adding new products to your skincare routine. Have fun this month thinking pink while you shop to support a great cause.

For more information about breast cancer please visit The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Take care of yourself! Always discuss any breast changes with your doctor and know your family history. We all have to be aware of breast cancer all year round, not just in October. 

If you enjoyed this shopping guide, stay tuned to Daily Mom for our amazing Holiday Gift Guides coming soon! Pregnant and looking for even more natural products? Read all about Nine Naturals.

Photo Credits: DaniKristen Lee Douglas

Sources: Breast Cancer Facts and Statistics

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