Queen Mum: chic fashion from pregnancy to nursing

Queen Mum Chic fashion from pregnancy to nursing

Who says breastfeeding moms can’t also look chic?

Since August is National Breastfeeding Awareness month, we figured this would be the best time to showcase some amazing fashionable breastfeeding apparel. There is an increased awareness around breastfeeding, and there are more women wanting to try to breastfeed their children now; more than ever!

If you have been following Daily Mom, you know that breastfeeding is something we are passionate about, and we have been doing our part to raise awareness.  We believe in the right to breastfeed, the right to do it wherever and whenever desired, and the right to do it while still looking fashionable and incredible.

Something for every kind of woman

Queen Mum is a brand that incorporates high fashion and nursing/maternity into one functional place. Just because you are nursing or pregnant, doesn’t mean you need to look less stylish than usual. Queen Mum takes a fresh approach on everything from maternity to nursing wear, that any mom will love. This brand has a variety of high quality collections that will flatter any figure without giving up comfort.

Sold from Amsterdam to New York to Tokyo, Queen Mum is the one for every pregnant or nursing woman.




Flower Print Nursing Dress & Heavy Jersey Jacket


Comfortable & Easy

Queen Mum is not your typical maternity or nursing wear. This brand has something different to offer, something trendy, and something everyone will love. Show off your style, with these timeless pieces that are easy to wear, but leave you looking great. Check out some of our favorite styles below.

If you are the type of mom who loves breastfeeding in public, the Queen Mum nursing line is made for you. The fabric and style make is so easy for you to feed your baby wherever you want, while showing very minimal skin. The no fuss nursing line will leave you feeling effortless.

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Vily Nursing Shirt in Green & Cotton Jeans Straight Leg


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Jacquard Print Nursing Shirt & Cotton Jeans Straight Leg

Queen Mum offers a luxurious selection of designs and patterns fit for every nursing mom. These styles are so trendsetting that you will even spot some of the biggest celebrities in the world, sporting an outfit or two. (Not to name drop, but Kourtney Kardashian, Jennifer Garner, and Olivia Wilde are just a few.)

Queen Mum is your one stop shop for everything you will need while pregnant and for the nursing days ahead. Their maternity pants, pictured above, are perfect for postpartum as well. The quality and comfort of the jeans is so good, you will no doubt use them for months after delivery. In fact, many of the styles are so nicely cut, you would never know it was a maternity piece. It’s perfect to wear at any point in your life whether you are pregnant/nursing, or not.

Being pregnant or nursing does not mean you need to give up your sense of style. Continue looking chic and sexy in all of the amazing pieces Queen Mum has to offer.


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