Renewed Skin for a New Year

We all have issues with our skin. As we age, new issues arise and those issues need new solutions. Whether you need to soothe your skin, clear up blemishes, reduce fine lines, or just soften and moisturize, you need to find products that will give you the results you desire. Skip the drug store brands. Get skincare that works. Here are some of our favorite skin solutions to give you renewed skin for the new year.


Borghese Cosmetics and Skincare creates products inspired by traditional Italian beauty. They combine that tradition with modern sensibility offering state of the art skincare that includes all the benefits of tried and true solutions loved in Italy forever. Natural ingredients combine to give you pampering with results. Their anti-aging products are world renowned. This brand is a favorite in spas all over the world and you can now have that luxury in your own bathroom.

Borghese Botanico Eye Compresses – Soothe, cool, and comfort your tired mom eyes with these compresses. They harness the powers of green tea, goldenseal, and eyebright extracts. The skin around your eyes will be soft and look more luminous. These are great for a little pampering when you only have a few minutes to yourself. 

Borghese Essential Balance and Pore Refining Serum – This serum is formulated with naturally sourced clay, algal earth, and phytic acid, and will leave you with refined pores, and a matte finish on your skin. You won’t have to worry about shine; that’s taken care of as well. It is fast absorbing, and your skin will feel so soft thanks to a botanical blend that comforts your skin. You will notice a positive change right away.

Borghese Fango Ferma Firming Mud Mask for Face and Body – This is a unique product that you will love. It is for your whole body, face included. You can reduce visible signs of aging anywhere on your skin with the mud mask. It firms and tones skin with three types of clay combined. Resveratrol, hydrolyzed wheat, rice protein, and phyto-extracts help moisturize, protect, and impart a smooth, supple texture. This product is clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and your skin will have renewed elasticity. It feels so good when you put it on. Who doesn’t love a good mud mask? This one is the best. 

Fango Sheet Masks – This brand new line of sheet masks from Borghese is fantastic. Sheet masks have grown in popularity recently, but not all sheet masks are created equal. The Fango sheets are great for all skin types. There are four types to choose from based on your needs:

  • Calm: Soothes skin and the senses
  • Energize: A turbo-boost for tired, dull skin
  • Moisturize: A remedy for parched, dry skin
  • Purify: Cleanses, purifies, and helps minimize pores

If you have never used a sheet mask, you should try these. The whole experience is very relaxing, like being at a spa. Fango sheet masks will become a staple in your skincare routine. 

Merle Norman

If you don’t know about Merle Norman, now is the time to meet Merle! This company creates its own line of luxurious skin care and cosmetics. Merle Norman is your one stop shop for all things beauty. Skip the busy department store where you get impersonal service and step into a Merle Norman Studio. At a Merle Norman Studio, you will receive one on one service from a skincare and makeup expert. Any skincare issue or beauty desire you have can be met during your consultation with your local makeup artist at Merle Norman. You can trust the products you receive knowing that Merle Norman manufactures and packages all their own stuff in the United States, ensuring their very high quality standards. They do all their own testing, and that testing is never done on animals. Merle Norman is a company started by a woman for women. This is a family run company that started the try before you buy philosophy for choosing beauty products.

Merle Norman Brilliant C Brightening Serum – This serum corrects dullness and discoloration for all skin types. Get a brighter, clearer complexion with this highly concentrated anti-aging serum. Merle Norman uses their “Exclusive Bright+ Complex® which blends highly stable Vitamin C with other brightening agents to help improve skin clarity and diminish the appearance of spots and discoloration.” It also uses optical diffusers to reduce the looks of any fine lines or wrinkles. Try this serum out under your moisturizer. You will feel brand new!

Merle Norman Clear Complexion Moisturizer – Even moms still have acne concerns. If that is you, this moisturizer will solve your problems. Get hydration without a greasy feeling. The salicylic acid will clear up breakouts at the same time. Blemishes will clear up, and future breakouts will be prevented. You will love the tone and texture of your skin when using this moisturizer. Your skin will be clear and smooth! This isn’t your teenager’s drug store acne treatment.


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Don’t settle for the same old skin problems you’ve been dealing with. You can do better. You can renew your skin and you will feel so much more confident and beautiful knowing that you have the healthiest complexion possible. Renewal is possible this year if you just invest in yourself and choose the best innovations in skincare based on your needs. 

While you are renewing your skin, make sure your makeup brushes are in good shape. Learn How To Properly Clean Your Makeup Brushes from our makeup expert, Kristen Love.

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