Since half your hours breastfeeding are often spent in the wee hours of the morning, it’s important to consider clothing that is comfortable for sleeping! If you have been a fan of Daily Mom, you know we believe breastfeeding education and awareness is important.  Our hope is that with extra knowledge and support, some of the barriers that may prevent a woman from breastfeeding will be avoided.  We don’t think a woman should ever have to sacrifice her sense of style for comfort or utility.

Comfort and Style

Especially in the early days of breastfeeding, when you’re adjusting to life with a new baby, a mother just wants to be comfortable.  For some women, those first days extend from weeks to months and, sooner or later, they begin to feel like they’ve lost their whole sense of style.  Belabumbum makes fabulous and comfortable pajamas and nursing bras, perfect for slumber and long days spent on the couch during growth spurts. Their nursing sleep bras are supportive, breathable, and comfortable–so much so that you may never want to wear anything else!

Flirty and Feminine 

The lacy details on many of their pieces can make any woman feel feminine again–even if you have just endured 9 months of swollen ankles and a sore back! Their pajamas are designed to accommodate a pregnant belly, but also look great on a woman several months post-partum as well.  They have also cleverly designed their pieces to work well together.  As pictured below, their lotus nursing bra, lotus nursing chemise, and lotus kimono robe are all designed to match. These features makes their clothing well worth the investment–they are perfect on their own, but also look great together.  Plus, they look equally great on a pregnant woman, as well as one postpartum.

Casual and Versatile

Belebumbum offers pieces that can extend beyond the bedroom.  Their loungewear can be worn around the house as well as out for a stroll at the farmer’s market or Sunday brunch. To add to their versatility, some pieces, such as the dress pictured here, are reversible–giving you two dresses for the price of one.  Now, how’s that for a fashionable bargain?!

Don’t just take our word for it.  Check out Belabumbum‘s website for more of their maternity and nursing friendly pajamas and lounge wear.  They have styles in numerous colors and patterns to suit every style. There’s a reason why Hollywood celebrities love their clothes too.  Women such as Milla Jovovich, Molly Sims, and Kate Hudson are all known fans of their line. And-when you’re done nursing, you’ll want to check out their line of everyday lingerie.  Belabumbum truly has something to offer women at every stage to outfit themselves with style and comfort.


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