There are a lot of subscription boxes out there nowadays. You can subscribe to pretty much anything. However, not all subscriptions are created equal. You don’t want a box of junk that doesn’t offer you a great value, and you don’t want a box of products that don’t align with your lifestyle choices. So many people now choose to live a vegan lifestyle for health reasons and because it is cruelty free. If this sounds like you or if you are interested in giving veganism a try, Love Goodly is the subscription service that you need to try!

About Love Goodly

This wonderful company was created by two moms who simply wanted products that were safer for their families without totally blowing their budget. Like many of you, they care about what they bring in their homes, and they care about the impact they have on the environment. Love Goodly offers bimonthly subscription boxes that introduce you to non-toxic beauty, eco lifestyle and wellness products at a great price. Every item is cruelty-free, organic, non-GMO, eco-friendly and vegan. Not only is everything in every box safe for you, your family and the environment, Love Goodly gives back, donating up to 5% from every purchase. 

A Conversation with Love Goodly

We talked to the founders of Love Goodly, Katie and Justine, and asked them about their favorite products and why they do what they do:

What are your favorite kinds of products (cosmetics, snacks, etc.) to test out for a Love Goodly box?

Katie: Snacks and beauty products are the products that need the most vetting and luckily for us are usually the most delicious. Since we put our seal of approval on anything that is featured by LOVE GOODLY, it is most important to try the effectiveness of beauty products for our consumers. A fun perk of the job, and our sons love to help test the snacks!

Justine: It’s hard to pick just one favorite type of product to test – I love trying out beauty, skincare and healthy snacks! Within beauty I love nail polish, lipgloss, and lipsticks, and with skincare I love organic, natural oils, serums, and scrubs.

Can you tell us more about the causes you support with up to 5% of each purchase?

LOVE GOODLY always supports a cause with each purchase in our shop with each box sold. Right now we donate to Farm Sanctuary and Beagle Freedom Project, two causes very near to our hearts that promote compassion to animals. Farm Sanctuary works to protect farm animals from cruelty, inspire change in the way society views and treats farm animals, and promotes compassionate vegan living. Beagle Freedom Project is a rescue as well and helps raise awareness in the cruelty of animal testing with a goal of influencing scientists to use humane alternative models to animal experimentation. We also donate to Cure Cervical Cancer. They are dedicated to the early detection and prevention of cervical cancer to the women around the globe who need it most. Helping women discover nontoxic products is one of our missions at LOVE GOODLY.

Once you started living more naturally and cruelty free, what benefits did you notice in your life?

Katie: I feel better from the inside out; morally, ethically and health-wise. Eating really clean and wearing non-toxic makeup really helps you glow from within. As a mom raising vegan kids, I feel it is my duty to leave the earth in the best condition for them. Being vegan is also one of the most environmentally friendly choices you can make. Using products that are never tested on animals and that are vegan help me feel better about the impact I can make when choosing products. There are so many fantastic products that are vegan, cruelty free and non-toxic, I don’t ever see a need to use anything that doesn’t have these 3 very important values.

How would you encourage someone who is considering becoming a vegan to give it a try?

Justine: I would suggest start by watching a documentary like Forks over Knives that shows the healthy benefits to eating vegan and plant based, or Fed Up, another documentary about the problems with our processed unhealthy food. This will provide a lot of motivation to understand how the lifestyle can benefit you. There are a lot of apps and blogs that provide healthy vegan recipes and restaurants like the Happy Cow and Oh She Glows. It’s easy to research online how you can get all the protein and nutrients you need from plants and legumes and live a more compassionate lifestyle.

What is one product that you discovered through your work with Love Goodly that you cannot live without?

Katie: I cannot live without Blissma Awake facial moisturizer — it’s completely non-greasy and it firms and de-puffs. I use it daily!

Justine: Can I pick two?! I use KINDri Beauty Oil every day, a natural blend of organic oils by Robin McDonald, celebrity aesthetician whose clients include Charlize Theron, and LVX’s Greige, a 5-free nontoxic nail polish that is a beautiful blend of gray and beige.   

Our Latest Love Goodly Box

We couldn’t wait to receive our first bimonthly subscription box from Love Goodly, and it did not disappoint! Here are 4 products we received and loved:

Blissoma Scentless Stick Solid Natural Deodorant – Not all natural deodorants are effective. We’ve all tried one that just doesn’t cut it. Blissoma creates this effective and safe deodorant with mango butter, clay, zinc and baking soda. This formula is balanced and easy on sensitive skin. It soothes skin and keeps you from getting stinky no matter what your day brings your way. 

myKind Organics Women’s Once Daily Organic Vitamins – This whole food vitamin is specifically formulated for women. Not all vitamins are created equal and this is one of the best available. Made from Certified Organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, you can feel good about taking this vitamin everyday. 

S.W. Basics Cream – If you have dry skin, you need this cream. It is made from wild-harvested, organic shea butter from a Fair Trade Women’s cooperative in Ghana. It also contains organic coconut oil and organic olive oil, making this cream very rich and very good for your skin. 

Fountain Super Green Molecule – This is a concentrated beauty and lifestyle supplement of alfalfa chlorophyll, kelp and Hyaluronic Acid matrix. It works to keep you healthy and glowing from the inside out. 

How To Subscribe

Love Goodly ships every other month. Each box contains full sized and premium products, not samples. For $29.95 a month you will get a box delivered to your doorstep that is worth $85+. Each box contains a variety of beauty, lifestyle and wellness products, all cruelty-free, organic, non-GMO, eco-friendly and vegan.

To subscribe, simply click here. You can send a box to yourself or send one as a gift to someone you love. We think this would be an amazing gift this holiday season, or if you have a daughter in college, it would be a sweet surprise to receive at her dorm every other month. 

Discovering new, amazing companies is a passion at Daily Mom. We are thrilled to have learned about Love Goodly, a company owned by moms, that lets other women live a healthier lifestyle and gives back to make the world a better place. 




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