Summer Skin and Hair Must Haves

Summer is coming to a close and that means it’s a great time to do some repair on that sun damaged skin and hair. During these months, you are exposed to more sun, more wind and show more skin; all of which equals DRIER skin and hair. Fun trips to the beach, the pool, the park and driving with the top down can really do a number on your skin and hair leaving them damaged and in need for some serious loving! Summer is a great time to add in some new hair and skin products to help alleviate your beauty troubles, so that you can revive yourself to be ready to maximize these last days of summer and sneak in as much fun as possible! We have gathered some amazing summer skin and hair must-haves for every women to add to their arsenal so you can help extend the summer so you can be looking beach gorgeous well into fall.


Brightening Skin Care Set by 100 Percent Pure

Summer is the time to show off your beautiful sun-kissed skin. But after a long winter, your face probably looks anything but fresh and revitalized. With so many skin brighteners on the market, you might be wondering which one is the best for you. The answer is simple: the one that is made without harmful, damaging chemicals – the one that’s 100 percent natural – 100 percent pure.

While many skin brighteners use harsh chemicals that strip your skin and require actual time out of the sun after use, the brightening skin care set by 100 Percent Pure is made of the purest, most natural ingredients– completely free of any and all parabens, synthetic chemicals, fragrances, dyes an preservatives.

Made with the oils and extracts of a variety of plants and fruits, this vegan and gluten-free set includes:

Your skin will feel and look brighter and rejuvenated instantly; and the best part is, you’ll know you are using the very best, most beneficial ingredients.

Sally Hansen At-Home Pedicure Kit

Summer is here and that means sandal weather. When your feet are exposed you not only want them to look cute, but also you need to take care of them more, since the exposed parts can get rough and dry more quickly. Hectic summer schedules and the kids being home from school means that most moms can’t make the time to get a pedicure done at a salon- but that doesn’t mean your feet have to suffer all summer long! Sally Hansen is the maker of quality manicure and pedicure products that are sold at all major retailers for a great price.


pedi kit edit

Sally Hansen makes many products that can be used to achieve the perfect pedicure right in the comfort of your own home. Here are some simple tips for giving your feet a relaxing special treat:

  • Start with a warm foot soak either in the bath or in a bucket. Plain water with bubbles is good or if you want a nice detoxifying effect try adding in some baking soda, Epsom salt and a few drops of tea tree oil.
  • While you are soaking, use a Ceramic Stone and Brush to exfoliate you heels and soles.
  • Get your feet as smooth as silk by giving them a second scrub using the 2 Sided Foot File to help reduce calluses and to smooth and soften your feel all over.
  • After you have scrubbed your feet, apply a thin layer of the Pumice Foot Polish and scrub all over and using a circular motion, rub your feet to help exfoliate them further. You will LOVE the light lavender scent of this scrub. It really makes your feel feel fantastic! After, rinse your feet and pat dry.
  • Now, give your nails some love by trimming them to your desired length and removing dead skin around them using the Ingrown Nail Kit. The clippers are great even when you don’t have an ingrown nail- use the tools to shape your nails to the best shape for you.
  • Apply a thick coat of the Moisturizing Foot Cream all over your feet, ankles and calves. Massage your feet with the lavender scented lotion and give them some much needed love.
  • After your nails are dry, it’s time to paint! Sally Hansen offers a wide array of nail polishes to fit anyone’s tastes. If you are feeling adventurous, try something from their new Color Foil or Color Frenzy line and add a little sparkle to your feet! If you are looking to try something really unique, check out their tutorials and learn how to really make your nails pop!

Hellomellow Body Butters and Scrubs

When it’s summertime, we tend to wear the least amount of clothes possible and the more skin you have exposed means the drier we get! Trips to the beach, the pool and the park in the hot sun can leave us with dry skin that is just begging for moisture. At the end of the busy day entertaining kids, treat your skin to some mom-time by using some of the best smelling body butters and creams out there: Hellomellow.

hello mellow BB

Hellomellow is a one of the leading makers of 100% natural body creams, butters and scrubs that are infused ever-so-slightly with essential oils that add some aromatherapy that will transform your mood and support your every need! The body butters are thick and dense, packed with ingredients that are heaven to your skin. With three simple ingredients: avocado butter, mango butter and essential oil, you know you are getting the best of the best. They are perfect for moisturizing and reenergizing your skin on a daily basis or they can be used to spot treat and heal particular areas of your skin such as rough heels, sunburns, cracked feet, rashes or overall dryness. There are endless uses in one small tub! Or if you are really dry try Hellowmellow Sea Scrub to exfoliate the dryness away by using this all natural mix of Himalayan sea salt, dead sea salts, cold press extra virgin olive oil, avocado and mango butters. This scrub is designed for daily use and exfoliates while it moisturizes.  So make some time for YOU this summer by adding in these butters and scrubs into your daily beauty routine!


True Natural Self Tanner Lotion

Remember those days when we were young and not very smart and we got those great tans by laying at the beach ALL DAY with our friends? Or maybe you even went gasp! to the tanning booth to get a nice bronze glow before a special event? Oh yes, us too. Now that we know better and know how dangerous the sun can be, it can leave a woman wondering what are the best options for getting some tan for the summer time safely. Being skin safe this summer does not mean that you have to forgo the tan though! We are here to share about an amazing sunless tanner lotion that is both naturally made but also naturally looking.


True Natural is a leading maker of 100% natural, gluten free and vegan skin care products. Each of their items are completely natural and are better for you as well as the Earth. One of their top selling products is the Sunless Self Tanning Lotion. This lotion has a subtle scent that does not smell like chemicals what so ever, unlike many of the sunless tanners on the market today. And, it goes on smoothly without leaving those orange streaks we are all familiar with. True Natural uses a combination of naturally occurring sugars found in certain fruits and vegetables in their tanners. These sugars react with amino acids found in the outer layer of the skin, creating a nontoxic reaction which gives skin a tanned look. The tan will appear between 3-4 hours and fades away naturally, usually lasting between 3 and 10 days in total.

true tanner edit

Cellulite Cream

Summer wouldn’t be complete without worries of  dimpled skin. Adding a cellulite cream to your exercise regimen will turbo charge your efforts of looking smooth and young for the beach season. BioElixia Body Shaper is unique because it is scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of stubborn dimples by an average of 38%** after 4 weeks of use and 57%** after 8 weeks of use.  The ingredients in the cream include a concentrated blend of antioxidants, moisturizers and patented TPM Dermal Delivery Technology to give skin a firmer, more toned appearance.  You will soon start to see less visible cellulite and start to feel confident about your appearance once those unwanted dimples start to disappear with the use of this cream. And here is an awesome bonus for those concerned about WHAT they are putting on their skin: all Bio-Elixia products are free from parabens, formaldehydes, sulphates, phthalates, paraffins, artificial colours and dyes, SLS and SLEs and DEAs.


Cellulite Cream


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Body Firming Cream

If working out is not your forte, or you would like to add a little extra help to your body toning routine, then a daily lotion with firming and tightening ingredients is a great resource.  BioElixia Bodyshaper Firming Toning Body Lotion contains caffeine and Salicylic Acid that work to visibly tone the appearance of your skin.  This lotion not only helps to firm and tone, but it feels great on the skins as it hydrates with super-moisturizing properties of Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Passion fruit Seed Oil. And, it’s free from parabens, formaldehydes, sulphates, phthalates, paraffins, artificial colours and dyes, SLS and SLEs and DEAs!


Body Firming Cream


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Highlighter shimmer

Who doesn’t want to look like a bronzed goddess this summer? Jane Iredale Shimmer helps you achieve this look without damaging your skin with harsh self-tanners or harmful sun rays. It is amazing how hydrated and soft the Golden Shimmer Face and Body Lotion leaves your skin.  Your skin glows as the cream smoothes your complexion and leaves a warm bronzed look. Another plus is that it’s a natural formula with botanical extracts, so it is gentle enough to be used on the face or body and may be used in conjunction with a self tanner, like Tantasia.  Golden Shimmer is hypoallergenic and it can be applied with your makeup, so you don’t have to compromise your daily makeup regiment to have a bronzed look.

Oil-Absorbing Blotting Papers


The summer heat can be brutal when it comes to applying makeup. Spend some time outdoors — even just the few minutes it takes to go from your air conditioned house to the car — and you run the risk of becoming a shiny mess. That’s where Tarte’s Not So Slick Oil-Absorbing Papers come in! Infused with green tea extract, which is rich in polyphenols and known for antioxidant and soothing anti-inflammatory benefits, these blotting papers are your best defense for keeping excess shine at bay. Each weightless blotting paper instantly absorbs excess oil without disturbing your makeup. Toss this pretty purple packet in your makeup bag and never worry about shine again!


Tarte Not So Slick Oil-Absorbing Papers


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Beautifying Sunscreen

Ultra Veil Sunscreen doesn’t just protect your skin, it works to beautify and give you a glow.  It goes on with a silky texture and spreads like a dream leaving your skin soft, glowing and protected. Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ UVA/UVB protection works in concert with select antioxidants and botanical extracts and is meant to be worn for daily protection against the harsh rays of the sun.   It’s a bit more expensive than your usual sunscreen purchased over the counter, but the ease that it goes on with, the glow it gives you and how far it spreads, along with the quality of the product, makes it well worth the investment.

Baby approved sunblock

While preparing yourself for the beach, don’t forget about your babe. It’s always great when we find an organic sunblock that is safe to use on your and your baby.  This sunblock is very lightweight and mineral based: zinc only.  So, it is safe not only for babies over 6 months of age, but for sensitive skin types as well.  You don’t have to worry about reapplying sunscreen to your little one for hours and a small amount goes a long way. Sun protection doesn’t have to come in toxic sprays with harmful ingredients. Block Organics is formulated so that you’re confident in what goes onto your infant’s skin, even at an early age.

Elemental Herbology

Elemental Herbology is a natural skin care company that delivers high quality bio-active ingredients, sophisticated technology and eco-friendly manufacturing. Balancing the skin through enhanced cellular turn-over, detoxification, skin nutrition, hydration and cellular repair, their products help to achieve a more healthy and radiant complexion, everyday. In particular, Elemental Herbology is doing their part to give each of us a radiant glow this summer.

Moisture Milk

One of our favorite Elemental Herbology products for the summer is Moisture Milk. This facial moisturizer is an astringent moisturizer rich in anti-oxidants, designed to help reduce excess oil and congestion. It’s great to use during these hot and humid summer days, as well as if your skin is just naturally prone to break-outs.

Not only does this product use essential oils such as Rosemary, Geranium and Tea tree that have an anti-bacterial effect on the skin; but it also uses Glycolic Acid (from sugarcane) and Lactic Acid (from milk) to help purify your pores, improve skin tone and texture, and even out your complexion. It’s also loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamins A, C, and E along with the Theobroma Cacao extract that detoxify and protect against pre-mature aging; along with pumpkin cells that help to help repair and nourish skin over-exposed to the sun. And the amazing mineral complex of Magnesium, Copper, and Zinc wakes up your skin by kick-starting the cellular metabolism. Finally, it includes Aloe Vera to help calm, cool and soothe the skin, perfect for humid climates.

We really do love this product and believe that it could replace every moisturizer or serum you currently own. If you want a cream that can deliver oil-control, breakout prevention, moisture replenishment, calming properties, anti-oxidants, anti-aging, protective elements, cell renewal minerals, and gentle exfoliation this summer, look no further.

Macadamia & Papaya Radiance Body Scrub

Another product to add to your summer arsenal is Elemental Herbology’s Macadamia & Papaya Radiance Body Scrub. This scrub has a delicious fruity scent, and unctuous texture that will leave your entire body baby-soft and ready for a summer glow. It’s also great to use post-beach trip to blur those flip-flop lines.

Macdamia and Papaya Radiance Body Scrub is designed to shed dry and flaky skin with a tropical cocktail of botanical elements and skin softening essential fatty acid rich bio-oils. The result is skin that feels silky smooth, fresh and renewed.

The key exfoliators in this body scrub are sugar and salts which manually buff skin, along with Papaya juice that serves as a natural chemical exfoliator by dissolving dead skin cells and stimulating new cell renewal to create a healthy and alluring glow. It also combines Buriti and Macadamia Oils, Orange, Strawberry and Kombuchka to help restore your skin back to its youthful appearance. The result is a very thick balm that melts down to a dense oil as you work it into skin which leaves a film of moisture on the skin that lasts long beyond the shower and leaves your skin feeling bouncy and smooth rather than exposed.

If you have any plans to enjoy the sun this summer, be sure to use this scrub daily in the shower to prepare the skin for sun exposure and optimize the life of your tan.


John Masters’ Organics

From his humble beginnings mixing organic essential oils and herbs in his kitchen sink, to the more than 30 luxury organic products now distributed around the world, John Masters Organics is the leader and innovator of organic luxury within the beauty industry. Every one of his products are 75-100% organic and do not include any petroleum based or non-carbon based ingredients.

This summer, we’re not only concerned about our skin, but we also want to make sure to give special attention to our hair. Especially after long days in the heat and humidity, John Masters’ Organics has at least two products that will ensure that our hair stays soft and beautiful all summer long.

Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray with Lavender

If you live near the ocean, beach waves are easy. Just go to the beach, take a dip in the ocean, then lay out on the sand until you’re completely dry. When you get up, your hair should be full of natural, tousled, beachy waves. Right? But most of us don’t live near the ocean. And, even if we did, the chances of achieving those beautiful beach waves naturally are slim to none.


That’s where John Masters’ Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray with Lavender comes into play. The natural sea salt in this unique spray (safe for even color-treated hair) gives hair the same extra body it has after a day at the ocean, while certified-organic lavender protects hair from drying.

This natural Sea Mist Spray also does a great job of enhancing curls.

If you have a toddler or young child who still has a lot of curls on the ends of their hair, this sea salt spray is great for enhancing those baby curls. Just spray this sea salt spray on the ends of their hair while damp. We think you’ll find that those natural curls stay soft and curly much longer than if you just allow their hair to dry without it.

Now every day can be a day at the beach!

Green Tea & Calendula Leave-In Conditioning Mist

Is your hair naturally frizzy or does it get frizzy on humid days? When hair needs more than just your regular shampoo and conditioner treatment to stay silky and shiny, look no further than John Masters Organics’ NEW Green Tea and Calendula Leave-In Conditioning Mist.


Formulated with ten certified-organic botanical oils and extracts, this lightweight, leave-in conditioning spray continues to nourish and hydrate hair after you’ve stepped out of the shower, without weighing locks down or leaving them looking dull and oily.

It’s ideal for post-shower application, or even throughout the day as a revitalizer. The Green Tea and Calendua Leave-In Conditioning Mist provides just the right amount of taming to give you more manageable hair. Broccoli seed oil, a potent emollient rich in fatty acids, help to eliminate frizz and give hair a brilliant, natural shine. Guar gum naturally builds volume, while soy proteins lock in moisture by replenishing each follicle’s lipid content.

Although you can spray it through your hair right after getting out of the shower, you can also use it after styling your hair to give it that finished touch. Simply spray the mist all over, and pay special attention to your roots for added volume and the ends of your hair for extra shine. Give it a try this summer!

Alterna Haircare

Since 1997, Alterna has pioneered luxury haircare. Whatever your haircare need, Alterna believes that you shouldn’t have to choose between clinically-proven, salon-tested results and natural, good-for-you ingredients. What we love about Alterna is that their products are always free of parabens, sulfates, phtalates, synthetic color, sodium chloride, gluten, minteral oil, petralatum and PABA; or as Alterna would say, they are “Pure. Proven. Professional.” We had a chance to try a few of their products this summer.

Bamboo Color Hold+ Travel Kit

If you’ve been highlighting your hair for as long as we have, then you know how costly it can be to maintain those roots throughout the year. It’s especially frustrating to pay well-earned money on color that doesn’t last in the hot summer sun. That’s why we’re so excited to find Alterna’s Bamboo Color Hold+ Travel Kit.

This UV Plus Color Protection On-The-Go Travel Set features nourishing, strengthening products that shield and invigorate your hair. It’s designed to protect your hair against harmful UV rays and other harsh environmental factors that cause color fading and hair damage. It includes:

Alternatively, if you just want to purchase one product, we suggest the Rehab Deep Hydration Masque.

Alterna’s Bamboo Color Hold+ Rehab Deep Hydration Masque combines strengthening pure Organic Bamboo Extract with color locking Organic Kalahari Melon in an ultra nourishing treatment that leaves hair incredibly silky while shielding it from UVA and UVB rays to extend the life of your color. It contains wash-resistant Color Hold UV+ technology for the highest level of color protection and is designed to help cultivate stronger, more vibrant, color-protected hair.

Caviar Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

During the summer months, we all seem to want those beautiful beachy waves. However, as fall quickly approaches, that desire for coaxing curls may swiftly change to a straight, non-frizz look. And that’s where Alterna’s Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Duo comes into play.

Working to nourish and moisturize dry and damaged hair often caused by an active summer or an equally dry winter, Alterna’s Caviar Replenishing Moisture Duo comes with two products that are a must for your summer (and post-summer) hair care arsenal.

First of which is the moisturizing shampoo, created to make hair instantly look healthier and younger. Then, the complementary conditioner replenishes and seals in moisture while protecting your hair from daily color-fade and other environmental stresses. In addition, this combo is sulfate-free and will ultimately help to prevent your hair from any future damage.


With some love and attention, you skin and hair can be left looking fabulous all summer long and, with the help of these products, you can carry that sun bathed look well into the fall. We know you will love these products as much as we do and you’ll want to add them to your skin and hair regimen right away. We know your hair and skin will thank you!

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