The Health Benefits of Giving Yourself a Pedicure

Most people neglect their feet or rely on getting pedicures to clean them up. Some may not look up close at their feet for months. Did you know that this is one of the most common places for potential skin cancer spots to appear and that infections grow the fastest on cuts on your feet? Keep reading to find what to look for and ways to prevent possible heath issues.

Why is it important to give yourself a pedicure?

Other than the obvious to save some money every once in a while and do your own pedicure, there are health checks that are very beneficial for you and your loved ones. You really should give yourself a pedicure or at least examine your own feet every three months.

1. Skin Cancer Missed Area

One key factor is to check for freckles and moles that can actually be skin cancer. Dermatologists state that this is one place that most people don’t think to check for when performing their skin checks. Make sure you are taking the appropriate steps to check your skin and especially your feet (between those toes too).


“Foot and ankle lesions represent approximately 3-15% of all cutaneous melanomas. In a review of 63 cases, 29% of lesions were on the upper surface of the foot, 19% on the heel, 17% on the sole of the foot, 17% on the ankle, and 13% at the toes. Of the 63 patients, 47 were women and 16 were men,” according to Medical News Today.

2. Become Aware of Cuts and Cracks

Make sure all blisters or tiny cuts all look healthy. Pay attention to cuts or blisters that don’t go away or are swollen and get worse. If this is seen it may be a good idea to check in with a medical professional. Yoderm is an online dermatologist service provider that hires certified dermatologists to help you with many skin issues.

3. Infections Grow the Easiest on Feet

With the feet being the furthest from the heart, they are more susceptible to infection according to doctors and nurses. By checking out your feet you can come into attention that under your nails may be growing infections that may need antibiotics or some special attention. Some common foot infections are athlete’s foot or warts. This article can help you classify what type of infections can occur, and Dr. Oz offers some more explanations to common foot infections too.

Doing your at-home pedicure once a month is an easy reminder to do feet checks to make sure everything is healthy. And if you really want that pedicure, just take a look at your feet when you shower or check them while you are getting your pedicure. Doing these checks once a month on yourself and your loved ones can help prevent the risk of future illness.

Another great check is making sure your mattress isn’t in need of replacement. Use these tips found here to see if you need your mattress replaced.

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