There are dozens of reasons why you might want to upgrade your wedding ring. From changing styles to a milestone anniversary, the reason to update your ring is extremely personal and will vary from woman to woman.

Your wedding band and engagement ring are a symbol of your love and commitment, and upgrading your ring doesn’t always mean starting completely over. Your marriage has evolved and grown since initially taking your vows; why wouldn’t you want your jewelry to share the same evolution? 

First, let’s break down the elements of your wedding ring.

Engagement Band

Your engagement band is typically the center of your setting and was the ring you received when your spouse proposed.

Wedding Band

Your wedding band is received at the wedding and may or may not be permanently attached to the rest of your ring.

Combined, these elements are what are typically known as your wedding set.

We’ll cover some of the most common ways you can upgrade your ring, without changing the sentiment you have towards your original ring.

Upgrading your wedding ring

Add an Anniversary Band

A second (or third) band can change the look of your ring without altering any other elements of your wedding ring.

There is no hard or fast rule regarding how to wear an anniversary band, but the most common look is stacked with your original engagement ring and wedding band. Stacking the bands can create a glamorous new look.

Anniversary bands can be permanently attached to the rest of your ring setting or left loose so they can be worn as a right hand ring or stand alone setting. If you work in a field that does not allow a traditional diamond setting (like nursing), anniversary bands can be worn together without your engagement setting.

Bands can vary in color, or contain a variety of gemstones. You could even add a band that corresponds with the gender or birthstone of each of your children!

Trade-out your center stone

Dependent on where your ring was originally purchased you may be able to trade in your center stone and upgrade to a larger diamond. Every jewelry store has different policies regarding your diamond, so check with them before deciding what route you’d like to go.

Some stores will allow you to apply the full credit of the diamond towards a new diamond or other gemstone. Others may give a percentage of credit or not allow trade in at all.

Changing out your center stone can have a dramatic impact on the look of your band. You could move to a bigger diamond, or instead go to a different cut to change the look. You could even move from a diamond to a sapphire!

For rings that are worn everyday, like your wedding band, most jewelers recommend selecting stones that are rated highly on the Mohs Scale as they are less likely to chip or scratch with regular wear. Diamonds for instance are rated the highest with a score of 10, while opals are ranked at a 5.

If your jewelry store can not accept your original diamond as a trade, now is the perfect time to repurpose that diamond into a new setting. Solitaire stones make a beautiful necklace that can become a cherished piece of heirloom jewelry for the whole family to enjoy.  

Swap out your setting

If styles have changed since you were married, changing your setting might be the easiest way to go about upgrading the look of your wedding set. Most stores can move your center diamond into a new setting if you want to keep your original diamond in your set.

Visiting the store your rings were originally purchased will likely help fund your new set. As with trading in the center diamond, policies will vary from store to store, but many will give credit towards the purchase of a new setting.

No matter what path you want to go with upgrading your ring, make your visit to the store a fun outing with your husband. While ladies rings are often upgraded, men’s bands can be upgraded as well. Pick a new band with fresh engraving or a couple of stones set inside it. It’s just as fun to upgrade his band alongside yours!

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Photo Credits: Pixabay, Pexels


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