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Real Life Texts From A First-Time-Mom

Mommin’ isn’t easy – especially for first-time moms. In the few short days (or day) to follow the birth of your fresh, little bundle, you have a handful of round-the-clock doctors and nurses peeking their heads into your room every 10 minutes, changing pads, taking temps, primping and pruning, and answering all of your questions. But the second your OBGYN clears you and your new babe, you’re patted on the back and gently pushed out the door with a “farewell” and “good luck.” Now what?

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The Online Village: Why Moms are Always on Their Phones

“Seriously, what are you looking at? Who are you talking to?”

“No one. I’m just on Facebook.”

“Facebook, Instagram. You’re always on there. I don’t see what could possibly be so entertaining.”

It’s true. I’m on my phone quite a bit. And in talking to my other mommy friends, so are they. In fact, I can see that they’re active on Facebook right now, or how long they’ve been inactive. I can tell that they were up with the baby at 4am or that it’s dinner time because social media is radio silence. So why are moms on their phones all the time? What exactly is your wife doing as she stares into that bright screen?

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The golden mean between work and family

Balancing work and family is nearly impossible. Like juggling, only so many balls can be up in the air at one time. When another ball is picked up, another ball must drop. It’s a give and take. A constant ebb and flow. While some of us struggle to maintain both aspects of our lives, others have figured out the tips and tricks to keeping both family and career afloat, without sacrificing our sanity or relationships. Our guest contributor, a mother of three and an Advanced Practice Provider, provides some key insight into ‘doing it all’ after witnessing the success of a close friend.

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5 Things To Consider Before Adopting A Pet

“I want a puppy for my birthday!” 

… words that every parent will inevitably hear at some point during their children’s youth. While visions of your children growing up with a puppy in tow – living out the childhood American dream – dance through your head, it might be a bit easy to forget that someone will have to take care of that puppy… for the rest of its life.

Adopting a cat or a dog might seem like the next natural step in your family’s timeline, but there are some important things to evaluate before you open your heart and your home to a fur baby. Below, you’ll find 5 things you need to consider before adopting a pet.

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If Tomorrow Never Came : Parenting With No Regrets

Shortly after my first child was born, an online friend of mine lost her baby. She was 7 months old. There are no words to describe a loss like that. No words of comfort. No words of peace. There is just a void that is felt in your world – a gut wrenching emptiness that grasps the very core of your being and doesn’t ever let go. And those were just my feelings – for the loss of a child of a woman I barely knew. My heart ached for her. I cried for her. I weeped for her sweet baby. And then I weeped for my sweet baby as thoughts of “what ifs” played through my head over and over again in the days that followed. 

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8 Ways to Deal with the (Almost) Terrible Twos

So you think your child is a little ahead of the game and is already showing signs of the terrible twos months before their 2nd birthday? How in the world do you handle it?

Patience, patience and more patience.

Though you may not have had a toddler go through the terrible twos before, more than likely you have had a friend or family member whose child has, so you may believe you’re an expert by default. Whatever the case, today we’ll look at 8 ways we’re dealing with those (almost) terrible twos. 

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6 Things to Consider before Filing a Lawsuit

You slipped and fell in a restaurant.
You were rear ended at an intersection.
Your doctor prescribed medication and you had unpleasant side effects.
You tripped on a curb in the parking lot of a major retail chain.

There are several things you should consider before hiring a lawyer and filing a lawsuit. Civil litigators have seen Plaintiffs panic when they realize, by filing a lawsuit, that sensitive information they’d rather leave in the past gets dredged upWhile there’s no question that a person who is legitimately injured because of someone else’s negligence should be compensated, you need to consider these 6 things first and ask yourself if a lawsuit is really worth it

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What I Wish I Had Known Before Having A Second Child

When I learned I was expecting my second child, I took an hour or two to myself before telling my husband. I basked in this secret, letting it trickle through my body. Slowly, it made its way to each and every limb – spreading a tingling sensation – awakening my entire body, and releasing endorphins I hadn’t felt since my early days of college, standing on a stage in front of hundreds of people, exposing my soul in theatrics. 

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Overcoming Potty Training Obstacles

It happens to the best of us. You set out on a potty training mission sometime after your child learns to walk and find that what seems like it should be fairly simple, quickly becomes one of your greatest parenting challenges.

For some children, they seem not to care that they have a wet or stinky diaper. For other kids, you’ve been hoping to follow their lead, but now it’s time to go to preschool and the school requires a potty trained child. Or maybe you’re about to have another child and want to avoid having two in diapers. Whatever the case, today we’re going to uncover the most common potty training obstacles… and how to work through them. 

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Dad’s Guide to Staying Close to the Family While on the Road

Dads Guide to Staying Close to the Family While on the Road

Unfortunately, some of us have to pack our suitcases up often for our jobs– and as much as we don’t like leaving our families, knowing that a week here, or a month there is just what we signed up to do.  Obligation overtakes heartache, and we grab our sick-packs, neck rolls and toothbrushes to board our airline of choice to rack up our frequent flier miles, and off we go across the globe.

Up until the last ten years, if you traveled for work, you were a slave to the hotel room’s phones, lobby pay phones, post cards, and snail mail to stay in touch.  And even if you were able to get in touch with a loved one… time was limited because there was actually a time where we paid long distances fees to talk from state to state.  Any veteran military spouse can tell you technology has come a very long way from what it used to be.

The truth is technology is so unbelievable today that a lonesome traveler doesn’t have to suffer the hotel-room-blues anymore.  Speaking from our own experiences, here are some tips to staying close to your family while you’re gone.

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4 Ways to Stop the Stomach Bug

If you’re here today, you fall into 1 of 3 categories:

  1. Your child just threw up. You suspect it’s a bug and want to prevent it from spreading any further.
  2. The stomach bug has been going around in your child’s school or daycare and you hope to avoid it.
  3. Your family has already been through a stomach bug this year and you’d do anything to keep it from ever returning.

Whatever the case, contracting a stomach virus ranks pretty high up on the list of things we all want to avoid. So, today we’re going to uncover everything we know about the dreaded norovirus, including how to prevent it from spreading.

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7 Tips for Photographing Your Infant

7 Tips for Photographing Your Infant

Have you ever seen one of those “Pinterest-inspired vs. Reality” photo comparisons where a well-intended mom (or dad) saw an image on Pinterest that she wanted to replicate and it went horribly wrong? Unless you’re a professional photographer, chances are that the photos you take of your new baby are likely to suffer the same fate. Yes, the first year of your baby’s life is so much fun to watch. The first year is even more fun to photograph and with today’s seven tips, we hope you’ll be even better prepared to capture every single moment!

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